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" goes" Draonfire said and reversed the healing Broc had done, the wound opened up to reveal splinters of wood in her brain, these began to vanish, becoming so small that they would be harmless/

7/23/2010 #211
Alec the Dark Angel

However, no pain, no gain. It was extremely painful for Dax. She bit down on Alec's arm, causing him to cringe in pain. But once it was all done, the pain was gone. Her memory returned and and she was no longer paralyzed. Her memory of losing her memory seemed to be gone.

7/23/2010 #212

Dragonfire healed everything and just sank to the ground, her fur got darker in colour and her face appeared to get a sunken in look to it. her eyes wre beginning to lose that spark of intelligence and life they normally had.

7/23/2010 #213
Alec the Dark Angel

Alec noticed Dragonfire's sudden change in appearance. "Dragnofire, are you alright?" Alec asked.

7/23/2010 #214

"no..the shadow virus floods the cells with negative energy, causing the victim to lose all stength, another effect is for the darker parts of the victims mind to be unleashed, but only three things about me are dark, and only one has arisen..." Dragonfire said, her eyes were laced with fear and at the same time her eyes were glazed over as if she was seeing something the others could not.

the dark parts of her mind are seperated in three things, fear, anger and lust, fear has awoken, only by unravelling her secret past and inner fears can you guide her back to reality.

7/23/2010 . Edited 7/23/2010 #215
Alec the Dark Angel

Dax snuggled up with Dragonfire to try to make her feel better. "Don't worry. It'll be okay." Dax said.

"Is there anything I can do?" Alec asked.

7/23/2010 #216

Broc suddenly appeared from the shadows. he was once again back to normal.

"She can't hear you now, her mind is wrapped up in her own fears" he said.

Dragonfire, however, felt Dax snuggle up against her and semed to briefly snap back to reality, but was soon drawn back into her own nightmares.

she gave a pitiful whimper and huddled against Dax, while Broc curled himself around her.

"ask her about her fears, that's the only way you'll get an answer out of her" Broc said while Dragonfire subconsiously hugged him.

7/23/2010 #217
Alec the Dark Angel

"What is it that you're afraid of?" Alec asked.

Dax continued to snuggle to try to calm Dragonfire down.

7/24/2010 #218

A bolt of light suddenly shot down from the sky but exploded in a briliant shockwave of light before it struck the ground. Where the bolt had exploded was now a 7 foot tall Angelic Warrior. He was in a long white robe the spread passed his feet. He wore a bluish-colored breastplate over the top part of his robe and also bluish metal gauntlets was well. He wore a blue and silver cross on a golden chain around his neck. He had silver hair, blue eyes, and flawless skin. His eyes glowed with an unearthly blue energy. In his right hand was a long dark bluish broadsword that was about 5 1/2 feet long. It had many runic symbols on the blade. Where the hilt should've been on the sword was a cross-like shape with a circle around the intescecting lines of the cross. He had a pair a daziling white wings. He was floating about a foot off the ground.

"Rapael the Light Binder! It is an honor to meet you, great Archangel," Teddy greeted and bowed to him.

"Indeed, Teddy, the Creator's Essence, it is an honor to finally meet someone so revered by the Creator," Raphael slightly bowed his head. His voice spoke with an echoing of his voice.

"Hello, Archangel. It's been awhile," Tyrian had appeared next to Teddy. He had bowed his head as slightly as Raphael did to Teddy.

"I see my accidental creation is doing well. I'm sorry I could save you or your brothers in time," Raphael said.

"It wasn't your fault and besides, now this curse is needed more than ever."


7/24/2010 . Edited 7/24/2010 #219

"I'm all alone..they left, everyone, they left, and...and I did everything I could, I failed..the Shadow master is dead, Vardos is destroyed and when I tried to fix it, they blamed me they called me the despair dragon and left, I'm alone and I couldn't stop them..." Dragonfire replied.

"she remembers...." Broc said in shock.

the flapping of large leathery wings grabbed his attention. a large black dragon with with a long jaw, t-rex like arms, two horms on his head and crocodile like spines and tail flew down before everyone outside the cave. the dragons eyes were reptilian in shape and were as red as blood. the inside of his wings and his hide were silver.

Manaquire was back.

7/25/2010 #220
Alec the Dark Angel

"I wouldn't leave a friend alone." Alec said. "Not willingly anyway. So either I'm not in that memory of yours, or something's not right about your memory. Sometimes what you are can be a curse. But you are never alone in it."

7/25/2010 #221

Manaquire entered the cave and spotted Dragonfire.

"well..looks like I have some explaining to do, now shut up and listen" he said.

