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We've all got one or two. Name them here and tell folks why!

I'll start off with Jyuudai/Yubel. Other than the part where it's canon, there's really something wonderful about seeing a relationship based not on looks or social status, but true devotion. She's not a beauty queen and he's not Mr. GQ, but they care about each other (and it's nice to see her express that not by being all "ooooh, Jyuuuuudai~~~!" in the fourth season, but by being her own prickly self and showing concern for him through "tough love" or, as Jyuudai calls it, "backtalk"). It would be nice if fandom could take a lesson from that, instead of 99% of it shoving canon to the side to write fluffy puppies-kittens-and-rainbows Jyuudai/Asuka.

3/25/2010 #1

Other than Juudai x Yubel, one of my deepest favorites is Edo x Ryou. I can seriously see them in a very kinky relationship. Their interactions, especially once Ryou has become Hell Kaiser, show a delicious display of power dynamics, and a very deep understanding of each other on some levels. On others, they don't seem to click as well, but that's not an impediment. It just means they have a lot more to learn about each other, which gives the relationship room to grow.

And frankly, I much prefer writing it where Edo is the more "dominant" one, if only to overturn the cliche where Edo just *musT* be the 'submissive' partner because he's shorter, younger, and paler. That boy LOVES to mindfuck people and Ryou likes danger and pushing himself to the limit. That part of Edo would draw him like a magnet. Edo wouldn't treat him with kid gloves, either. Their relationship would be loud, violent, and kinky.

You know, once Ryou recovers from his heart troubles, anyway. ...though now I have this *lovely* mental image of them in Dark World, with Ryou showing that he's not utterly incapable of sexual expression despite his condition. Mmm...

3/25/2010 #2

I'm a die hard spiritshipper. This was the very first shonen-ai pair that I've instantly took a liking to. Eventually, when I grew out of my stupid fangirl phase, I started to see the pair as something much more than I gave it credit for. They're the type who are above and beyond the cliches of yaoi pairings, the type that define equality. It's clear that Yubel will always remain by Judai's side but at least for this one time, I'd like for Judai and Johan to share a life together.

The second would have to be Asuka and Jim, which was just recently. It's an interesting pair and one that I'll like to experiment with eventually. Since they're my newest favorite, I'm in the process of learning more about them.

My thrid is probably Edo and Saiou; I say probably because I still need to see season two to understand their relationship more, but I like it so far.

I also have other pairings like MisawaXTaniya but for now, I'll just mention these three.

3/25/2010 . Edited 3/25/2010 #3
Requiem for Tom

Well, aside from Jyuudai/Yubel and Johan/Jyuudai...

...I love one sided pairings. More specifically, I love reading/writing one-sided Shou/almost anyone. I'm not sure why, but I thoroughly enjoy seeing Shou character growth through a one sided romance. I'm obsessed with seeing Shou grow as a character through anything, but when it comes to one sided romance, I like seeing him struggle with a crush. Hard to explain.

Oh, I love Shou/DMG. That's probably the only time I prefer it not be one-sided.

And, I'd also like to say that I adore Jyuudai/Yubel for the same reason, Nina. Not to mention, I'm a hopeless romantic. And seeing a couple with such a strong bond that can't be broken for anything -- so strong that it will last an eternity -- it makes me giggle like a girl.

4/3/2010 #4

I am truly developing an odd love for Johan/Fubuki. I'm not entirely sure why, except that Fubuki is a total showman and Johan has a little bit of showoff in himself, too (Hello, Rainbow-Dragon-just-kidding)--and if Fubuki does hit it big, Johan seems laidback enough to deal with the madness involved in jetting all over the world and doing totally nutso stuff to pull in a paycheque.

4/3/2010 #5

Oh! Another pair came into mind. Actually, two. Has anyone else wondered if KenzanXRei could ever work out? With their sempais gone, they could start hanging out more for their remaining school years. I also like to include Fujiwara as their new friend and add a bit of a love triangle between them. Call me off if this idea sounds absurd, but I think it can be worked out.

4/4/2010 #6

I've thought about Kenzan x Rei, though Kenzan only has one year left, and Rei has two...I don't see the love triangle, though, mainly because of the age differences. Rei would be 15 at the MOST by her third year. Kenzan is going to be 17 in his third year. But 19 or 20 already. Friends, yes, but during the school

4/4/2010 #7

We did say that age doesn't matter but I should have explained myself a little more. The whole thing would be something like this: Kenzan starts to have feelings for Rei, Rei likes Kenzan as a friend but then after getting to know Fujiwara more, she develops a crush on him(like Ryo and Judai), while Fujiwara is the one who has no interest. Speaking of, I've always thought of Fujiwara as more of a passive person. He seems to be very shy and relies heavily on the companionship of others. I don't think he would pursue a relationship with anyone on his own free will, unless someone he liked came up to him first. I also think that he may have something for Fubuki. Now that I think of it, the whole thing is pretty much one sided.

