Pokémon: A Roleplay
Come and make your character, and experience the life of a trainer in the Kanto/Sinnoh region. Capture pokemon, defeat gym leaders, compete in contests, and make friends and rivals along the way! New: RP as a Half-Pokemon, Half-Human hybrid experiment!
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These are the rules for the forum. A three-strike rule is in place--after you receive three warnings from the admin/moderators for breaking these rules, you will be banned.


1. This forum takes place in the Kanto Region. More regions may be added on later.

2. Any user may make a gym leader, but the user who creates the champion cannot also have a gym leader.

3. Moderators must keep track of the Character List, and be able to approve other user's characters.

4. Keep swearing to a minimum, please.

5. Don't control others characters. If you and another user are battling, arrange who the winner will be before it ensues.

6. Characters can be boyfriend and girlfriend or married, but nothing sexual is allowed on the forum.

7. No god-modding. This is incredibly annoying and unfair to other users.

8. Roleplay in third person, past tense.

9. Your pokemon may know up to six moves, and there may be six in your party.

10. There is no limit to the number of characters you can create, but please keep some of them active.

11. Only the admin and moderators can post in the pinned topics (except for Character Creation).

12. Only the admin may create topics. Moderators, please ask permission before making new threads.

13. To show me and the moderators that you have read the rules, insert the word 'Eevee' in the 'Other' category of your first character sheet.


Thank you for reading the rules, and for hopefully following them~ ;)

~Ciao Bello, Admin

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