"what she just said happened thousands of years ago, when she first arrived on Vardos, the high ones realised that she is literally a dangerous weapon, so when she came back six years aggo they trained her in the powers she has now, And the Shadow master is not dead, he regenerated himself and now both he and I are faced with an impossib;e choice, either will killDragonfire and her power is gone, or the Shadow master kills himself, removing Dragonfire of her power, Or Teddy is killed, resulting in Dragonfire to awaken her power early enough for us to stop it" Manaquire explained.

"I-I could..." Dragonfire had snapped back to reality....and she knew what she was, the creature of the Dark.

the Despair Dragon.

7/25/2010 . Edited 7/25/2010 #222
Alec the Dark Angel

"It seems you, me, and Teddy share something in common when it comes to our own worlds. We each are a key element of darkness in our own worlds." Alec said. "So like I said, you're never alone."

7/25/2010 #223

Dragonfire just stared at the floor.

"Tell them!" Manaquire snappd at Broc

7/25/2010 . Edited 7/25/2010 #224
Alec the Dark Angel

I am

7/25/2010 #225

cool just speed up your replies.

Broc glared at Mnaquire.

"what can we do?" Hope asked.

"nothing" Broc growled. "unless one of you has the guts to try and kill me".

7/25/2010 . Edited 7/25/2010 #226
Alec the Dark Angel

"That's one thing that I'd never have the guts to do." Alec said.

7/25/2010 #227

"I thought so" Broc replied while Dragonfire mamged to stand up.

"well then, maybe an old enemy can help" Manaquire replied. "Since you seem to have a death wish to save Dragonfire, mayne you could incur the wrath of a dragon spirit?".

"let me try and explain things, If I die Death is destroyed for 24 hours, that will allow Dragonfire to restore evverything after it's destoryed and you think a Draon spirit can kill me!" Broc replied.

"well it was only a suggestion, unless you want Dragonfire to kill you your only options are to either kill the shadow master, kill Dragonfire or kill Teddy" Manaquire said.

7/25/2010 #228
Alec the Dark Angel

"I can't do it on my own. But if I invoke the darkness in me, I could kill Broc." Alec said. "But the thing is, one of you would have to stop me afterwords. I will lose control of myself if I do so."

7/25/2010 #229

"Leave that to me" Broc said, "only my body will be destroyed, not my spirit, so if no one else can calm you down, then I'll control you from the Shadow void".

Dragonfire was speechless.

"you'll come back right?" Rose asked.

Broc grined and nodded, "Don't I always".

7/25/2010 . Edited 7/25/2010 #230
Alec the Dark Angel

"Alright." Alec sighed. Then his eyes went blank and he began to emanate with dark energy. The struck with full force at Broc, killing him. Once the dead was done, he turned his sites to Rose.

7/25/2010 #231

the eyes of fire rose up out of Rose's Shadow.

"that was a bit too quick for my liking, but still at least I have the pleasure of snapping you back to reality".

the eyes of fire bored holes in the darkness that consumed Alec, filling his head with memories of Dax, Dragonfire and all Alec's friends.

"Do you want to be alone Alec? I can arrange that, now stop before I'm forced to harm you" the eyes of fire said.

oh the Shadow isn't it.

7/25/2010 #232
Alec the Dark Angel

Alec slowly regained control just before he harmed anyone. His eyes returned to normal, and he stopped emanating the dark energy. "How you know why I asked for one of you to stop me."

7/25/2010 #233

"Karl What the hell do you think you're doing?" Dragonfire snapped.

the eyes of fire focused on Alec and didn't respond.

7/25/2010 #234

"Karl?' Dragonfire asked.

"why do you address me as the name of my spirit and not my title?"

"because you idiot, I know you" Dragonfire replied.

7/25/2010 #235
Alec the Dark Angel

"You probably want to be called 'Shadow Master' because 'Karl' isn't as impressive?" Cyba said.

7/25/2010 #236

"no...I have three names, my spirit name, my birth name and my title, for a person to know my Spirit name only means that you Lorraine remember the first time we met"

"yeah, and honestly I still think you should lighten up" she replied.

"hmph, like you I don't feel happiness most of the time, and besides we have more impotant things to do"

7/25/2010 #237
Alec the Dark Angel

Alec was still feeling a little residual dark energy that he took a few moments to shake off. "So what now?" Alec asked.

7/25/2010 #238

"you can choose, prevent the end of everything or prevent the rise of the Dark, choose wisely" the Shadow master replied.

"well I chose to kill Teddy" Manaquire said, everyone just glared at him. "fine then lets see miss unstable here save everything and prevent the rise of her own power!"

if looks could kill, Lancelot's stare would have killed Manaquire stone dead.

7/25/2010 . Edited 7/25/2010 #239
Alec the Dark Angel

"I think it depends on the darkness itself." Alec said. "Is it a destructive darkness that represents evil? Or just dark energy in general? Because on all darkness represents evil."

7/25/2010 #240
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