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ok I loved the idea of the first one, but it went out of hand and was never finished, SO we'll try this again, different plot, same concept, disney has gone from PG to M-MA.


-DO NOT ADD ANOTHER PLOT (seriously guys no 'some other evil guy brings the end of the univerese' ect no villians from ANYONE other than me, why? because that tells me- "your idea is great and all but my villian/plot is WAY more dangerous than yours". so yeah basically its saying you can do better than me at my own RP...)

other than that, keep all characters in character, no god modding, stick to the plot and yadda yadda yadda.

like last time I will be dropping clues to things that happen later on, I will also be setting challenges and stuff.

oh and one other thing, this is a disney/ kingdom hearts RP with the main enemy being the heartless, so plase your characters abilities stick to the peramiters of the kingdom hearts universe.

my OC

Name: Star

gender: female

home world: Pridelands

age: teenager....around 18 lion years

species: lion

appearance: a white lioness with blue eyes and silver claws, the fur on her forehead makes a star shape, hence her name.

abilities and background: was born under the stars in another pride, her pride believeing that she has some magical power because of her colouration, it is later found out that she can fight the heartless without the use of a keyblade and has been gifted with foresight and healing abilities. her pride has been killed by the heartless and was taken in by Mufasa just before Simba's birth.

ok now that that is cleared, this RP is an AU, with the heartless attacking much earlier, in the case of the pridelands they attack just before the graveyard scene in the lion king.

ok please submit your characters and then I'll start the RP. Any questions?

6/9/2011 . Edited 6/10/2011 #1
(interesting, I'll make my character tomorrow, when I'm not typing on the iPad.)
6/9/2011 #2

Is ANYONE gonna participate...anyone?

6/11/2011 #3
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