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Susan M. M

Write an M7 story set in the world of Go-Go Gophers, Quick Draw McGraw, or any other cartoon western. Or head north and have the boys either meet up with Klondike Kat or Dudley Do-right, or be Mounties themselves. Whether the M7 Gang are cartoon animals themselves (Ezra would be a fox, obviously) or human is left to the writer's discretion.

1/5/2011 #1

Write a story about Ezra's family--it can be about his parents, a lover, children, all of the above, etc... This can be set in any universe. I personally intend to write a series of stories where Ezra has a good family though they are trouble with a capital T.

12/31/2012 #2
Susan M. M

I suppose since I wrote it a couple years ago, my story "Zilpah" doesn't count. You'll want a brand new story, won't you? Hmm, maybe time to try to write a Ghostbusters crossover where Maude Standish is either a sister and/or a business partner and/or a business rival of Charlie Venkmeyer (Dr. Peter Venkmeyer's con man father from the cartoon series).

1/1/2013 #3

A Ghostbuster's crossover sounds awesome! I have read Zilpah also, and I thought it was an excellent story. :)

1/2/2013 #4
Susan M. M

Finally got around to accepting my own challenge. My Go, Go, Gophers/M7 crossover is up now, if anyone is interested.

6/16/2015 #5
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