Pokémon: A Roleplay
Come and make your character, and experience the life of a trainer in the Kanto/Sinnoh region. Capture pokemon, defeat gym leaders, compete in contests, and make friends and rivals along the way! New: RP as a Half-Pokemon, Half-Human hybrid experiment!
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Len Kagamine 02
Sure. I can't RP until Dia gets on and she's been gone for a few days. I could RP as Candy, my Lopunny, but I have to leave in a few minutes. :o
7/4/2010 #121

Um. . . I think I'll have Ryoma jump from tree to tree.

7/4/2010 #122
Len Kagamine 02
Go ahead. Hey he could see Chio, Chusaii, and Kuji talking when he's up in the trees! Chio is a 6 year old Buneary, Chusaii is a Eevee, and Kuji is a Pidgey. I forget their ages. 12, 13, or 14 I think. They'll be like "Another stalker?" Haha. Well I have to go. I'll tell Jacy (JacyNoKawaiiKitsune), Fanzolio (Fanaticofmanythings), Owl (Farmer Girl Owl), and Dia (Ciao Bello) that you joined~ :3
7/4/2010 #123


7/4/2010 #124
Bass Clef Love

Hi! I be Jacy, and I just found out a new person joined. :D I'm slow!

Just to warn you, Shiny (Ciao Bello, Admin and user of Rei and Kurumeru) has a reputation for disappearing for long amounts of time. . Dun tell her I said that.

Anywayz, if your ever bored, join us in the Chat room for some randomness and (if we're lucky) we sometimes slip some plot discussions in there. Also, PMing is a great tool~!

7/4/2010 #125

HIYAH! *tackleshuggles*

*gets up and waves* I am Owl, Owlfeather, Owleh, Missy, or anything else you can come up with. I am da crazy, spazzy, weird one, usually.

^Yes, Shiny does disappear for long periods of time. But we will be here to keep ya company! Don worreh!

Cya in chat!

7/5/2010 #126

Hello, newbie. *reeeeeeaaally creepily*

I'm Fanaticofmanythings! But you can call me Fanny, Fanzolio, Fanzo, or any other nickname ya want. I'm usually... Hyper? Naive? Happy? I dunno really.

To the comment in the third line: Ditto!


7/5/2010 #127

Name: Seth

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Status: Experiment #212 (Scizor)


Personality: He can be quite arrogant at times, but is usually able to back up his statements with his skills. He is usually distrustful of other people, and often provokes his opponent before a battle. He is arrogant by nature, yet he is also unafraid almost to the point of recklessness, but rarely gets angry or out of control.

Pokémon (If any): Half Scizor. Half Human. Moves: Metal Claw, X-Scissor, Night Slash, Brick Break, Reversal, Flash Cannon.

Items: None.

Family/Friends: None.

Rival (If any): Ryoma.

Other: None. He likes to isolate himself.

7/6/2010 . Edited 7/6/2010 #128
Len Kagamine 02


I'm assuming he'll become a problem for Ryoma and his newfound friends? We should let Ryoma become better friends with everyone before Seth comes in. Just cuz that's how I roll. :D I wonder how Seth is going to react to seeing a bunch of random experiments for the first time...

7/6/2010 #129

Yep! I'm just gonna have him train alone somewhere!

7/6/2010 #130

Name: Experiment #079

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Status: Chikorita Experiment


Personality: The Chikorita experiment is incredibly nice. Everything she does is driven by a fierce love of people, pokemon, and nature. She is drawn to people with strong will, pure spirit, and good intentions. Expressing herself in any way, however, is incredibly difficult becuase she never speaks.

Pokémon (If any): Half Chikorita.

Moves: Razor Leaf, Reflect, Solarbeam, Growl, Tackle

Items: None.

Family/Friends: None.

Rival (If any): Anyone with bad intentions and unpure spirit, or anyone who intentionally hurts the elements around her.

Other: Can't speak.

7/6/2010 . Edited 7/6/2010 #131

Doesn't someone have a shaymin already?

7/6/2010 #132

*dies* Crapp!!

Yes.. *sulks* Shiny does..

But she never plays her.. *sigh*

I'll find another pokemon to make her...

7/6/2010 #133

She is now a Chikorita!

Any mods on right now??

7/6/2010 #134
Bass Clef Love

Ooh, a Mute. :3 Approved~

7/6/2010 #135


Are u sticking around Jaceh, or taking off again?

7/6/2010 #136
Bass Clef Love

I be sticking around for a bit~

7/6/2010 #137


Liek my intro? I do. LOL

7/6/2010 #138
Len Kagamine 02

I accept her also~ (Not that it matters; Jacy beat me to the punch while I was swimming.)

I'll PM you a list of names that sound good for her. :3

7/6/2010 #139


7/6/2010 #140

-appears in a sparkly purple mist-


Well, it needed to be a dramatic entrance.

