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So which couple do you guys like best? Cody and Barbra or Cody and Bailey?

(Personally I an a Cody and Barbra fan!)

9/5/2010 #1

Well,I like CodyXBailey way better than CodyXBarbara. I honestly never really liked Barbara. She never hardly did anything good for Cody,and she was abusive to him. She would always stomp his foot,only because he got into a higher class than her or something like that. It was uncalled for.

Bailey does get over competitive wth Cody and vice versa,but not to where she would physically or mentaly hurt him. Besides,Cody and Bailey would do anything for the other,and has been shown numerous times.

I mean,Cody wouldn`t go half across the country for just anyone. And Bailey always tries to help Cody and wants the best for him. And Cody feels the same way about Bailey.

Can you ever remember a time when Barbara did something extraordinary or surprising for him?

1/15/2011 #2
Queen of the Beasties

I agree with you, Friedchicken23. I prefer Cody/Bailey. If the Suite Life Of Zack And Cody had gone on a little longer I don't think Cody/Barbara would have lasted. It was even proven in the Christmas special that Cody and Bailey get married.

By the way, I like your icon :D Avatar is cool.

7/31/2011 #3

Thank-you, it's actually my favorite show. Anyway, back to couples. What did you think of Zack and Maya?

8/1/2011 #4
Queen of the Beasties

Ehh, I'm indifferent. I mean it was Zack's only love interest in the show that lasted more than one episode, so there is no one else to prefer him with.

P.S. Avatar is one of my favorite shows too, after Star Trek TNG and Red Dwarf.

8/1/2011 #5

Well, the only other person tat you really could pair him up with for a lasting relationship would be Maddie, but by the end of season two I'm sure he's over her, considering she's never mentioned again.

I liked Zack and Maya to a certain extent, because I think Zack matured a little over their relationship (but only a little because it was short and he did still have a wandering eye) but when I thought he would finally devote himself to one woman, they break up. Even though that got me a little frustrated, it was the best decision, because we all know Zack would have trouble with a long distance relationship (for the reason above)

8/1/2011 #6
Queen of the Beasties

Yes, that's true. It is just a show, anyway. So it doesn't really matter what happens after the Finale. I can't believe it's over. That show started when I was eight, and now I'm fourteen and it's over. Not to get off topic, but wouldn't it be cool if they did a movie together, something that wasn't Suite Life related? I mean, they've been doing that show for six years, and other than Big Daddy, I haven't seen them in anything else.

8/2/2011 #7

That would be cool. I think it would be great to see the cast come together again for a movie or show.

8/4/2011 #8
Queen of the Beasties

It might be a little much, but I would watch a show about Woody Fink, just about him. He's my favorite character, and the actor who plays him hasn't been in anything else. His biography page is on the Suite Life page, so that's how I know. I bet after the Suite Life people will see how talented and funny he is and he will go on to a lot more things. As for Dylan and Cole, they're known for the Suite Life. I think it will be hard for them to get other roles because of that. I'm sorry, we're getting off topic. That tends to happen a lot when I'm a part of a conversation. :D

8/4/2011 #9

Yeah, it's alright. But I can't really think of any couples that would lead to a good conversation. What about London and Marcus? Do you think if he stayed on the ship it could've worked?

8/5/2011 #10
Queen of the Beasties

I don't think so. It's too random. I've never been a fan for that slash.

P.S.-I wrote this right after watching Phineas And Ferb: Across The Second Dimension, which was awesome. (I do this after watching every movie I really like).

8/5/2011 #11

I thought it was a little random too, and London never showed any interest in him.

(I missed that movie last night and only got to watch like the last ten minutes of it this morning)

8/6/2011 #12
Queen of the Beasties

If I had missed it but got to see the last ten minutes, I wouldn't have watched it. Watching the end before the begining would ruin the whole thing for me. That happened when I watched Scooby Doo and the Curse of the Lake Monster. I thought the movie started half an hour later than it really did. I watched it anyway, but I didn't really know what was happening and the movie was ruined for me when I got a chance to watch the whole thing because I knew how it would end. It's a great movie, anyway. I don't like the Velma/Shaggy idea. It was entertaining to watch Nick Palatas, who played Shaggy, act all goofy around Velma, and to watch them do that "Silvery Moon" bit, but I really don't care for that match.

8/6/2011 #13

I honestly prefer CodyxBailey. Barbara's never been that high on my list for girls Cody should date. She's seems happier with Bob in my opinion.

After watching the 14th episode of the first season again, I'm wondering why there aren't any LondonxLuca stories. I fell in love with that pairing a while ago, forgot about it, then saw the episode and remembered again!

Luca is so sweet and he'll be able to put up with London's insanity. It's so sad that the show ended...

Why? WHY!?! Why a can't LondonxLuca get more love? Why...

7/10/2013 #14
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