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the black dragoness with a long jaw, two horns, red eyes and a skinny body clamped her jaws over the smaller body of her victim: a white creature with the front half of a wolf, back half of a lion, dragon wings and orange spines sticking out in a cluster at the back of the creatures head. the dragoness elt the wings aand a few ribs break under the pressure of her jaws and tossed the white creature aside, who arched through the air and landed on the ground like it was a rag doll.

laughing manaically the dragoness failed to notice a time portal open underneath the battered, but alive, white creature and the dragoness gave a screech of rage as the white creature fell in and the portal closed...


across all the worlds of existence stories and legends were passed down through the generations, stories of how the inner thoughts of a creature with unbreakable bonds with a planet could possibly be the 'noahs ark' of thr universe, it was said that 5 of these beings existed, with their forms having the DNA of all creatures on its home planet encoded into its genome and that form bearing physical aspects of some of the native creatures of that world.

they were called the five universal Chimeras.

prolouge: awakening

where..where am I? thought the white creature when she woke up, she found herself being surrounded by the blue swirling energy of the Time vortex.

you are safe Chimera gaia the time virtex formed words in her head.'re sentient? the creature asked

when you destroyed the corrupted one we could awaken time replied.


you are a universal chimera, a creature born at the centre of a planet, whose brainwaves made the world flourish with life, we are chimeras as well.

ok..replied the white creature, but last time I checked I could turn into a number of things..and my name's not Gaia it's Lorraine.

we know, Gaia is the name your subcinscious mind gave itself when you unleashed your full power as a chimera.

Right...Lorraine replied, but soon felt herself slipping back into unconsciousness as her injurires weakened her.


-NO GOD-MODDING, there has been issue on this forum recently involving this, so no one's gods will appear, if they do then for everything that is sane DO NOT CLAIM THAT THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR CREATING THE WHOLE FRICKIN' UNIVERSE OR OTHER PEOPLE'S WORLDS OR OC'S. (your gods may give advice, but this time I will be in control of the entire RP, follow instructions and it will be fine)

-please do not force your beliefs/ideas/ opinions on to other players. I swear if another Argument over beliefs breaks out on MY forum the participants wil be blocked NO EXCEPTIONS!

-no one controls any other character except for their OC/s (I will control all non OC characters from each world)

- stick to the plot, no additions to it or straying away from it.

ok register your OC's in this fashion-



world (sonic, spyro, pokemon, dotor who or other)





side: good or evil.

I'll post up instructions for each player afterwards

8/6/2010 . Edited 8/6/2010 #1
Alec the Dark Angel

Name: Alec

Age: 24

World: Spyro

Species: Dragon

Appearance: Alec is a silver dragon with a purple underbelly and wing membranes and brown eyes. He has a serrated spade-like tail blade. He has 6 horns. 4 of his horns frame his face and resemble Cynder's horns. The other two horns stick out from his forehead and curve up at the tips.

Personality: Alec had a strong sense of justice, however is not good at following orders. He does what he wants, not what he's told. He often acts as a protector of those who needs it.

Powers: Alec is an elemental dragon like the purple dragons, but can harness powers that no other dragon can use, the life element.

Side: Good

8/6/2010 #2

name: Tabi

age: Um... no clue :D

world: Pokemon

species: Arcanine

appearance: Shiny Arcanine (gold) Female

personality: Mysterious, quiet, smart, strong-willed, yet loyal.

powers: (I'm just gonna list her moves) Overheat, Extremespeed, Thunderfang, and Flamethrower.

side: good

8/7/2010 #3

oh wow HI CHEETAY! ok well tabi and Alec will encounter a chimera...but first a bit of background story.

chapter 1: the last five chimeras

Lorraine woke find herself staring at a sapphire blue dragoness with two horns, orange spines running down her back, the same hedgehog spines at the back of her head, white hide and sky blue eyes.

"WAH! holy shit! you're me!" she exclaimed when her brain registered the fact that she wasn't looking into a mirror five seconds after she gained consciousness.

"relax, I'm your alter ego, Gaia" the dragoness said, she sounded excatly like Lorraine, except wiser.

"oh god I'm developing split personality disorder" Lorraine replied.

