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you know who you are the beings of power...Carbros will spread his darkness unless we fight!
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Hmm, from what I heard he is those energies, however, he split many of them up into beings like Good, Evil, Time, etc. Your theory is a good one and I respect that, but I believe the Creator is the origin of these energies however the only one he retains is Creation, or what we on Adrin'thos and Ea as the Secret Fire. Creation is a powerful only the Creator has, or beings lucky enough or powerful to have obtained such...Teddy is one of those few. Anyway, who and what the Creator actually is, is besides the point of this whole thing right now. There are many mysterious and unknown things about the Creator and I believe we'd be better off if they stayed mysterious and unknown.

Also, you didn't answer my previous you believe the particals of darkness that formed the dark stars could be remnants of the Void that didn't get imprisoned in its small dimension?

6/25/2010 #61

oops I I said the energy formed pools in each world, so stray fragments from the void could have ended up in the stars, but it's unlikely that all the pools of darkness winded up in the stars....still you'd have to ask the god himself....and so try asking now, maybe I can get him to answer

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"Did some of the particals of the Void which didn't get imprisoned into its dimension be part of the Dark Stars?"

How was that?

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???: considering I collected particles from every corner of reality and used that to create the dark stars then yes, but i could, if the need arise, imprison the void into a fifth dark star and give it to the creator to guard or something like that. as time goes on my power wavers and the energy from those stars leaks out and causes all sorts of mishaps. still I'm happy to be rid of my nemesis....

yeah the god of the dark stars has a already know who, they're in 'after the shows over'

6/25/2010 #64

Aye...and thank you old one. Anyway, while he may be able to move the Void from their current prison into another dark star I'm afraid that won't hold them as long as their current see, the dimension they're in is just that, a's easy to cross universes, we do it all the time...but it is extremely dangerous and difficuly to cross dimensions, especially the prison one for the Void, which is for some reason harder to cross. Anyway, even if the power did leak, we'd probably face see our whole world was initially built to be an evil magnet...that's why there are so many heroes and dark lords on Adrin'thos...we attract darkness to there to keep other world's at peace...its an honor everyone there enjoys and isn't upset about....they can achieve eternal life in Heaven for what they mearly do there

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well that's good. anyway both the god of the dark stars and his nemesis are in 'after the shows over' and the god is the third guardian of the binder, all you have to do is work out which character the god is.

have fun!

???: I'm not a god, I have alot of power that's all

Dragonfire: whatever

6/25/2010 #66

Oh this should be fun! Please note I am not good at solving riddles like this! V_V

Anyway, let's see what I've got....Fear and Power/Not a God but a lot of power....who does that sound like? I'm going to have to look through your OC list ain't I?

6/25/2010 #67

need another clue?

here's one

he doesn't fear the future. he's seen it.

what he fears most you'll find out next chapter

6/25/2010 #68

So after the next chapter I can make my guess? Seems easy enough....when is the next chapter going to be out anyway?

6/25/2010 #69

uh I have maybe next week I could have it up soon during my free time....

6/25/2010 #70

You're still in school? My school days ended two weeks ago...I'm just doing summer school right now...

Anyway, I'll answer when I'm at least 70%-80% sure...which will probably be after that chapter. Good luck on exams!

If you have any questions on what the whole process of summoning the Void with the Orb should be, let me know!

6/25/2010 #71

Speaking of the next chapter, do you need me to write anything for it? Perhaps to speed up the process?

6/25/2010 #72
Dragonfire2lm will meet Manaquire, aged due to the torture from last chapter, he tells you about the Dark Stars

Manaquire: 'holds a medalion, it's a round iece off a meteorite, with black diopside crystal carved in the shape of a star in its centre, in the centre of the star is an indent for jolding something small and round' this is a keystone, there are three of these, finmd them and head to the tallest waterfall in Vardos, there you will find something that will help you.

guard that keystonwe with your life!

now do you know who the third guardian is?

6/27/2010 #73

instructions for chapter 8

well lets see.....

Dragon- just contact me, we can discuss things over the PM system and I'll do your bit, here's a run through of the idea.

Dragon and her group meet the Eternal one, help him avoid capture, he gives Dragon a medallion with red arch on it, the arch has a line going through it, so it looks like a weird letter 'm'. your group make it through the portal, but the eternal one get's captured. Dragon and her army make it to the tallest waterfall in Vardos...and wait for the others.

Alec- take Wolf to the waterfall, there you will find medallion with a blue paw print on it, in the centre of the paw print is a small round white crystal..yes that is a spirit, Wolf's spirit to be yeah notice how no one actually touches Wolf in any of the chapters she is in? well now you know, she is technically dead. there you will meet up with the others.

oh yeah....the rebellion gets attacked, the Eternal one gives you orders to take Wolf to the waterfall, and then the Eternal one runs and throws the attackers off your trail, that's how he meets Dragon.

Teddy- follow the directions of my last post, get the keystone, go to the waterfall.

if ANYONE needs help, feel free to ask I'm happy to do the scenes for you, I just want everyone to stay in character and well yeah....

