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you know who you are the beings of power...Carbros will spread his darkness unless we fight!
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title sucks I know, but here's the idea.

beings from multiple worlds are sucked into an alternate reality, Vardos is not the beautiful world it was, but a dark barren wasteland it started out as. your objective is to figure out what happened, how to get home and how to fix Time.

you will face danger, romance and adventure, evil is everywhere and for once Dragonfire's brother is the enemy.......

good luck


-no god status

-use proper english

-you can't control characters that don't belong to you

-stick to the story!

6/29/2010 #1

I'll choose Tyrian for this RP. He has never surpassed a demi-god power status, unlike Teddy who has (Note: Teddy has never surpassed god power status, only demi-god power status). Tyrian is a mute Weapon's Master who has more the ability to summon forth any type of weapon from nothingness. He is extremely agile and has an extremely high melee defense but has an incredibly low magic defense. He is also an expert egineer and can build and use any type of siege equipment. Due to being mute, he speaks through Telepathy.

6/29/2010 #2

a large black dragon, the size of a bus and twice as long woke up. he had a long jaw, silver human like eyes and two horns rectangular in shape and straight as an arrow stcking out from the back of his head. he had t-rex like arms, stubby legs and broad, powerful wings. his tail was long and crocodile like and semicirlce shaped spines ran down his long neck, back and tail.

he got up and looked at the landscape around him. the land wqas black and barren, not a single living thing was seen for miles. no plants grew, the sky was covered with dark black clouds. a mountain stood tall and bleak in the distance.

sensing that things were'nt right the dragon took flight and headed towards the mountian...

6/29/2010 #3

yeah I'm using manaquire, despite his true identity, he refuses to use his powers, except ion emergencies. as the story progresses his true form is revealed.

6/29/2010 #4

At the mountain, Tyrian had someone been teleported to this....wasteland....last thing he remembered he had been fighing a dark wizard who had struck him with some black force. Regardless of how he got here, he had to think of a way out...he continuously explored the mountain he was on until he heard something approach... (It's kay)

6/29/2010 . Edited 6/29/2010 #5

the dragon got closer to the mountain, he spottesd a figure on it.

great just great...he thought as he came in for a landing and waited for the biped to respond

(A description of your character woould be nice...)

6/29/2010 #6

( said that five minutes for reply and you'd be off so I made my previous description short.)

Tyrian was cloaked just as he always was. He wore a navy bluish cloak and hood. His mouth was covered by a similar cloth, kind of like a ninja, and by the same type of cloth, his right eye was covered. His left eye was a mix of navy blue and sapphire. He was wearing dark bluish leather on his chest. It had the symbol of the Order of the Silver Cross on it. He wore long dark blue leather pants and High Elves Boots on his feet. Under his leather armor was a mithril chainmail shirt. His left arm was covered by a light bluish shirt but his left had an iron gauntlet that went up the length of his arm. His cloak surrounded the rest of his body, hiding many more features. His one eye he had uncovered looked at the dragon before with caution and curiosity...

Tyrian said to him through Telepathy," Who are you?"

6/29/2010 #7

the dragon hesitated, not knowing whick name to use: the one insanity had created or his real name.

after a few seconds he replied cautiously "Mu name is Argentum"

6/29/2010 #8

Tyrian thought/spoke, "Hello, Argentum. I am Tyrian, Weapon's Master and Fifth Member of the Order of the Silver Cross."

6/29/2010 #9

Argentum found it odd being addressed by his name, he had been living under the alias Manaquire for so long....

he cleared his throat and replied "it's nice to meet you, but now is not the time for talk, there are other matters to attend to"

6/29/2010 #10

Tyrian then thought/said, "Yes, like where are we and what happened here?"

(I'm just going to put (t)said so you know it's telepathic from now on okay?)

6/29/2010 #11

just write in italics that's what I do for Mewtwo, now for the humour.

Argentum shifted, thinking about what he did last when...

(3 2 1)

"GOD DAMN IT!" a voice roared out in frustration.

Argentum turned towards the sound to find a very, very pissed off white teenage wolf standing a few feet behind him, swearing at her predicament...

here we go again he though miserably.

(yeah the wolf is the teenage version of the wolf cub from after the shows over)

6/29/2010 #12

(Anyway, would you mind just speeding up you replies a bit plz o_o)

Tyrian raised an eyebrow on his uncovered eye and thought to himself, "What the heck is this all about?"

6/29/2010 #13

argentum turned to Tyrian and replied

"she's a friend of mine..."

he then turned to the wolf and shouted "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE!"

the wolf jumped at sound, walked over to them and yelled back


6/29/2010 #14

Tyrian just shook his head, "Couldn't you two just calm down a bit a talk like civilized people? You're starting to bug me."

