sooo ive read a bunch of these 39 clues stories since there was like 2 pages and i just wanna know why all you guys love ian and iamy cause i personally think ian is such a worm and i really don't like him! you're all gonna hate me but i actually really l
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whirl with the wind

Indigo: I have no idea.

PBG: Sweet! Whenever I can convince my family to go I will totally let you know.

I love chocolate chip cookies, and I have a bit of experiance kyaking. Ooh...now you've gotten me all excited!


And yeah, we play hockey a lot. Personally, I have no idea what all the jabbers about, but whatever!

Quebec and Toronto and then Vancouver, where they held the Games. :) Go Canada!!! (No comment about the final of Men's Hockey. Besides :)

Like I said, I don't know much about the US...oh, but one of my teachers told me that your Health Bill passed. I had no idea what she was talking about, but somebody explained it to me.

Haha...this is turning out to be like a travel agency, isn't it? ;)

3/28/2010 #61

Yeah, I guess it did pass... I don't really know what it is. Something that most republicans don't like, from what I gather... or is it the other way around.

Hockey is fun! Although I only play street hockey. Ice hockey scares me a bit.

3/28/2010 . Edited 6/12/2010 #62
whirl with the wind

That would be SO AWESOME. Except my laptop isn't that light...eh. I'll hire somebody to cart me around in a wagon. :)

Honestly? I have no idea how the whole republican-and the other guys thing works. I only know Canadian politics...and occasionally, I get confused there, too.

See, I have to do is on my regular feet, because I can't roller blade without somebody holding my hands, and I can't turn in ice hockey without at least four empty meters in every direction.

3/28/2010 #63

Yeah, I know some people who can hook you up with a wagon ride. I've got connections. ;)

I have no idea about Canada stuff. Uh... do you have a queen? (I feel so stupid.) I didn't think you do, but I can't think of anything... Communism? We are a democracy or whatever. I only know vague details... my grandmother is democratic, my other grandpa is republican... that's as deep as it gets.

Yeah, I have to do that too. You know of my roller skating/blading problems... and my ice skating isn't much better.

3/28/2010 #64
whirl with the wind


Yeah...so, we have the Queen of England, who is, apparently, also the queen of Canada, for some odd reason. We have like, the Green Party...and...the...Librals, NDP, and the other guys...C-something...gosh! Conservative, that's it. Those are the main ones...

Yeah, I do...I think Amy likes to ice-skate...I read that in Book...4?

3/28/2010 #65

Well, I think conservative is the equivalent of republican, and liberal is democrat. Something like that...

3/28/2010 #66
whirl with the wind

Eh. Politics. What 'cha gonna do?

3/28/2010 #67

We can overthrow the government. I have a plan...

Grocery List:

6,000 potatoes

200 Canada Geese

5 jets

3/29/2010 #68
whirl with the wind

Ooh! Sounds fascinating!

To add to grocery list:

REGULAR chocolate chip cookie mix

Three gas stations (you never know, these days!)

3/29/2010 #69

Good, good... oh yes. Also, a 3 ounce jar of zebra drool and five packs of uncooked chicken b***.

3/29/2010 #70
whirl with the wind

Oh, and some rosemary! (For the chicken b***. We might get hungry before they come into use).

3/29/2010 #71

Yes! Seasonings of all sorts! And 1 Jonas Brother, to destroy eardrums as necessary.

3/29/2010 #72
whirl with the wind


Of course- eardrum bursting is always a necessity.

Oh- oh- oh! And a dunk tank filled with soda!

3/29/2010 #73


Ooh, and while we're at it, George Bush, to oversee any stupid decisions.

3/29/2010 #74
whirl with the wind

Heehee. I was considering bringing him up. :D

3/29/2010 #75

Great minds think alike.

3/29/2010 #76
whirl with the wind

Hehe. They do indeed. ;)

3/29/2010 #77

Whoa, why didn't I see this forum before? Well...I think PBG said it all, really. About Ian. :)

3/30/2010 #78

In case yinz are all wondering, I live in Pennsylvania. It's so boring, but the sports teams rock. Let's go Penz!

3/31/2010 . Edited 4/15/2010 #79



4/2/2010 #80
whirl with the wind

Yup. PBG said it all!

4/2/2010 #81

I always say it all...

Well, I'm posting my Another Lovely Contest entry right now! Woop!

4/2/2010 #82
whirl with the wind


A second one? Or are you updating?

4/2/2010 #83

What? OH! This was before I published it, five minutes ago. Yeah.

4/2/2010 #84
whirl with the wind



Haha. I laughed. Your welcome for the review, btw!

4/2/2010 #85
whirl with the wind



My friend was just emailing me in text talk. My fault :(

4/2/2010 #86

Oh gosh, that happens to me all the time. I'm talking to you, messaging my friend, I get so mixed up...

4/2/2010 #87
whirl with the wind

It's like I send my friend (Call her...Sally) this message...

"Hey Sally!

Can you believe Kurt? He is such a j***..."

and then a PM to you...

"Hey-what do we have for science?"

So confusing...:)

4/2/2010 #88

Totally. It's insane-o.

4/2/2010 #89
whirl with the wind



4/2/2010 #90
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