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in the main square of a small town in another world, where the famous characters of Disney movies and television shows (not including real life dramas/comedies such as suite life on deck) Slaves were lined to be sold to wealthy buyers. one of which was an Anthromorphic hedgehog, a 17 year old female, who was wearing some old rags for clothing, her once white fur was a dull grey and her once vibrant orange soines hung down in a tangled mess and were much darker in colour than what they were originally. she black claws on the end of her hands and feet, and a wolf's tail instead a small hedgehog tail.

despite this her eyes still had the spark of intelligence and disobedience that the other slaves had lost long ago. in her hand was a crumpled up piece of paper it was a list of her previous owners and what she had done to them.

Ursela- dried up and served as calamari

red queen- wig and dress burnt to ashes

Hades- half drowned and scared out of his wits

"hey you hedgehog! over here!" a voice called. the hedgehog looked up to see three Hyenas.

"are you my new buyers?" the hedgehog asked, her voice was Australian accented and slightly deep.

"nah our boss brought you with the last of his money, we're just here to take you to him" one of them, a male replied.

"Bonzai, Ed, let's go" the largest of thetrio, a female, ordered and with the hedgehog in tow they left the area.

"hey um you're Shenzi right?" the hedgehog asked.

"what's it to you" the female, Shenzi replied.

"could you take a note to a friend of mine..."

ok Alec you're up! the note should tell you to find the Mad Hatter....

7/13/2010 #1


please note this RP is rated M-MA.

7/13/2010 #2
Alec the Dark Angel

A large black anthropomorphic wolf with glowing red eyes was walking in a forest near a small town. He was a Dark Chaos Wolf named Alec

Next to him was a young silver fox. Her left eye was a sky blue, and her right eyes was silver. Her name is Dax.

To his other side was a hedgehog android. He had the same appearance of Metal Sonic, but had Shadow's coloration. He was the prototype to be Metal Shadow, but he was referred to as a 'failed attempt'. His name was Cyba.

What do you think about that? Should I change anything?

7/13/2010 #3

(I may be 14, but I can think of some pretty....unimaginable things. I'm shocked by my own mind. Anyway, getting back to business. Anybody got any ideas of who I should use for an OC?)

7/13/2010 #4

I don't mind looks fine to me. oh and Teddy can use you and Tyrian...Tyrian may come in handy later on....

Shenzi walked out of the small town and into the nearby foest, the home of many including the fox Robin hood, snow white and of course theseven dwarves. she cariied a letter in her mouth and kept walking until she spotted three creatures who didn't really fit in.

two wolves and a robot hedgehog.

bingo she thought and walked up to them...

Shenzi meets Alec who knows what could happen, She'll tell you that her bosses new slave would like to se you, as for Teddy, you'll find Broc in the mountains to the west of the small town...with the Jaberwokie. ( i have no idea if I'm spelling it right)

7/13/2010 #5

(Okay, Teddy and Tyrian it is then. Just tell me when to pop in and I'll be there!)

7/13/2010 #6

preferably's something to get the ball rolling...

"AHH SHIT ENOUGH ALREADY!" a black dragon the size of a large dog yelled out. he had a slightly long neck, snake like head, webbed ears and eyes that almost shaped like right angled triangles, they were blue in colour. his four legs were somewhat skinny and he had bat like wings. the end of his long tail was tipped with a sharp blade.

he was a mountain top with a large black wyvern/Dragon hybrid of a beast, it was nearly as big as the mountain, it had snake like eyes and fearsome webbed frills on the sides of its head. it front legs were T-rex like, so it used its large bat like wings along with its large and muscular hind legs to suport itself.

this was a Jaberwokie and it was holding the much smaller black dragon by the tail blade...over the edge of the mountain.

"alright....only because I feel like it" the Jaberwokie growled and placed the small Dragon down.

"thanks I'm Broc by the way" the Dragon replied, his voice was american accented but high nor deep.

7/13/2010 #7
Alec the Dark Angel

Dax is a fox, not a wolf. But everyone makes mistakes.

"I'm getting tired." Dax said. Alec had found Dax as an orphan and took her in. He was very protective of the silver fox and would kill anyone who would dare to harm her.

Alec picked up the silver fox. "You don't need to walk anymore." He said as he held Dax, who fell asleep in his arms. Suddenly, a growl resonated from his throat as he sensed someone nearby.

