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you know who you are the beings of power...Carbros will spread his darkness unless we fight!
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(omg well read it! or get Alec to inform you 'cause I don't know how long I have left on the computer)

Dragonfire muttered things as she was unconscious, things to do with someone called 'The Doctor' and this

"The Darkness wolf is coming....the end of everything is near" she muttered.

7/4/2010 #271

(*Shrugs* Okay then. Has Dragon been online? I really want this next chapter out soon.)

Tyrian looked over, but said nothing.

7/4/2010 #272

Dragonfire suddenly woke up.

"ok weird but normal for me" she said somewhat randomly, and then noticed Tyrian.

"that Time loop still working?" she asked.

7/4/2010 #273
Alec the Dark Angel

"This is just an assumption. But I don't think that's a good thing." Alec said when he heard Dragonfire's mumbling.

"What does she mean?" Dax asked.

7/4/2010 #274

Tyrian mearly nodded, "For now, yes. But I don't know how long it can keep the powers of the Void at bay. However, perhaps the Void could work to our advantage against this foe of your's."

7/4/2010 #275

Dragonfire remembered what she had said while she was unconscious.

" might want to sit down for this" she said.

I hope they don't kil me after this...she thought.

7/4/2010 #276
Alec the Dark Angel

Alec and Ecko sat down to listen.

7/4/2010 #277

Tyrian remained standing, his normal eye gleamed.

7/4/2010 #278

"well the Darkness wolf is the fully transformed Binder of worlds, when Time and Darkness fuse together. it's power is unmatched and rivals every diety and god in existence, and Tyrian i don't want to hear anymorre stuff about how the creator and the master of the void are unstoppable I know that, I'm just saying, when the Darkness wolf comes only those who are linked to its two halves will be spared" Dragonfire said seriously.

7/4/2010 #279

Tyrian's eye formed a sharp glare but he said nothing.

7/4/2010 #280

"Tyrian don't look at me like that please! I feel bad enough as it is" Dragonfire said.

7/4/2010 #281

Tyrian didn't even blink, "I too have much to worry about, Dragonfire. And last time I check I've been through a hell of a lot more than you have! I haven't seen most of your soul ripped from your body! If anything, I should feel bad! I'm the one of the five people responsible for making sure great evil doesn't get too out of control! If this Darkness Wolf does appear I'm one of the people who must stop it!"

7/4/2010 #282

Dragonfire glared back and replied "the darkness wolf doesn't harm those connected to it! I should know I'M HALF OF IT!"

7/4/2010 #283
Alec the Dark Angel

"Who exactly are those who are linked to you?" Alec asked. "I assume that includes me and Dax. But what about Ecko? She's from a completely different period of time."

7/4/2010 #284

Tyrian glared again,"DRAGONFIRE! Listen to me! I am a Member of the Order of the Silver Cross! I am supposed to stop darkness and death from occuring on a mass universal scale! If this Darkness Wolf will do what you say it will you'll have to fight me! Fight Teddy! Fight Alrana, Malvarus, and Kili'tir! Don't you understand that? It's our job! You have no idea what the death of so many beings of life could do to encourage the Void's return! That is why we must prevent it!"

7/4/2010 #285

"entire worlds and Timelines are connected to me...Ecko won't be harmed I also forgot to mention that the last time the Darkness wolf came, it only destroyed Carbros, and that was because I was in control that time, the next time Darkness and Time fuse both of us will decide who lives and who dies, but no innocent beings will be harmed, and the Darkness wolf can do anythinng one can imagine, that is the extent of its power" Dragonfire said calmly.

7/4/2010 #286

Tyrian sighed, "You could've said that earlier! From what you had said earlier you gave me the impression you were going to go on a rampage!"

7/4/2010 #287

"sorry but I would never do anything like's against my nature to hurt the innocent or weak" she replied

7/4/2010 #288

Tyrian looked away, "All I am trying to do is protect others from suffering the same fate as my home world. I was completely destroyed within minutes by the Void, and the Void then wasn't at its full potential. I don't want this universe to fall out of balance, which will lead to the inevitable escape of the Void. The death of too many beings of light will cause such. You have no idea the chaos and destruction and horror the Void has unleashed. I have seen it and experienced it first hand! Just look at me now!"

7/4/2010 #289

"I understand but my very existance is what's keeping the planet stable! not to mention every other world, Including yours and Alec's from being completely wiped out by the distortion in time!" Dragonfire explained.

7/4/2010 #290
Alec the Dark Angel

Suddenly, Tetrix arrived on the scene along with the 2 purple dragon zombies.

7/4/2010 #291

Tyrian glared demonically," Get away Tetrix. I am not in a very good mood. Stay if you wish but prepare for a demon to strike at you!"

7/4/2010 #292

Dragonfire looked at Tetrix.

"Get lost where busy" she said to him, rather rudely.

7/4/2010 #293
Alec the Dark Angel

"Just give me the silver one, and I'll go in piece." Tetrix said. "But don't talk like you actually think you can win."

7/4/2010 #294

Tyrian was now starting to grow angry and the time loop was visibly starting to weaken as the plate keep his demonic arm hidden started to break away and the corruption started to spread to his shoulder, "GET AWAY YOU SCUM OR FACE THE WRATH OF A VOID DEMON!"

7/4/2010 #295

Dragonfire stood up, and placed herself between Tetrix and Dax.

"you know I've had to rely on my most basic and strongest of instincts to have the power to fight...and one of my strongest instincts is my maternal instinct I will protect Dax no matter WHAT!".

7/4/2010 #296

Tyrian's left eye was now turning red and the corruption's aura was now plainly visible seeping through his plated arm," GET BACK! NOW!"

7/4/2010 #297

Dragonfire grabbed Dax and the black box and took cover, shouting "how come you get the good fights"

7/4/2010 #298
Alec the Dark Angel

"Thank you all for entertaining me so much!" Tetrix said mockingly. "The way that you think that you can defeat me is so amusing!"

7/4/2010 #299

Tyrian head turned to her and said in a awkwardly calm voice for the time, "Because I fear no one, I feel no pain, and I am not hinder by the most gruesome killings. I am a being of darkness, and devil of shadow. I will end my enemies in the most horrible way possible to see my goals fulfilled. And my goal right now is to see this fool's head on a pike!"

7/4/2010 #300
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