"no you're not, I'm you, but I show the traits of your personality you don't normally show" Gaia said calmly.

"does that mean you know everything?" Lorraine asked.

"in a sense yes"

"can you tell me about the chimeras?" Lorraine asked.

"very well, every world once had two pairs of chimeras, one male and one female, but when the goddess of time, Temporis, lost her mind, she saw the chimeras as a threat and tried to wipe them out, back then only ten remained, spread out over diferent worlds, but now....only one from each world remains, they need to find a new counterpart and meet up and the creation palace" Gaia explained.

"counterpart? but if they're the only ones left then how would they..unless they-" Lorraine began but Gaia cut in.

"if a chimera should form a friendship with a normal creature..or fall in love with a normal creature, they can transfer a part of their power into that creature, turning them into a chimera, but only if the feelings of friendship or love are felt equally by that creature" Gaia explained.

on Spyro's world...

a small dragonees about the size of a dragonfly flew through the forest at high speeds, she had the body of a cheetah, the wings of a dragonfly and the head of a dragon, her beauty was almost godlike and she was surrounded by a rainbow coloured aura. after narrowly dogding a hawk she crashed into the wing of a silver dragon that went by the name of Alec.

puling herself off his purple wing membrane she muttered a small apology and hid behind a bush. (Alec check it out, she's shy and nervous and suffers amnesia).

in the world of pokemon...

A very, very pissed off houndoom with red underside, gold body and blue horns with gren eyes and the wings of a dragonite on his back and gibing off rainbow coloured aura stumbled through the woods, slipping on a rock and tumbling downhll to land smack bang on top of a golden Arcanine by the name of Tabi.

(and that's the second chimera, brave, strong and currently suffering from a sevre concussion, good kuck Cheetay)

8/7/2010 . Edited 8/7/2010 #4

HI! ^_^ (I don't have a lot of time on, sorry ^_^')

8/8/2010 #5

puttong my usual half hpyeractive greeting aside each player post up a response to the situations, also a word of caution, the folowing villians have been made immortal by Temporis: Malefor, Darkfire, Carbros, the dark charizard, lord Cyclone and a mystery villian. I will control these vilians, just be careful...

within another part of the pokemon world, floating in a tude filled with full restores was a white mew with dialgas diamond on its chest, palkias pearl on the sides of its arms and giratinas wings (origin form) sprouting from its back.

a thin trail of rainbow colouured arua flowed from the houndoom that was paased out on top of the arcanine and led to the mew in the tube....

both pokemon chimeras are alive, but the male houndomm is sending its remaining power to the female mew...with dire consequences.

8/8/2010 #6

Tabi nudged the strange Houndoom (sp?) "Oy! Get offa me! ... Whats wrong? Get off!"

The houndoom lifted it's eyes weakly, before passing out completely.

Tabi groaned. The look in the pokemons eyes before he went was a look of defeat, a look of need. He wanted help! The golden Arcanine wiggled out from underneath the Houndoom and gripped his scruff, dragging it away.

8/8/2010 #7

"Latiana (pronouced la-ti-ah-na)" the houndoom muttered in his unconscious state, the trail of rainbow arua still flwing from his body.

the mew in the tube in the nearest town to where the houndoom currently was opened her eyes, they were green.

"....kayo' she murmurred as she noticed the flow of aura reach her.

NO! was her single thought, the arua was the houndoom's life force.

8/8/2010 #8
Alec the Dark Angel

Alec managed to catch a glimpse of the small creature before it flew behind the bush. He looked behind the bush in order to get a good look. He saw a unique looking dragoness He wasn't quite sure if it were a dragon or something else, but decided to ignore that fact. "Hey, you okay?" Alec asked the nervous looking dragoness. "What's your name?"

8/8/2010 #9

"um....I can't remeber...I can't remember anything!" the dragones said and began to panic.

nearby a snort of laughter was heard, followed by a sharp 'whack' and someone saying "Ow!".

8/8/2010 #10
Alec the Dark Angel

"Calm down!" Alec said, trying to calm the little dreagoness down. "It'll be alright." Suddenly, Alec lifted his head. "Did you just hear something?"