Cyba noticed this and called out to whoever it was. "Who's there?! Show yourself!" Cyba said. After he said this, a hyena walked out from behind the bush.

"I have a message from my master's new slave." The hyena (Shenzi) said.

"I highly disapprove of slavery." Alec said. "That is how Dax lost her parents...So who is this slave?"

"Slaves don't have names. But she was a whitish hedgehog with a wolf-like tail." Shenzi said. "She said she wanted to see you...You are Alec, right?"

"Take me to her." Alec said.

7/13/2010 #8

"fine just don't get lost" Shenzi replied and led them into town.

they arrived at a building with a series of jail cells, the whitish hedgehog was throwing bits of ham into one of them.

"honestly Scar you shouldn't have wasted your money on me" she said.

"found em'!" Shenzi called out to the hedgehog as they neared the building.

cyba might want to take Dax to see the sites or something.....the Dark bits start next

7/13/2010 . Edited 7/13/2010 #9

A portal suddenly opened nearby and two men came out.

The first was a young man. Blond hair, Sky Blue Eyes, and white skin. He wore a white wizard's robe which had blue runic symbols along the end of the sleeves and at the bottom of the robe. He wore greyish shoes and grey gloves. In his left hand was a sword of a shining steel and it had runic markings down the blade and a emblem of power on the hilt. On his head was a steel, crown-like helmet with a single spike stiking up at his forehead with a sapphire gem in the center. The top of his head was clear of metal while the steel circled the crown of his head. Around his neck was a gold and crystal amulet.

The second wore a steel breastplate with the same symbol on it that the other man's hilt had. He wore leather pants and boots. His hands were hidden by a navy blue cloak that went around and covered most of his body. He wore a navy blue ninja-like mask over his mouth and nose and another piece of cloth over his right eye. He wore a navy blue hood as well. Hiding his hair. His other eye, which was sapphire. Gazed with no emotion. His right hand appeared from behind his cloak and it had a long metal gauntlet that ran the length of his arm. The other arm only had a leather sleeve.

By the's Jabberwocky.

7/13/2010 . Edited 7/13/2010 #10


the dragon called Broc stared at the two men, grinned and called out "Teddy, Tyrian good to see you, have you met my new friend?"

the Jabberwocky glared at them.

7/13/2010 . Edited 7/13/2010 #11

"Good to see you, too, Broc," Teddy smiled," The One told us we were needed here. Don't know why though."

"Friends, Brock?" Tyrian raised his uncovered eyebrow," He doesn't look like any friend I've seen before."

7/13/2010 #12

no 'k' in Broc's name..

"uh yeah someone has made this place go from from PG dark to M rated murders and stuff, and most of us from Vardos came here to help out, Dragonfire came here first to asses everything and no one knows what happened to her...I think even Hades is now scared of her or something...anyway I met up with the Jabberwocky and he's ok, Fester is with some weirdo flying horse and hercules, Clarissa is underground in atlantis and right now you're in a world where every Disney character was or is an actor for their respective movies" Broc explained.

7/13/2010 #13

I know. It was a typo.

"I no longer doubt the One on his descision to bring two of the top five dark slayers in existance to help out. Anything that can go this bad so quickly deserves some attention, even from the Order."

"Seeing my whole home world destroy in the worst and most grizzly way possible I think I can also prove valuable aid. Also, due to being a Weapon's Master by trade, I can Identify any weapon used in such a murder."

7/13/2010 #14

"most of them were killed via poison and dark magic" the Jabberwocky suddenly spoke up "anyone else who defied the new king were tortured, having their weaknesses used against them or were locked up if they actually posed a threat".

7/13/2010 . Edited 7/13/2010 #15

Teddy's eyes narrowed," This 'new king' must be put down in the count!" I think that if we...urgh--!" Teddy suddenly fell onto one knee and Tyrian was immediately by his side.

7/13/2010 #16

"I'll be over here..." broc said and took a few steps back.

the Jabberwocky glared at him. "you have great powers and abilities and yet you fear them" he growled

"I don't...wherever I go death follows, besides If I used my powers at their full strength who would want to even know me! I can strike fear into any crwature in existence" Broc replied. "looking into my eyes when I'm at full power is like looking at hell itself!"

