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I don't care who reads this...unless you're a fan of the anime Naruto then I do care, Join in if you are!

10/18/2010 #1

Someone sayz Naruto...? :D

10/19/2010 #2

Hello Naruto fans of planet earth!!!!! Gaara, Naruto, Sasuke, Kankuro, Temari, Tenten, Hinata, Neji, Lee, Kiba, Shino, Shikamaru, Kakashi and the Akatsuki are awesome!!!! YEAH! Thought you might want to know that...

10/19/2010 #3

here are my favoutrites and reasons why (in no order because I think they're all cool)

Kakashi- because he's very fatherly-like to Sakura....and not many older males in reality are like that, and his Jutsu (did I spell that right? I haven't typed many words from Naruto before XD) is cool.

Shino- I like he logical he is, and the fact that he can control bugs.

Shikamaru- he's smart and is able to read people's behaviour when he's not being lazy, and I like that about him.

Kiba and Akamaru- I Love his beast mimickery technique (my favourite animal os a wolf and I love dogs).

Gaara- you gotta feel sorry for the guy, you'd think the Kazekage would seild him from the mind of the Shakaku, but I guess that's another reason why most stereotypes for men are jerks. he is cool and you can see that after the exams he does try and change.

Sakura- an awesome character, she adds emotion to the show, that's why I like her.

well I think that's all of them, here's the one's I don't I like, and the reasons why

Orochimaru- evil, power hungry and possibly a megalomainiac, And he killed Saratobi (the third Hokage was just an awesome leader for the leaf village HOW DARE HE KIL HIM!)

Kankuro- he. is. scared. of. Gaara. how can that jerk just...just..yeah I hate his attitude in general.

the Toad Sage (I can't remember how to spell his name)- no one likes a perv. Simple as that.

Kabuto- TRAITOR! DIE!!! plus he's creepy. I hate creepy.

Saskue- I hate him, he just goes nearly everything that I stand for when it comes to friendship.

Naruto- how the hell can anyone be that Happy? I like him when he's beating the crap out of someone, but really, how the hell..? Ugh I'd prefer hanging out with Shino compared to him...

Neji- he goes against all things in my moral code, but I dislike Saskue more than I dislike him.

For any other genin or characters I didn't mention, I think they're cool for no other reason than they're personalities.

ok well who likes who? and what are everyone's favourite episodes (I've only seen the anime, living in Australia and all)

10/19/2010 #4

3. Gaara- Lord, must I explain *eyes sparkle happily* He's so happy emo~!

Sasuke- Love him, but at the same time loathe how dark he is now... *shutters*

Kakashi- Death by porn. XD (read Kage's Sleepover) and coz he's just awesome ^o^ ... hehe... moo

1. Itachi- OVER ALL FAVORITE! How can you NOT love this poor guy?!?!?

Jairiya (toad perv)- Teehee XD He's the BEST I love most of his facial expressions ^.^

Sakura- Shippudens... I don't really like the old Sakura... she's so bad@$$ now though :D

2. Kiba- He's an animal lover HOW CAN YOU NOT?!?!

Kabuto- Hate him, but gotta admire his brains...

Neji- I love his hair XDXD

Naruto- Hm... aggravating at times, but awesome :D


Among others XD

10/19/2010 #5

Tobi? who's..ah never mind the last Ep I saw was when Naruto left to go train, and that was over thre months ago, I can't remember much....I'll watch it tonight if it's on...

10/19/2010 #6

Aa, I thought that much. You meet Tobi in Shippuden, when Naruto comes back. You should look around on the internet to watch it if ya can ;D

10/19/2010 #7

My mother won't let me, my only option is to find the dvd's or get someone to send me the Eps. I think Shippuden is out on Dvd here I'm not sure....

10/19/2010 #8

Hmmm... That's understandable... soo... what first got you into Naruto? (I'm bored, gomen XD) Oh yeah, also, you should check out some of my stories :D

10/19/2010 #9

the first few episodes I saw where when the gang were tailing Saskue, It was when Shikamaru was versing the girl with tthe flute, that was the first Ep I saw, luckily I managed to rent the ones prior to it and be up to speed.

