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Uh... Do you have some sort of a favorite FE pairing?
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Their story seems so meant to be. Why would anyone pair them with anyone else? I want to know what people think about them.

I love to use Harken in my playthroughs, I just wish I didn't have to choose between Karel and him.

I don't like to use Isadora though. She is just too weak. I like her as a character though.

10/19/2009 #1

anyone out there????

I heard once that someone thought Oujey was Harken and Isadora's son. I don't think it is true...

10/23/2009 #2
Pen and Paper71

I think that it's a cute pairing and I'm rather surprised that it gets so little attention. It's not a OTP for me, but I find it sweet nonetheless.

"I heard once that someone thought Oujey was Harken and Isadora's son. I don't think it is true..."

I've never heard this before. O_o What was the evidence offered?

3/29/2010 #3

Well someone did tell me that sometime ago but I can't remember where. I knew it wasn't true, I just wanted people's opinion on Harken and Isadora by putting something that would bring up controversy. Oujay can't be their son unless they moved to Ostia, lost their title, became farmers, and became really poor and severed off all ties to Eliwood.

3/29/2010 #4

The Oujay myth is a lie, you probably just got confused by his pairings with Lalam.

The pairing itself is something I favour. For one, it's a reincarnation of the Midia X Astram pairing in FE1/3/11, and they were same classes, as well as engaged. They always pair Isadora with Legault, though, due to the fact that Karel is more favoured, but personally I prefer the Brave Sword MUCH more than the Wo Dao. As for Harken X Vaida, people just don't like using prepromotes unless they have rare weapons equipped. They just see Izzy as a blockade for mercs in chapter 20/21, and useful for nothing but the Angelic Robe she comes with. Also, most people like getting their mages stronger than their fighters, and the Kenneth task for getting Karel is much easier than the Jerme task, not to mention Aura is only obtainable in Kenneth's level.

11/23/2010 #5
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