6/27/2010 . Edited 6/27/2010 #74

I'm going to make a dumb luck guess here and say it's Manaquire. Also, with the info you just gave me I'll send you a DocX of Manaquire bumping into Teddy, the Order, and the Adrin'thos army.

6/27/2010 #75

cool and yeah you're right...dumb luck guess my butt....

6/27/2010 #76

got the Docx, I'll just make a few changes.....

6/27/2010 #77

Eh, knew that was going to happen. Also, the Phantom is breaking loose in the 9th Chapter right? And that's when the final battle ensues?

6/27/2010 #78

dunno.....need Dragon to help with chaper 8 or 9 before the summoning thing can happen

6/27/2010 #79

KK, btw how's that going to start out? It's my villian and I feel I have the right to know.

6/27/2010 #80

well......the eternal one s used to summon him, but he doesn't die...because of who he really is. the Phamton of the void joins darkfire and they storm the pentagon of time, but you face off with the phamtom at the waterfall, all the medallions are put into place, the secret door opens and.....'Classified''

basically while Darkfire attcks me, you guys face off against the other villians..


during Darkfire's attack she, along with Carbros are sucked into the Shadow void, along with Broc, I save him, at a cost and Broc teams up with Shadow the hedgehog, chaos controls the eclipse cannon to Vardos and Broc uses the power of the negaton core to power the cannon and wipe out the villians and save everyone.

the catch is his body slowly becomes encased in black crystal, within a few days he is complertely covered and can only be awoken by me...but I go missing, oh and Lancelot has his memory erased somewhere along the line.


part two is well the aftermaath, everyopone is settling down, then Time goes out of whack and it's up to Alec, Dragon and you (time goes out of whack badly, so five days in Vardos is five years in your world, therefore you're alive in Vardos after five days) to follow the clues left by Manaquire (who is somehow a ghost) and find the heart of Time and a new Time guardian.


6/27/2010 #81

been messing with the forum lol

6/27/2010 #82

here I need your opinion..and your OC's reaction

"Who is this?" Kili'tir asked, using magic to flip him over to see a very, very old black dragon. Teddy's eyes widened, whoever he was, he looked like the dragon, Manaquire, from a vision the Archangels has shown him only a week ago. The old dragon started to awaken.

"Ugh.....ah Crap" he said when he realised who had found him.

"Who are you?"

"Who do you think?" the Dragon snapped.

"You look like Manaquire"

"Precisely" the Dragon replied "I am Manaquire"

Teddy went from shear shock to anger within seconds as he drew his sword and pointed the tip towards Manaquire's neck.

"Teddy what the heck are you doing!" Alrana shouted.

"He is the one who stole the Orb and let it fall right into the hands of the enemy!" Teddy shouted, anger boiling through his body. Hearing who this dragon was, Kili'tir drew his sword as well as over 650 humans, elves, and the Order's Elite Divinity Guards, Alrana readied her bow along with almost 900 archers, Malvarus got his spear, Tyrian formed a large two-handed sword from nothingness, and the five warg riders readied their mounts. None looked happy about what Manaquire did.

"You kill him and I'LL ERASE YOU ALL FROM HISTORY!" a very familiar voice yelled.

There standing in front of the giant dragon was a golden dragoness with a snake like head, feathered ears, bird wings and five blades on the end of her tail. Her eyes glowed with the powerful energy of the time vortex, her scales gave off a strange light and she was elegant in appearance.

"I am Temporis, the consciousness of time"

what do you think?

oh and the reason why her voice is familiar is because her voice is heard throughout time and is in the very wind itself...every creature recognises her because of her power

6/27/2010 . Edited 6/27/2010 #83

Yeah, I noticed.

Anyway, I'm obviously still a little weak after the whole "ressurection to existance to life" thing. So I'd probably only be at about 1/8 strength during that time, and for me, that's seriously low. Basically it's like making the Effel Tower the size of one-story house. Anyway, with this type of plot, I think this whole thing will be way long than 10 chapters. Also, do I need to write anything for meeting Dragon and Alec at the waterfall?

6/27/2010 #84

It's cool. But also remember that the Creator is on our side, so I doubt he'd let that happen. How 'bout you mention "If you erase us from history, the Void shall return and your existance will be at an end."

6/27/2010 . Edited 6/27/2010 #85

for the waterfall, I'll handle that oh how would everyone react to seeing Temporis, I'm doing the chapter now

6/27/2010 #86

I can't reply on the forum anymore, we'll continue this via PM

6/27/2010 . Edited 6/27/2010 #87

Okay. But with this huge plot you just set, do you think this whole thing will be done in 10 chapters?

6/27/2010 #88

oh wow NOW IT WORKS!!!!

uh yeah realy long chapters coming up....

6/27/2010 #89

ok so Manaquire actually addresses the Creator by a term normally only used by people from your world....

your reaction?

6/27/2010 #90
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