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"I am Mewtwo, a renouned scientist and my trainer goes by the codename of Dragonfire" Mewtwo answered (OC mewtwo not the mewtwo from the movies)

8/9/2010 #61

"freya...that sounds nice I like it!" the dragoness answered.

8/9/2010 #62
Alec the Dark Angel

"Well, let's start training then, Freya." Alec said. "Perhaps we should start with the most common element for dragons to use...Fire. Start by freeing your mind and allow your instincts to help guide your actions. Try and find a burning sensation deep within your core. Try and urge the energy from that to move up your throat. Then open your moth and release that energy." Alec instructed.

8/9/2010 #63

Freya tried, but came up with ice breath instead.

"oops sorry Alec maybe it's because a chimera's thoughts and emotions effect what powers they use" Freya replied

8/9/2010 #64
Alec the Dark Angel

"Well, it's a start." Alec said encouragingly. "A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. And I'd say that you traveled in decent distance. Now...It seems that we figure a way for you to control your thoughts and emotions. That, and we need to figure out which thoughts and emotions affect what powers. What were you thinking and feeling just now?"

8/9/2010 #65

"....when I let I mind go blank I remebered what....what Temporis did to my brother" she replied sadly, the light around her turning blue to match her emotions.

8/9/2010 #66
Alec the Dark Angel

"I see..." Alec said sympathetically. "I'm assuming it's a memory you'd prefer not to think of, am I right? So sadness creates ice. Perhaps we can try to think of something happy. Focus like I taught you before. But this time, try to think about a field of flowers by a river, perhaps a sunrise to help set the mood, picture animals in that field; deer, rabbits, squirls...etc." Alec instructed with a soothing voice.

8/9/2010 #67

she tried thinking of something happy, of how she now had a lot friends....she concerntrated..and came up with electricity.

"Oh come on!" she said angrilly, failing to notice the very small ember that came from her mouth when she spoke.

8/9/2010 #68
Alec the Dark Angel

Alec noticed the ember, but decided not to say anything. "Joy brings electricity." Alec said. Then he thought 'And anger brings fire.' "Try getting angry and frustrated." He instructed.

8/9/2010 #69

"no problem" Freya replied and focused her rage into a ball of power....

the tounge of flame that followed turned into a mimi tornado before dying out.

8/9/2010 #70
Alec the Dark Angel

"Impressive!" Alec congratulated. "Now what emotion could create the Earth element?" Alec wondered.

8/9/2010 #71

Lorraine's voice echoed in the room "try calmness"

Apparently she could communicate anywhere any time in this place.

despite the fact she was now multitasking: keeping an eye on Alec, healing Malefor and listening to Lancelot's summary of what's been hapening on Vardos in past six months.

8/9/2010 #72
Alec the Dark Angel

"Well, you heard her. Try calmness." Alec said.

8/9/2010 #73

Freya imagined herself in the cave behind a waterfall high up in the valley of avalar (the one where there's a thing of armour in it, where you have to climb up). instead of the energy coming out of her mouth, pulses that could be seen as an earthquake erupted from her wings and feet, causing a very big crater underneath the two of them.

8/9/2010 . Edited 8/9/2010 #74
Alec the Dark Angel

"I think we got that down." Alec said.

Would Freya just know those four elements, or can she use more?

8/9/2010 #75

the training is technically chapter 2 and she learn any element in existence. so teach her as much as you want.

8/9/2010 #76
Alec the Dark Angel


"Do you think you can handle trying wind?" Alec asked. "The wind element I'd assume would have a 'go with the flow' feel to it. Try to just let your mind wander. If that doesn't work, try clearing your mind."

8/9/2010 #77

she tried imaginingg a soft breeze and did a vortex of air by beating her wigs, and soon found herself joyfully riding a tornado she created.

"what's next?" Freya asked

don't try any 'dark elements' yet. I want to save that for later on (obviously something happens to her or you, obviously)

oh and do want me to write a lemon scene for chapter 3? I have two ideas for chapter 3 lorraine/lancelot lemon or darkfire's evil scheme. (yeah still doing/ hinting lemon scene but not sure how soon it should be)

8/10/2010 #78
Alec the Dark Angel

I'd suggest the lemon before the evil scheme.

"How about trying water?" Alec said. "Think of a flowing river...And do it quick because I gotta go to the bathroom!"

I just had to add that little bit of comedy.

8/10/2010 #79

lol gota go..I need a suggestion to a good lead up to lemon scene that doesn't look to obvious..and do want me to write it here on forum or save it for SFFAU or something?

8/10/2010 #80

Again Tabi nods, "I see... so... one more question, what exactly are um..." She points her nose to the mew and houndoom, "they? Like... the story behind them?"

8/10/2010 #81

Japanese is awesome :D

8/10/2010 #82

... Jello? ... -_-

8/12/2010 #83

sorry I haven't been on I've been stressing over what uni I should go to when I leave school...and whether I can actually go to uni....

Freya laughed, it sounded a bit like chimes in a gentle breeze (there's an obvious reason I'm going out of my way with description).

she happily produced a spout of waer from her mouth and then stopped, knowing tht it might make Alec wet himself.

meanwhile Max lead Lorraine to a small room, inside was nothing except for a mirror.

"this mirror is a portal that only leads to one area" Max said.

"and?" Lorraine said, especting more information.

"the specific location is the song chaber of Vardos" Max replied.

8/12/2010 #84

"you wil find out soon enough" the mew replied

8/12/2010 #85
Alec the Dark Angel

"Great job." Alec said. "Now if you'll excuse me..." Alec ran to the bathroom.

After a few moments, A sigh of relief could be heard. "AHH!" Alec said from the bathroom.

Alec then came out of that bathroom. "So...what next? How about nature. Try to think of a forest."

8/13/2010 #86

Lorraine just bolted into the room and said "Alec you have got to come see this!"

ok so about the lemon scene do you want to write here or save for the story when I publish it on FF properly..because chapter 1 will be up soon..

8/13/2010 #87
Alec the Dark Angel

"Okay." Alec said. "Freya, why don't you work on your elements...and maybe try experimenting to come up with others." Alec suggested before following Lorraine.

Perhaps Freya could accidentally use a dark element. Perhaps she could feel lonely and that could reveal it somehow. Perhaps she could be afraid to be alone and awaken...the obvious element.

8/13/2010 #88

? I have no idea what you're talking about

8/13/2010 #89
Alec the Dark Angel

Perhaps Freya might not want to be alone and she starts to get afraid. And by accident, that fear will activate the dark element of fear.

8/13/2010 #90
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