10/19/2010 #10

Aa right that one... I beleive I stopped watching it sometime around that point quiet a few years back... XD That's cool though ^o^

10/19/2010 #11

Right..i gotta go. I have an exam tomorrow and I need to study

10/19/2010 #12

Kk, I gotta go to bed soon anyway :D

10/19/2010 #13

HimekoUchia- HI! Yes, they are all awesome! Except the leader of the Akatsuki... and I'm NOT talkin about Pein! He's awesome! :D

10/20/2010 #14

well uh I have an idea for a naruto fanfic, inspired by Himeko's story, several episodes of the anime, and my own dark, depressive thoughts. I just need a name....

Care to help? the story is about, well a dark, slightly tormented me (Me with the personality of real life me, so it will be a bit dark) winding up in the leaf village, after everyone from my world/village ect (Vardos, read my fanfics or just ask for a background story) being captured by every villian i've met (OC vilians by the way) and so now the leaf village has to deal with my odd powers and the Nightmare Chimera (oh and I have the bloodlines of two clans, and inheritated two kek kei gen kei...I think I spelled that right)

Pairings include-


NejiXTen ten


(No OC pairings, no yaoi or yuri)

will have a bit of a 'chunin exam' feel during the second half (Because my father sends a note to the Hokake about a test, involving allmost all the characters fighting me)

The sand Sibs wil be in it, alot

Saskue, Kabuto and Orchimaru will be mentioned but not in it.

the Akatsuki will not be in it, nor mentioned

The toad sage will be in it (God help me when THAT chapter is written)

ok so yeah i'm stuck on what to call the story, please post your ideas, I will now go see if there is a Naruto wiki and look up different names so I can spell them.

10/20/2010 #15

Sounds like fun! I'm not a very big fan of NaruSaku (I almost wrote NaruSasu -.-' I think I'm going crazy) but meh. The NejiTen will balance it out XD

Oooohh... dark fic *smirks* epicc... Sounds awesome :D

10/21/2010 #16

How does 'Psyche- Demons of the Mind' sound for the name?

10/22/2010 #17

Hellofa lot better then what I can come up with ^.^' :D

10/22/2010 #18

I'm starting the naruto story now, set after the chunin exams, are they're any requests for pairings or special apperances? (I was thinking of doing a KibaXHinata pairing, but I'm not sure)

also accepting OC pairings (maybe)

featured OC's







and every villian OC I own

10/28/2010 #19

Story is up.

10/28/2010 #20

Kool, I'll go check it out.

Could you pair up Kiba and my OC Kage? Please please please!!

10/29/2010 #21


...I need help, I want to put in episodes 216-220 (naruto season 9) from the anime in Psyche.....I can't download or watch them, if someone could find the Episodes and have them ready to send to me I'll send a PM with my Email address..


10/30/2010 . Edited 10/30/2010 #22

Wait, your computer wont let you watch them? I'm confused... what can I do to help you?

10/31/2010 #23

I'm not allowed to watch or download videos on the comupter, the only way I can get the episodes is to have someone download them onto their computer and send them to me via Email....I can't afford the DVD's either....

10/31/2010 #24

Never mind a friend from school is sending the episodes to me (if he can get them, but I'm pretty sure he can)

10/31/2010 #25


yeah no luck...I really want those episodes

10/31/2010 #26

I know right? You can't even get ANY good naruto episodes on Youtube HOW HARD IS IT TO DO A GOOD RECORDING?!?!?!?! D:

That really sucks... do you have like, a friends house or something that lets you?

11/1/2010 #27

I have a friend who can try to get them, but so far no luck...stupid Gogle and youtube for not having any dowloadable versions of english Naruto episodes...

11/1/2010 #28

That. Sucks. Monkeys -.-

11/2/2010 #29
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