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Dragonfire: 'sits at conputer reading fanfic'

Clarissa and Fireress: 'reading said fanfic

Broc: what are you guys reading?

Fireress: aomething about pokemon turning into plushies

Broc: ok...a bit different to what you three normally read

Dragonfire: so?

Broc: well last time I checked, Clarissa shadow and maria stories, Fireress reads Spyro fanfic and you Draonfire...didn't you read sonadow last time?

Dragonfire: meh 30 chapters long and no sex, which means it has a good plot, besides the last story you read was about Dragonclaw's OC and a bar

Broc: so? you read yaoi and almost anything M rated

Dragonfire: yeah but that's only with Sonic and pokemon, I read adventure with spyro and humour with Doctor who

Broc yeah sure...

Clarissa: Broc I believe you were the one who keeps reading spyro lemons and something about captain jack harkness and the Doctor, donna and rose drinking in the tardis?

Broc: what? it was K+

Fireress: Broc you've also read alot of spyro lemons, and shadamy

Broc: gotta go 'runs away'

Dragonfire: 'reading fanfic' hey guys another shadamy one

all three: 'start reading'

any more random stuff from my fellow OC's? might become a story

4/7/2010 #1

(Here's a funny skit from what happened at Silver Cross Castle last week *Grins*)

At Silver Cross Castle, Adrin'thos...

Kili'tir: Damn, there isn't much to do today!

He, Teddy, and Malvarus (He's a Dragon Knight and the 3rd Member of the Order) are mearly sitting on the ramparts. It may not seem like much but they're on a floating island over a sea filled with evil sea creatures and what not...

Teddy: Shut up you've just said that like 10x. *Note: He's resting next to the wall inside the castle. Not sitting on the castle rampart like Kili'tir.*

Malvarus: Yeah you need to learn to relax. *Note: He's standing up.*

Kili'tir: So what. I need some action!

Malvarus: Okay...*Grins while he smakes Kili'tir on the side of the head with the butt of his spear who falls of the rampart towards the sea below*

Kili'tir: AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhh..........

Teddy: *Looks at Malvarus and raises an eyebrow*

Malvarus: He wanted some action...

Teddy: *Sigh* I guess we should help him...

Malvarus: You can't make me help that guy!

Teddy: Wanna beat? *Grabs Malvarus's tunic and throws him off ramparts*

Malvarus: AAHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhh.......

Teddy: This is going to be fun! *Jumps off wall * YYYYEEEEEAAAAHHHHAAAAAaaaaaaa...............


Kili'tir: aaahhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHH......*Splash* (Yes, he just hit the water) Crap....

Kili'tir: I really am starting to hate Malvarus! I hope he's....*hears screaming*...what the....

Malvarus: aaahhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHH.....

Kili'tir: HOLY......!!!!! *Is it by the falling Malvarus*

Malvarus: Uhh....funny, I didn't know water was that hard....OH CRUD!!!! *Pulls Kili'tir out from under him* hehe...sorry Kili'tir!

Kili'tir: I'LL SHOW YOU WHOSE SORRY!!!! *Begins beating Malvarus with his staff*

Teddy: yyyyeaaahhhhhhHAAAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA........................!!!!!!

Kili'tir and Malvarus: *Look up* HOLY..........!!!!!!!!! *Are both hit by both Teddy's feet*

Teddy: Hmm....funny, thought there would've been a louder splash....oh.....*Looks to see both Malvarus's and Kili'tir's heads under water under his feet* Whoops...sorry guys! *Jumps up landing on an invisible, self made platform*

Kili'tir and Malvarus: *Rise from the sea* Grrrr..........

Teddy: Well, have fun.....*Rises back up to ramparts*

Kili'tir: *Looks at Malvarus* Have fun? With what?

???: Grr........

Kili'tir and Malvarus: *Sweat drop and turn around to see a giant sea serpent rising from the depths* AAAAAIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

Back up with Teddy.....

Teddy: *Hears Kili'tir from a distance*


Teddy: *As he rises he bows his head and smiles* They wanted some action....and so ends another typical day...hahaha....

*View turns to the sun set over the ocean...suddenly Malvarus and Kili'tir appear running on water towards sunset with the sea serpent hot on their heels*

Kili'tir: Happy place! Happy place!! HAPPY PLACE!!!

Back up at the ramparts....

