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After the Dark Signers and Infinity Trio are defeated, what happens to the main characters? Well they lived normal lives, and now its time for their children to take the plate. Especially with danger around every corner, can the kids save the world? Or wi
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Who dunit why I dunit

1) If in the middle of an RP in a topic and you - as in you, not your character - want to say something please put whatever it is you have to say in parenthesis.

2) Do not role-play a character that you do not own. Unless you have permission from the other member.

3) When you role-play, please put your character name in each post. Thanks.

4) Don't speak in first person.

5) NO GODMODDING. Godmodding is a RP term that basically means your character has "uber-strength", is absolutely untouchable or whatever the case where nothing can hurt you may be, and is generally perfect and perfect at everything they do. Oh, and everything they touch turns to gold! (sarcasm) No one is wonderful at everything even in 5ds so just don't do it. Okay thanks. They must have a weakness, they can be 'all powerful' but make sure they have a downfall as well, one that matches in level to the strength.

6) Your character cannot be good at everything, cannot win all the time. Although your characters can have their strengths, also remember their weaknesses.

7) All characters need to have weaknesses. Otherwise you have a Mary-Sue/God character. A character shouldn't know everything either, especially if they're still in school.

8) Yes you can play the Canon characters, but make sure that no one else has them, or is related to them, if someones related to them, talk to the person before saying you want that person so you can get the background on the characters family (eg. Say I have a OC who's Jack Atlas's kid, and blankity-blank-blank(whoever, random person) wants to play Jack, they'd have to ask me what the kids background is with Jack, (Do they like him more then their mom, whats their relationship like, ect.))

9) Unless they are expressed to not have younger syblings like Yusei dont give them any. Yusei clearly has no syblings. The others can be debated... but yeah, no extra syblings unless the reason they werent showed in canon 5ds is good. (eg. Jack's 7 year younger sybling idea, he raised her, left her and she stayed with Martha and later Crow to watch the orphaned kids, got sacrificed to the Earthbound Immortals, stayed with Jack afterwards but still mainly lived with Martha.) That sort of thing.

10) Stick to Canon pairing. Aki with Yusei, not Divine/Sayer, because lets face it the man is dead. Jack and Carly, please NO Jack and Mina/Mikage. He clearly likes Carly better and turned down Mina, so no go. Sorry but dont on the Jack and Mikage together, call it me loving JackxCarly, and hating Mina but please just dont if shes together with anyone its Ushio/Trudge. I would rather see Misty and Kalin/Kiryu but that is up for all you to deside if anyone wants kids with one of those characters.

-Luna, Leo, Rally, even Misty and Kiryu, Trudge and Mina, and Crow you can make OC's to be with. Just not for Jack and Carly, Yusei and Aki.

11) Yes you can create a deck out of your own created cards, no it cannot be undeafted unless they never duel and or dont duel because they know they will win and have to much power or like Zane and Syrus have health problems that keep them from dueling. If you have an all powerful deck you may duel with that deck twice, only. I will keep tabs on you. Also age limit on this one the person has to be older then 31 to have the deck. I dont wants kids to run around with that type of power, weither they use it or not!

12) Stardust, Black Rose, Red Dragon Archfiend, Anciet Fairy, Blackwing, Power Tool dragons, can only go to their kids, sorry but I dont want a random fan getting Stardust from Yusei and using it. I'd much rather Yusei's kid to have one. Wouldnt you? Real Technical rule? Keep Ace Cards in Family!

13) If you havent saw a Kuribon before, you wouldnt know what its effects where, if it had any at all would you? No. So if your character sees a card that they've never seen before they wouldnt know what its effects are, if they have any at all, even if two of your own characters are dueling each other.

14) Respect people, even I will follow this, dont dis someone because they like a different pairing then you. Keep it to yourself and hurl any insults to your pillow not over the net.

15) No breaking these rules especialy 11. Instead of 3 strikes your out, I'll make it 5 strikes, suspended from RPing for a week first 5, a month next 5, after 15 times breaking the rules your banned from this roleplay.

16) The most important rule of them all! Have fun, for having fun is the best win of them all.

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