7/13/2010 . Edited 7/13/2010 #17

Teddy got up and slowly walked over to Broc and the Jabberwocky. "Sorry about that. My soul may be fully restored after that battle with the Phantom but my body still isn't functioning as well as it should. I'll be alright. Jabberwocky. Tell us what you know about this 'king'. Sun Tzu says to 'know your enemy'."

7/13/2010 #18

"all we know is that he's from another world and a master of dark magic" Broc replied.

I know who it is, but you'll find out

7/13/2010 #19

"Heh, kind of reminds me of you, eh, Tyrian?" Teddy smiled.

7/13/2010 #20

"whoever he is he's way worse than Tyrian, from I've heard he poisoned a bear and a piglet just because they asked for food" Broc said.

Winnie the pooh and Piglet have just been mentioned...and are dead....

7/13/2010 #21

"Worse than Tyrian. Yes, no doubt. But the being in which he's now PART of, well, he's ten times worse. Anyway, I'm seriously starting to get pissed off by this guy. I say me and Tyrian go in and wip him out. Who can stand between some of the greatest servants of the Father of Light (Omniangel) and the Father of Darkness (Master of the Void)?" Teddy smiled and raised his sword.

"We may be their servants, Teddy, but your still weakened from your Ressurection. And the Master of the Void isn't exactly just going to give me his demonic power to destroy a powerful dark lord which he personally influenced the creation of," Tyrian commented.

7/13/2010 #22

"well how about we find Dragonfire first, then kill the bad guy" Broc said seriously.

7/13/2010 #23

"Since Dragonfire is the Binder of Time and Darkness, and since Tyrian IS Darkness, I don't think it'll be that hard," Teddy said.

"Like I said, I doubt the Master of the Void will let me use his powers whenever I will it."

"So...hmm, let's see if I've got anything on me..." Teddy then pulls a small treasure chest out of a bag that is attached to his waist via a belt. He says something in a foreign language and the chest grows 10x in size. He opens it and begins looking.

7/13/2010 #24

Dragonfire gives Teddy an amulet with an outline of a Sapphire dragon on it at the end of After the shows least that's what I planned. it should help, be back in 5 min.

7/13/2010 #25

Teddy pulls out a large brown bag," Bag filled with gold. Nope." Puts bag back and then pulls out a strange pinkish potion," Elixer. No." He puts that back.

"Elven Sword. No."

"Demon's breath. No."

"Phoenix Feather. No."

"Dragon's tooth. No."

Pulls out a strange object "I have no idea what this thing is."

He then pulls out a sapphire dragon amulet," Huh, forgot I had this."

7/13/2010 #26

"that strange object is...I think it's a hairdryer, or a gun" Broc said (reference to Doctor who, season one, episode called Dalek, when the doctor goes through a variety of alien gun shaped things in a box, owned by a museum curator, quote-"this a hairdyer!")

"that amulet should allow you to telepathically communicate with Dragonfire, since no one asked me too, even though I can" Broc finished.

7/13/2010 #27

"No idea how I'd have a hairdryer or a gun. I live in a Medieval period remember?"

"Hurry up and contact Dragonfire. I sense something evil nearby."

7/13/2010 #28

"yeah things can fall through dimensions-" Broc was about to start a explanation of how the hairdryer/gun ended up in a medieval time period but one glare from the Jabberwocky got him to contact Dragonfire.

Piss off Broc! I'm busy she screamed at him as soon as he had made contact.

Busy? doing what!

helping people

where are you? he asked

in a small town, near a building with jail cells, throwing meat to a starving lion.


"in town, east of here, come on!" Broc said cheerfully and began walking down the mountain.

7/13/2010 . Edited 7/13/2010 #29

Teddy began to walk on but turned around to see Tyrian staring the other direction. "Tyrian let's go!"

Teddy then looked where Tyrian was looking and saw a darker figure standing among the rocks. The figure vanished.

"Tyrian...was that...?"


Tyrian began to walk in the direction Broc had went with Teddy in tow. Both too one look back up the mountain and saw a brief glimpse of what Teddy and Tyrian had seen then ran to catch up with Broc and the Jabberwocky.

We gotta hurry up with posts. I gotta go to bed soon. Test tommarrow.

7/13/2010 #30
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