Sorry, all, surprise vacation. xD

Welcome new people, sorry Owl for gypping you out of Shaymin, I'll RP Rei and Kuromeru immediately, and -realizes the improper grammar- I'll get to Kumori punching Rai. ^^

7/7/2010 #141


7/7/2010 #142
Len Kagamine 02

Ooh~ Pretty! ^o^ *dances around in sparkly purple mist*

YOU'RE BACK!! *tacklehuggleglomps* :D

7/7/2010 #143

Brace yourself for total awesomeness.


Name: Experiment #018/ Zorra

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Status: Zoroark Experiment ( [It's one of the new generation pokemon. :D]

Appearance: Zorra is moderately tall, standing at around 5'6". She has long hair that cascades down her back with jagged parts that stick out, much like her pokemon counterpart. It's colored maroonish, with black tips, but tied slightly differently. Most of her hair hangs down her back, but to thick strands hang down in front. Each of those is tied with the thick turquoise band near the end. She also has Zoroark's ears. Her feet, like Kumori's, are completely Zoroark, and she has fingernails that are similar to the reddish claws on Zoroark's hands. Her eyes are narrow and the same turquoise color as the bands around her hair. She has a very thin, agile frame and usually wears charcoal gray. Almost always wearing a smug expression.

Personality: Sly, and very mistrusting. A heartless thief by nature, although she can be deceptively charming and nice.

Pokemon (If any): Half Zoroark.

Moves: Dark Pulse, Flamethrower, Slash, Ice Fang.

Items: None.

Family/Friends: None.

Rival (If any): None.

Other: Very charming. ;)

7/8/2010 #144
Len Kagamine 02

SQUEE! *stamps with a EPIC FACE*

7/8/2010 #145

I know, right?!?!

7/8/2010 #146
Bass Clef Love

NOWAI. *dies from epicness*

7/8/2010 #147

Name: Sena

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Status: Experiment #021 (Pikachu)


Personality: He is timid, soft-spoken, and polite. He is kind, and dislikes competing and fighting. Sena lacks self-confidence, and despite his hard work, dedication, training, and good intentions, he often makes mistakes during battles. He is incredibly empathetic and generally opts to think carefully before acting, and when he does manage to muster enough self-confidence, he can be surprisingly competent.

Pokémon (If any): Half Pikachu. Half Human. Moves: Volt Tackle, Iron Tail, Thunderbolt, Dig.

Items: Always has these red goggles around his neck and wears them when in battle, training, or running.

Family/Friends: Ryoma and Seth.

Rival (If any): None.

Other: His goal is to be the fastest guy, (experiment), on land. His nickname that Ryoma and Seth call him is Eyeshield 21.

7/8/2010 #148
Bass Clef Love

OH DAZ WHO SENA IZ!! :D Approved~

7/8/2010 #149

Name: Chusaii-Kitsune, but now goes by Kitsune

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Status: Experiment/Hybrid #010

Appearance: Kitsune has grown to 5'3" upon evolution, and now she's more of a 14-year-old. She's developing an hourglass body-shape, which is an improvement from how flat she was before, and her cream hair is now thick and long, some naturally falling over her shoulders. Kitsune's bangs are slightly curly, and on her head, bending her ears to make them look like hair clips, is a large cream cap, the rim covering one eye. (Think Kotone/Lyra's, just cream, without the ribbon, less poofy, and slightly more stylish.)Her eyes have changed color--they're now a deep sapphire blue and angled in a slightly Japanese-ish way and fair skin.

She usually wears a low-cut red-orange long sleeved shirt with a cream short sleeve underneath, and poofy red-orange skirt that hides all of her tail except for the tip, which is hidden under her shirts. She also wears red-orange tights that are a really light shade, and dress shoes with a slight heel. A cream colored claw also hangs by a rope around her neck, in place of her scarf.

Personality: She's still naive, but her thieving habits are gone, and she acts more like a fourteen year-old-now. Kitsune is very protective of who she considers friends and family, and will refer to people like Chio and Kuji as her 'pack-mates'. She is now more wary of people, but also confident in her new abilities to protect people. She likes to talk (still) and loves to tease people about relationships, and also sort of wishes she could have a relationship herself. Extreme curiosity makes up for her thieving, and she'll try and go poke her nose in everything, even if she shouldn't.

Pokemon: None, except for herself, since she's a Flareon hybrid.

Moves: Fire Fang, Fire Spin, Fire Blast, Iron Tail, Sunny Day, Flamethrower

Items: The cream claw is a Grip Claw, ensuring the vortex of Fire Spin to last for five Pokemon moves.

Family/Friends: Chio, Kuji, Shade, Kumori.

Other Info: Evolved from Eevee into Flareon by accidentally find a Fire Stone. Likes to be scratched behind her ears, and her ability is Flash Fire. Wonders if she could be caught.

(Chusaii-Kitsune's evolved form sheet!)

7/9/2010 #150
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