Teddy: *Looks at the two Members from a distance* Yep, so ends another typical day.....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

4/7/2010 . Edited 4/7/2010 #2

ha! good one! here's anotther

(in westopolis, sonic's universe)

Sonic: hey shads

shadow: get lost faker

'five minutes later'

Sonic: 'pokes shadow'

Shadow: 'ignores sonic'

Sonic: 'pokes shadow'

Shadow: 'eye twitches'

Sonic: 'pokes Shadow'

Dragonfire: 'hits sonic'

Shadow: 'throws sonic into bin'

Dragonfire and shadow: 'do a high five'

Sonic: 'climbs out of bin and walks home'

Shadow: that's the last time I give him free rides

who gets the joke?

4/8/2010 #3

Not me!

4/8/2010 #4

here's another drabble

Sonic: hey shads

Shadow: what?

Sonic: um can give me a lift home?

Shadow: why shoulf I?

Sonic: because I asked?

Shadow ugh fine 'uses chaos control to send Sonic home'

Dragonfire: you know he'll keep asking you

4/8/2010 #5

Hehe, like a dog who won't go away! lol!

4/8/2010 #6

Hey, here's one that happened with Dragon up at Dawn's house.

Dragon: Hey Dawn!

Sora: What's up with the talking hedgehog?

Dragon: You've freaking met talking animals all the damn time and you're asking why I'm here?

Sora: Pretty much.

Dawn: Sorry, he's a major idiot. C'mon, Talon's trying to play with Pyramid Head Kitty!

Dragon: Yeah.


Pyramid Head Kitty: Screw you, Talon. (Bites Talon again)

Dragon: Cool. I'm gonna go to the basement to bug Vex. (Runs down to the basement door)

Vexen: I don't care about who you are. Just go away.

Dragon: NO! (Trips on step and falls into beakers) GOD DAMN IT!

Vexen: DAMN YOU! (Chases Dragon with shield)

Talon: How's he scary?

Dawn: Damn freak controls ice, remember? Dragon no no like ice.

Dragon: GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME! (Trips and falls on Larxene) CRAP! (Runs away)


Dragon: SAYS THE IDIOT WHO GOT BEAT BY A KID! (Shot at by lightning bolt) WHAT THE HELL?! (Runs back to her studio)

Dawn: AAWWW! I wanted Dragon to play some more.

Talon: Why do I even friggin' do this?

Dawn: It's just not fair! VEXEN! LARXENE! (Chases the two Nobodies with her Keyblade) YOU SCARED MY FRIEND AWAY, DAMN YOU BOTH!

That's pretty much normal to them.

4/9/2010 #7

Nice one Dragon....Here's something that happened when Teddy (OC), Alrana, and Malvarus were walking around a forest which is near a cliff next to the ocean bay where my previous story occured at...

At Blackwood Forest, Adrin'thos

Malvarus: Hey, why did this forest get named Blackwood anyway?

Alrana: Maybe because the woods pretty dark?

Teddy: Actually, that's not it.

Malvarus: Huh, then what is?

Teddy: Remember that Mothvine that burned my eyes out of their sockets that one year?

Alrana: How could we forget, I'm still disturbed about looked into your pitch black eye sockets.

Malvarus: Yeah, not your best moment.

Teddy: Well, Blackwood was a giant Mothvine that lived in this wood several hundred years ago *Turns toward ocean and floating castle right above it*

Alrana: Really?

Teddy: Yes, some say it still is alive within this wood!

Malvarus: You don't say...*Turns to see a black colored vine crawling alone the ground towards him*

Alrana: Wouldn't that make this forest dangerous?

Teddy: Well, yes and no...

Malvarus: Yes and no? I thought it would...*Is suddenly grabbed by black vine and is pulled back towards forest where a large black color Mothvine appears*

Alrana: I agree with Malvarus, I think it would.

Teddy: Many people believe that the Blackwood Mothvine doesn't go after humans anymore....

Malvarus: *Struggling between black vines and the Mothvine's sharp toothed jaws* You don't....say...

Teddy: Yeah, but since there haven't been any attaks, I think they're for once right?

Malvarus: *Does splits to keep Mothvine's jaws open* I don't believe them that much!

Teddy: Who really knows though?

Alrana: Yeah, but we shouldn't base our assumption on things those idiots say when they've been horribly wrong before...

Malvarus: *Riding bucking Mothvine on the back of its head using his spear inside its head to hold on* I agree....

Teddy: Yes, you can't believe everything they tell you.

Malvarus: *Runs aways from angered Mothvine* No kidding!

Alrana: I really do agree with Malvarus on this one.