6/29/2010 #15

the wolf glared at Argentum and walked off.

Argentuim scratched the back of his head "it's a long story..."

"Like you care" the wolf replied, still not looking at him.

"ugh do want to help him or not?" Argentum retorted.

the wolf turned back, dark blue eyes filled with sadness, she nodded.

"well then, come on you two" Argentum said, starting to walk down a trial that led to the other side of the mountain.

the wolf simply sighed and followed him

6/29/2010 #16

Tyrian had quickly gotten besides Argentum. His leg movement was barely visible under his cloak. He decided to start a conversation, "I suppose you're wondering why I cover my right eye?"

6/29/2010 #17

Argentum sniffed, the air seemed...dead.

"well it's either because you can't use it or it's infused with magic" he replied.

"I know how you guessed that" the wolf replied dully, absentmindedly listening to the conversation.

6/29/2010 #18

Tyrian mearly sighed, "Both are true to an extent. However, both are also false to an extent."

6/29/2010 #19

Argentum raised an eyebrow and replied "so you can't use the eye because of magic infused it with magic and it can't be used normally..."

thw wolf just ignored them now, she was focused on something else.

6/29/2010 #20

Tyrian shook his head, "No. The power of my eye was forced upon me. It's is what makes me weapon...its true potential come out when it is uncovered, but when that happens the mear sight of the eye can send even the bravest men running away in terror. And there's more to it than that."

6/29/2010 #21

the wolf stopped and went rigid when she heard Tyrian's response.

"oh dear" Argentum said and motioned for Tyrian to stop. he then walked over to the wolf and looked at her, unsure of what was wrong.

6/29/2010 #22

Tyrian then telepathically said, almost demonically, "The power of the eye is a curse given to me by the Master of the Void himself."

6/29/2010 #23

"quiet!" Argentum snapped, not to Tyrian, but to himself. ge looked over at the wolf, her eyes where glassy, she seemed afriad.

"Timelines" Argentum muttered and he snapped his fingers in front of her.

"huh, what happened" the wolf said, a little dazed.

"you went into another timeline again" Argentum said, then looked at Tyrian.

"if you continue to speak of that my friend won't like it" he stated, picking the wolf up and letting her lie down on his head.

"oh not me, you don't like it cause' Manaquire will get ideas" the wolf said.

6/29/2010 #24

"Manaquire?" Tyrian said, his telepathic voice growing ever darker. He had been told that a being known as Manaquire had stolen an Orb of the Void. He obviously wasn't pleased to hear that name.

6/29/2010 #25

"timelines" Argentum muttered again and then replied.

"manaquire, was, is me".

"not anymore, I fixed that remember?" the wolf said.

"it hasn't happened to him yet" Argentum replied and then waited, expected his own history to repeat itself.

6/29/2010 #26

"MANAQUIRE!" Tyrian was now furious, enraged by the presence of the one who stole the Orb of the Void. He then formed a giant two-handed steel hammer out of nothingness and held it in his hand "You were foolish to steal the Orb! Why is think you can just shake off your guilt so easily? What did you hope to gain by opening the portal for the most power dark power in existance?"

6/29/2010 #27

Argentum stared at the weapon, something stirred within him, an instict he had long forgotten, he touched a few pressure points his chest and the skin in the middle parted to reveal the core chamber, a pocket of muscle that protects a dragons core.

however instead of a giant glowing crystal that should have ben there, a black metal box was in its' place.

Argentum took it out and handed it up to the wolf.

"take it and run" he said to her.

the wolfs voice instantly changed, from accentlees to a slightly deep australian accent.

"there's no way in hell I'm leaving you behind" she said, her eyes changed from dark blue to sky blue, and orange streaks appeared at back of her head.

Argentum looked at her.

"if you die, then so be it, but I'm staying to at least see you off" the wolf said, leaping off his head and sitting beside him.

Argentum closed his core chamber and stared at Tyrian.

"I nearly died to reverse the power of the darkness, if want to kill me then strike!" he roarded, ready for anything.

6/29/2010 . Edited 6/29/2010 #28

Tyrian didn't even begin to ask why he thought stealing the artifact that could realise a power unmatched by all except the Creator would help defeat darkness. He lifted up his hammer and slammed it to the ground. A large crater was formed and the surrounding earth started to shake and large stone spikes covered with cracks of molten lava erupted in all directions in front of Tyrian from the impact circle. Each spike was erupting at a speed that could easily impale a large giant.

6/29/2010 . Edited 6/29/2010 #29

Argentum stood still, the spikes headed towards him.

you're just going to give up? coward! the sinister voice of Manaquire echoed through him.

over the last six years I fought for control over you Darkfire, I know it's you in my head now Argentum thought back and stared at the ground and waited for impact...

6/29/2010 #30
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