8/8/2010 #11

"um..who are you?..and why aren't looking at me weirdly like everyone else does?" the dragoness asked, on closer inspection you could see she had three horns on her head in a crown like fashion and her eyes were the colour of copper, standing out amongst her golden fur and scales.

hiding nearby were a pair of wolves, one was elderly and had gold eyes and dark brown fur, the second was almost an exact twin of the first, except he was a teenager with light brown fur. the teenager was rubbing a spot on his head where his brother had whacked him for being rude.

"You idiot!" the older one hissed "you blew our cover!"

all the younger one could do was smile sheepishly.

8/8/2010 . Edited 8/8/2010 #12
Alec the Dark Angel

"My name is Alec. And don't get me wrong. I do think you look strange," Alec said, "But I know not to judge someone until I know who they are on the inside. I know that looks can be deceiving." Alec then looked in the direction of where he heard something, "And I think we should leave. You ever have that feeling like you're being watched?" After asking that, he realized that the dragoness is often being 'watched'. She would attract attention if she's seen.

8/8/2010 #13

"Hey!" the younger wolf dashed out of their hiding place, causing the dragoness to scream and dart behind Alec, while the wolfs older brother face-palmed.

"woah woah! it's ok! we're not here to hurt you" the young wolf said.

Not happy with his brother, the older wolf walked towards them and stood beside his brother.

"we are the brothers of destiny, old friends of Lorraine and we are this chimera's giude to the palace of creation. I am Max and this is my idiot of a brother Sam" the older wolf explained.

"Hi" Sam said sheepishly.

8/8/2010 . Edited 8/8/2010 #14
Alec the Dark Angel

Alec knew that Dragonfire only gave her real name to the ones she truly trusts. Therefore Alec trusted them, "A chimera, huh?" Alec said, "That explains her appearance. But why did you think it necessary to keep hidden?"

8/8/2010 #15

"we..are not exactly welcome here, at least by most dragons anyway" Max explained

"they blamed us for Malefor's rise to power" Sam said.

meanwhile, Lorraine was squeling with joy when she saw Max, Sam and Alec all in one place, and a bit hyper.

"ohmygosh! Max, Sam and Alec EEEIII! all my friends! Woohoo!" she said exictedly while running rings around Gaia.

Max and Sam where her childhood friends.

8/8/2010 #16
Alec the Dark Angel

"Well, you're definitely friends. There's no question about that," Alec said, "Mind filling me in on the details?"

8/8/2010 #17

"come with us" Max said, warped everyone to the time vortex, and the two brothers were immediatly met with a white blur pouncing on them.

"it's nice to see you after all this time Lorraine, but get off!" Max said.

Sam was flicking his head back and forth between Lorraine and Gaia, mouth open agape.

"there are two of you?" he asked.

Gaia face-palmed and replied "I'm her subconscious"

this was followed by a simple "oh.." from Sam.

After having to force herself not hug Alec (which was her thinking over and over I will restrain myself..I will restrain myself...) Lorraine decided to let Gaia explain things..considering she had a few 'other' thoughts on her mind, causing her to silently curse herself for her thoughts began to wander to her boyfriend.

"hey what about my friends? what about Broc and Lancelot? (Her boyfriend, check previous RP for info)" Lorraine asked, rather randomly....

on Vardos, in a prison of light generated by Manaquire, Broc was screaming death threats and curses to every god and surpreme being in existence.

back in the time vortex Gaia replied "don't worry, your boyfriend will be here eventually, as for the half hero, half idiot, he's er...venting"

8/8/2010 . Edited 8/8/2010 #18
Alec the Dark Angel

"There aren't two Broc's, are there?" Alec asked sarcastically. Then he turned his head toward the tiny dragoness, "And what about her? She doesn't remember anything."

8/8/2010 #19

"that can be fixed" Gaia said and used the time vortex to fill the dragonesses mind with her lost memories.

"that better?" Lorraine asked.

"yeah thanks" the dragoness said

"so what's your name?" Lorraine asked.

"I was never given one, the Chimera guardians never had time to give me a name...and shortly after I and my brother were born, the enraged one...she killed him and drove the chimera guardians away" the Dragoness said.