Malvarus: *Mothvine tries to bite him but he uses his spear to impale it and throw it back deep into the forest*

Teddy: Well let's stop focusing on that monster and start focusing on....*turns to see a battered up and cut up Malvarus* the One, what the hell happened to you?

Malvarus: *Holds up finger in a weak motion* Don't..........ask............*faint*

Alrana: *Looks at Teddy* What you suppose happened to him?

Teddy: *Shrugs*

View raise to look at the sunset over the ocean...

4/9/2010 #8

oh man these are so becoming a story lol!

ok here's one in the world of pokemon

in viridian forest...

Mewtwo: 'sits in tree while using a laptop'

Grassie: 'hides above mewtwo'

Mewtwo: 'still on laptop'

Grassie: 'about to pounce on mewtwo'

Aria: 'tackles Grassie and they both fall out of tree'

Mewtwo: 'oblivious'

Newt: 'eating roasted pigey' you know he'll never look up from that stupid computer

Aria: we can try and make nim

Newt: not doing well so far

Aria: well then why don't you try

Newt: 'starts throwing Pigey bones at Mewtwo'

Mewtwo: 'eye twitches'

Newt: 'continues throwing bomes'

Mewtwo: 'ignores her'

Newt: 'continues'

5 minutes later


Newt: 'flies away laughing'

Mewtwo: 'uses Psychic to make onws chse after her'

Nwet: 'burns bones and flies away'

4/9/2010 . Edited 4/9/2010 #9

Hmm, who knew pokemon could use a laptop...anyway, here's what happened last night at the castle....

In the Silver Cross Castle...

Kili'tir: Man, that dark wizard we faced today was so out of it!

Alrana: I know, what do you suppose was up with him?

Malvarus: You don't know? He was drinking with the demon hordes of Hell last night so he was a know....

Teddy: How on Adrin'thos did you find that out?

Malvarus: I have my ways. *Smiles*

Kili'tir: What you were drinking with him, too?


Kili'tir: That isn't what you reaction was Mal!

Malvarus: Oh shut up, Kil.

Kili'tir: You know I don't like that name...but seriously how'd you know that?

Malvarus: Lucky guess. We did send him to Hell the week before didn't we?

Teddy: Huh, who knew the demon hordes of Hell liked to drink?

Malvarus: Got me....

Kili'tir: So Mal, did you like drinking in Hell?

Malvarus: Oh shut up, Kil, you're worse than Jacob!

Kili'tir: Ignoring did seem a little off last night as well...

Malvarus: What? I wasn't drunk!

Kili'tir: So you say...

Malvarus: That's it, Kil! Come 'ere! *Starts chasing Kili'tir around the dinning hall with his spear surrounded with lightning*

Kili'tir: Ah, come on, Mal, I was just kidding!

Malvarus: SO AM I!!! *Thrusts spear forward zapping Kili'tir in the butt with lightning*

Kili'tir: Ouch, man, cut it out! *zap* OUCH!!

Alrana and Teddy: *Laughing Histerically*

Kili'tir: *Zap* OWW!!!

Teddy: Now you both are acting worse than Jacob!

Malvarus and Kili'tir: *While Running* Ignoring that!

Kili'tir: *Zap* AIE!!! CUT IT OUT!!! *Zap* OUCH!!!

Alrana: I think you should stop this before I have to wrap Kili'tir's arse in bandages.

Teddy: Agreed. *Stands up* You two can cut out the nonsense!

Malvarus: Make me!

Teddy: Certainly! *Hoists up a nearby suit of armor and throws it at Malvarus*


View turns to Malvarus covered in a pile of full plate armor. His head pops out of pile...

Malvarus: Ouch....*Full Metal Gauntlet falls from the sky landing on his head, knocking hum unconscious*

Kili'tir: Wow, thanks, I was getting a butt burn!

Teddy: Don't thank me yet! *Snaps finger and trap door opens underneith Kili'tir*


Alrana: Where's he going to come out?

Teddy: Eh....who cares?

Outside castle...

Trap door opens on side of castle and Kili'tir slides out towards ocean...

Kili'tir: CRUD!

Giant Sea Serpent from earlier drabble rises from sea and eats Kili'tir whole....

Kili'tir: *For inside the belly* AH COME ON!

At window of castle....

Teddy: Well, we now know where the trap door lead to...

Alrana: Shouldn't we help him?

Teddy: Eh, he can figure it out. *Walks away*

Alrana: *Follows suit*

View turns to the Sea Serpent that ate Kili'tir swimming towards horizon, while Kili'tir'a voice is heard....

