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Lord Goregore

This is a thread to ask me any clarifying details about my story, provided they're not due to be part of the plot and hence spoilers.

3/5/2010 #1

Well forgive my pestering, but as you don't appear to have banned writing FF completely, I'd like to know if you have abandoned Cold Comfort Castle? =(

5/21/2010 #2
Lord Goregore



5/22/2010 #3

Brilliant :)

5/23/2010 #4

I'm a fairly recent reader of your story, and I must say, I've loved it. There were a couple of things I was wondering about.

First - When Zackel / Rielle had the strange dream where Zackel was possessed by the spirit pretending to be the warlock, did that actually happen? Or was that a parody chapter? It seemed like that part actually did happen and was part of the story, but then Zackel and Rielle took over writing and chaos ensued.

Second - Do you have any particular sort of inspirations when writing Rielle? She's definitely one of my all-time favorite characters in the Warcraft fics I've read so far.

8/19/2010 #5
Lord Goregore

1) In theory, no. In-story that was just one of Zackel's very weird dreams, as were all the parody bits (he doesn't remember much of them). In meta-terms it was an April Fools parody chapter that ran long (the joke being Zackel and Rielle got tired of waiting for me and tried to finish the story themselves. Note how the parts they are writing make themselves look good and the other look semi-bad).

2) Nothing in particular: I just tried to get a proper mix of things that appeal to me and things that would appeal to readers (who are probably used to, ha ha, rather sub-par female characters in fanfiction) and went from there. Though as you will see soon, I DEFINITELY took some inspiration for Rielle from Kratos from God of War for when she snaps.

8/20/2010 #6
Lord Goregore

Oh yeah, and if you're reading it, WHERE ARE MY REVIEWS YOU SLACKER.

8/20/2010 #7

They're coming! I promise.

8/20/2010 #8

I know that you haven't posted anything here in awhile, but I figured I might as well toss something in here. I just recently read Cold Comfort Castle, and as I have mentioned in my reviews, loved it a great deal. It is the first story in a long time to lead to a Sleepless Night Reading. But the reason I'm poking you here is that at the end of Cold Comfort Castle you left it hanging with a sort of hook that could be leading into another story featuring the same characters, which I think would be absolutely awesome. Any hints as to whether we might see something like that in the future?

3/19/2011 #9
Lord Goregore

As soon as I get off my butt and finish another WOW story featuring other people. But if you want more Zackel and Rielle, you can check out the three-parter Love Bites.

3/20/2011 #10

I will definitely have to do that then. Thanks!

3/20/2011 #11

I know I sent you a message like three months ago or so, but I have not gotten a response so I found this little forum. Have you have abandoned FanFiction? You have not updated in several months now and I really do miss your writing. Not to be rude or anything but if you are taking a break from writing or have been too busy than you should put that in your profile so people will know. I certainly hope you haven't stopped writing and I look forward to seeing an subscription update in my email sometime.

5/10/2011 . Edited 6/12/2011 #12
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