"the one you call 'the enraged one' was Temporis, the previous goddess of time, she also altered time so that Lorraine's male counterparrt was never born." Gaia explained

"wait? now I have to find a counterpart too? crap" Lorraine whined.

Gaia rolled her eyes. "Alec, why don't you stay with this young Chimera and train her, being an elemental silver dragon, you can teach her to use her powers, and if she grows to like you, you can name her" Gaia said.

"hey! I'm not a pet!" the dragones said, offended.

"my apologies but I have work to do and by the looks of it Lorraine here neds a vacation" Gaia responded, noticing Lorraine was zonning out.

"so what do you say?" Max asked Alec.

8/8/2010 . Edited 8/8/2010 #20
Alec the Dark Angel

"Sure," Alec said. Then in a teasing manner, he said, "I've always wanted a pet." Alec then apologized, "Sorry, I couldn't resist. But if you never mentioned the pet thing, I wouldn't have thought of it."

8/8/2010 #21

Lorraine was still zonned out, her eyes were glazed over, so Gaia asked Max and Sam to teleport Alec, the Dragoness and Lorraine to the Creation palace.

they did, with Sam having to stffle a giggle, having fully understood what Gaia ment by 'vacation'

Loraine appeared in a sepaerate room that looked more like a cave. while Alec and the dragoness arrived in another part of the palace, with white marble floors and colonaded walls. with doors on either side and several floors below them, it was a cross between a shopping centre and a museum..alomst.

"the training rooms are the doors with a sword on it, the sleeping quaters are the rooms with nothing on te doors and stay away from any door with a rose painted on it, they have a type of dragon rose growing in the room" Max explained.

"food is provided in your bedrooms and in the training rooms" Sam finished.

8/8/2010 . Edited 8/9/2010 #22
Alec the Dark Angel

"They wouldn't happen to be the red dragon roses, would they?" Alec asked with a smirk.

Suddenly, his stomach growled, "I could go for something to eat," Alec said sheepishly.

8/9/2010 #23

Sam giggled a bit more, remebering that he had sent Lorraine into a room with said dragon rose. Max quickly shut his brother up by ordering him to go ask Gaia if anything else was needed, Sam, now lauging his head off warped away.

"idiot..." Max growled and led the dragoness and Alec into one of the training rooms, where a table with all kinds of food on it was in the corner of the room.

the dragones instantly began eating a pile of peacha berries and washing it down with apple juice, savouring the mix of flavours.

Max just sat down and watched.

three two....

Lorraine had snapped back to reality, noticed where she was and roared angrily "THIS IS NOT FUNNY!"


8/9/2010 #24
Alec the Dark Angel

"Something tells me that that's what Sam is laughing about," Alec said when he heard Lorraine shout. Then he looked at how much the little dragoness was eating, "How can you eat so much for such a little body?" He said as he bit into a turkey leg.

8/9/2010 #25

"super 'mf' fast 'chomp' metabolism" she replied in between bites.

Lorraine was now calm, finding herself surrounded by dragon roses, the red kind, she had no idea what to do.

several things ran through her mind

a) she could sit here and fantasise

b) find the others

c) deal with it because they didn't affect for one obvious reason...which she didn't want to think about because that would lead to option A.

so figuring that she was put here, not just as a joke, and wanting to prove she was stronger than she looked, she started daydreaming about what Malefor would look like if she set him on fire, her inner pyromainiac showing.

8/9/2010 #26
Alec the Dark Angel

"When you say super fast, does that mean you're saying that you're part hummingbird?" Alec asked sarcastically, "You know, using red dragon roses sounds like a fun way to torture people," Alec said, his dark side beginning to show, "I wonder how Malefor would handle it." Alec then began imagining Malefor being tortured by the use of red dragon roses.

8/9/2010 #27

Tabi looked down at the strange pokemon

"Latiana? Who's that?" she thought. She nudged the Houndoom again. "Hey, wake up!"

8/9/2010 #28

the houndoom groaned and opened an eye lazily.

"I need help...." he groaned and tried to stand, but fell down.

8/9/2010 #29

Tabi quickly shoves her shoulder under the Houndoom, keeping him up.

"Help with what?" She asks gently.

8/9/2010 #30
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