Kili'tir: Uh, guys....a little help? Guys? Hello? Anybody? Hello?

And scene!

4/9/2010 #10

you know we should do a series!

4/9/2010 #11

We? I'm just throwing out stories, if you want to make them into a series or what have you go right ahead!

4/10/2010 #12

Hi!listen it's the 12th over here so that mens it's still the eleventh overseas right?

oh who cares, now its time for birthdat drabbles! happy birthday Alec!

Dragonfire: 'takes cake and a cynder plushie to Alec's house

Clarissa: you know he'll never sing

Dragonfire: he'd better

broc: there is no way I'm singing happy birthday

Clarissa: told you

Dragonfire: do it and I'll give you ten bucks

Broc; no

Dragonfire: I'll let play my new Wii game

Broc: deal

that's all I can come up with

4/11/2010 #13

this is an adaptation of what I've been doing the past few days

Dragonfire: 'staring dunbly at the computer screen with a pen and note pad in hand'

Clarissa: 'walks up to her and reads notepad'

quiz results

1- you are obsessed

2- he loves you

3- you love him

4- he loves you

5- he loves you

6- you love him

Clarissa: why were you doing half a dozen quizzes 'looks at computer screen'...oh

computer screen: (google search engine) are you obsessed with Shadow the hedgehog?, do you love Shadow?, does shadow love you personality test

Dragonfire: well that explains the dream about the theme park and the chaos emerald, and every other weird dream...

Clarissa: it could be worse, do you actually love him instead being slightly obsessed?

Dragonfire: I think he's cool and cute and HOLY SHIT I'M CRUSHING ON SHADOW!!!

actually it's just an obsession, i know a friend who's so obsessed with Sonic that he stays up all night playing games and every time I see him he never shuts up about Sonic the hedgehog

5/5/2010 #14

Hey! It's been awhile, eh?

Here's a funny story that happened in the nearby mountain ranges of Adrin'thos, near the Silver Cross Castle...


While walking through the mountain pass....

Kili'tir: Are you sure we're going the right way?

Malvarus: Sure I'm sure!

Alrana: Oh, brother! Last time you lead the way, we wandered into a Dragon's Cave!

Malvarus: Give me a little faith here!

He looks ahead...

Malvarus: I think we're supposed to go through that cave!

He runs ahead to cave....

Kili'tir: Prepared to have a replay of the Dragon's Cave?

Alrana: Yep...*Pulls out Bow*

Malvarus: Now I'm pretty sure we go through--AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHhhhhhhh......

His interuption was falling through a large hole in the ground....

Alrana: Idiot...

Kili'tir: Yep....

*Further in Cave*

Malvarus: Crap! Stupid hole! Can't see a thing! Now if only I could--AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHhhhhhhh......

He suddenly falls over the edge of a cliff land in a river....

Malvarus: *Cough* *Cough* Argh, just great....just perfect....what's next a waterfall?

He suddenly hears the roaring of a waterfall nearby....

Malvarus: Crap! Me and my big---AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh.......

He falls off waterfall, but misses the water and lands in a hole with a lot of rocks....he tumbles down a hill with a lot more rocks making for a painful fall....

Malvarus: Ow...Ouch...Ow...Ow....Ouch....*Is stabbed in arse* YEOW!...Ow....Ouch....Ow...

He sees light up ahead....

Malvarus: Ow...Fin-Ouch...-nal-Ow....-ly-Ouch....

He exits the cave only to find himself 100 feet in the air....

Malvarus: Crap--AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhh.....

He slams hard into the ground and gets up to find Kili'tir and Alrana sitting down on nearby rocks...Alrana was reading a book while Kili'tir was sipping tea on a wooden chair under a self made shade...

Malvarus: What the---How did you---?

Kili'tir: Alrana: Got us down here in 3 minutes flat...we've been waiting here for about 10 minutes for you...

He gets up and walks off, still looking at the duo...

Malvarus: Why do I even bother? You guys just love proving me wrong and getting me hurt! Why I oughta--AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHhhhhhhh......

He fell off the cliff about 1500 feet up....

Kili'tir: Should've we told him that we weren't off the mountain yet?

Alrana: I think he figured it out...

The screen zooms out when you hear a loud CRASH!!!! from a distance....

Malvarus: *From a Distance* I'm Okay......uh........

5/12/2010 #15

nine one!

5/24/2010 #16

I believe you ment to say 'nice one'. Little typo there! I can't think of another drabble right now but I should have one soon.

5/25/2010 #17

In the Skys above Adrin'thos...

Kili'tir: AAAAAIIIIEEEEE....!!!

Teddy, Kili'tir, Malvarus, Alrana, and Tyrian had just ridden off in Giant Eagles and, through Teddy's orders, Kili'tir's eagle just went into a dive straight down...

Kili'tir: Not fun! Not fun! NOT FUN!

Teddy whistled a sharp note and the eagle went back up at an equally steep angle...

Kili'tir: Don't die! Don't die! DON'T DIE!

When Kili'tir had joined the group everyone but him began laughing...

Teddy: You make it too easy!

Kili'tir: Ah...shut up--AAAAHHHHHHHHhhhhhhh....

His shock and weakness had caused him to fall off his eagle...

Teddy: Ah for crying out loud!

Malvarus: I'll get him...*rolls eyes*

Malvarus jumps off his eagle and with power dragon's wings, catches Kili'tir by the hand and flies him back upward...

Kili'tir: How did you get me to do this again?

Teddy: I didn't. I told the eagle to snatch you off the ground. Remember?

Kili'tir: It wasn't funny when I said 'let go!' and the eagle dropped me over 5,000 feet in the air and then caught me just before hitting the ground!

Teddy: Sure it was!

Alrana: Besides, you're used to it!

Kili'tir: Only at 2,000 feet! Not 5,000!

Teddy: *Rolls eyes*

Tyrian: Only at 2,000 feet? I don't see a difference, you're technically still falling a couple thousand fe--

Kili'tir: Shuddup!

Alrana: *Chuckles*

Teddy: *Shakes head*

Tyrian: Watch, I'll prove that there's no difference! *Jumps across gap and kicks Kili'tir off his eagle*

Kili'tir: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....!

5 minutes later....


Kili'tir: *From a very, very, VERY far distance* I'm okay!

Tyrian: See? Told you he'd be alright!

Order: *Laughs*

7/11/2010 #18

Dragonfire: 'watching Broc and Fireress argue'

Broc: 'gets pissed and gives Fireress the finger'

five minutes later...

Broc is slowly crawling out of a volcano, he just reaches the top when Fireress kicks him back in

Dragonfire: never insult a fire goddess

Fireress: 'makes volcano erupt'

Broc: 'is seen being shot up into the sky' DAMN YOU!!!!

one hour later...

Broc: 'makes his way back to Dragonfire and Fireress'

Fireress: time for round two..

sometime later...

Broc: 'drags himself out of the same volcano'

Dragonfire: 'grinning like an idiot'

Broc: you think this is funny?

Dragonfire: yeah

Broc: 'trips and falls back in' CRAP!

Dragonfire: 'laughing'

7/11/2010 #19

(Have you by any chance heard of Bleedman and his comics?)

While in a ship on the bay...

Malvarus: Hey, Ted!

Teddy: Hmm?

Malvarus: Where's Kil?

Kili'tir: *From inside cabin* In here!

Alrana: Should I ask?

Teddy: Remember the sea serpent?


Kili'tir: Wow, thanks, I was getting a butt burn!

Teddy: Don't thank me yet! *Snaps finger and trap door opens underneith Kili'tir*


Alrana: Where's he going to come out?

Teddy: Eh....who cares?

Outside castle...

Trap door opens on side of castle and Kili'tir slides out towards ocean...

Kili'tir: CRUD!

Giant Sea Serpent from earlier drabble rises from sea and eats Kili'tir whole....

Kili'tir: *For inside the belly* AH COME ON!

--End Flashback--

Alrana: Oh yeah! *Laughs*

Kili'tir: *Burst out of cabin* IT'S NOT FUNNY!

Teddy: Hey look the sea serpent!

Kili'tir: AIE!!!! *Runs back into cabin and closes the door*

Order: *Laughs*

Teddy: I can't believe he fell for that!

Kili'tir: Hey! *Bursts out of cabin again* THAT IS NOT FUNNY!

Teddy: Hey look the sea serpent!

Kili'tir: Ha! I'm not falling for that one again!

???: Grrrrr....

Kili'tir's eyes widen and an anime sweat drop forms on the back of his head. He slowly turns to see the sea serpent really behind him then proceeds to scream like a little girl. He then runs on water back to the shore and into a random house...

Order: *Laughs*

Sea Serpent: *Sinks back into the waves*

There is suddenly a scream and Kili'tir is shot through the roof of the building and lands back on deck...

Teddy: Ran into the Ladies' Bath House?

Kili'tir: Yep...

Order: *Laughs Histerically*

7/11/2010 #20
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