4/5/2010 . Edited 4/5/2010 #8

One couple that I dearly love is Martin x Rei. I've wondered for a while now if she felt guilty over his possession by Yubel, because if you look at it, it could be construed as being her fault. She urged Martin to duel her at Amon's party (and could have insisted on him being there, since since she's a technical Osiris Red, she wouldn't have gotten an invitation, but could've went as his date), which led to him being drained of his energy, thus he was one of those who was caught up in the main building when Yubel took them all to the Sand World, where Yubel took him over.

Whether or not *he* would blame her isn't the point, but whether Rei would blame herself once she sat down and thought about it.

That could be something fun to explore, and Martin doesn't get nearly enough love anyway.

4/7/2010 #9

Martin might have been the only person Rei actually had a genuine attraction to. If only he didn't leave after season three, we could have seen more of him and Rei being together. But...I wonder if they spent time together when everyone else was in the other world.

4/7/2010 . Edited 4/7/2010 #10

It's entirely possible that they did. And he could've come back later, once he and his father had went through their father-son bonding time.

4/7/2010 #11

It could be possible but I've always wondered why they went to Duel Academia in the first place instead of North Academia(considering they're Europeans). In Martin's case, it could have been due to his father's job.

4/7/2010 #12

Does it have to be in the Gx Universe? If so here are mine.

Johan/Juudai: First and actual Gx Yaoi that I see clearly (aside from Ryou/Edo). To me Johan and Juudai seems more than just best friends. Anyways it just caught my attention.

One-sided: Juudai/Asuka. Myeh. I use to like it double sided, but really? It's not that intriguing for me anymore. I grown to love Juudai/Yuberu(sort of) and loved Manjoume/Asuka.

Ryou/Edo: First actual Gx YaoiI see(before Spiritshipping) It's pretty darn cute in my words. I love it waay more than Saiou/Edo.

6/14/2010 #13

Hm...I don't know if it's limited to just GX but I do have a change of heart in one of my couples: EdoXSaiou. After watching a bit, I've came to seeing them as more of a brotherly relationship or more like a family type of bonding. I guess it could be replaced with EdoXManjoume since I'm starting to like it more now.

6/15/2010 #14

Edo/Saiou is more like a friendship/brotherly relationship to me. Edo was my favorite Gx character and I seriously don't want him to end up with Saiou, a guy who became quite crazy in season 2 and maybe 4.

6/16/2010 #15

Um...Saiou wasn't so much crazy as he was possessed in season 2, and suffering a lot of emotional pain in season 4. Even if they don't end up together (and honestly, as much as I love Edo x Ryou, Edo x Saiou has boatloads of subtext and chemistry), they will always be best friends.

6/17/2010 #16

I'm a full way Proshipper. Edo and Ryou are meant for each other, though... I really like Fubuki X Ryou too, but at the same time I like Fujiwara X Fubuki ... Gack I'm messed up. I like to much pairings that I don't even remember my OTP...

6/17/2010 #17

I have developed an odd love for Yubel/Asuka. I'm not entirely sure where it came from or how such a thing would even WORK, but there you have it.

6/17/2010 #18

Well...the only way Yubel and Asuka can work is if Yubel had a physical body because there's no way they'll be able to get together in their current situation.

6/17/2010 #19

And then there's the minor problem of "Yubel is pledged to Jyuudai and, you know, was ready to destroy entire worlds for him." It's more of a "wouldn't this be cute?" ship than a "this would actually work!" one, alas.

6/17/2010 #20

Random Question:

Does Anyone ship Yubel-Johan and Jyuudai? Because I sure do, I even have a translated Doujinshi for them

6/24/2010 #21

I know Cyn does. I . . . kinda do? I think I ship all three of them together more. *shifty face*

6/24/2010 #22

I ship Jack/Kiryu/Crow/Yuusei all together I have some really weird pairing thing

6/24/2010 #23

I ship Jack/Kiryu/Crow/Yuusei all together I have some really weird pairing thing

6/24/2010 #24
Earthplayer Powerstar

Where to start?

Judai/Yubel: One of my OTPs. I think it's the potential Reincarnation Romance aspect that really drew me to this pairing, and the coolness of Yubel (and Judai) that kept me interested.

Judai/Sho: As much as I love Judai/Yubel, I just can't seem to let go of this pairing, it's one of the first pairings I ever liked for GX.

Fubuki/Ryo: It's the only Ryo pairing I like right now.

Fubuki/Manjyome: I've read a story or two that warmed me up to the idea of this pairing.

Fubuki/Judai: I've never actually read any stories with this pairing, but I've seen this one on the GX pairing list, and the idea is appealing.

Edo/Saiou: This is the only Edo pairing that appeals to me in any way.

Jim/Kenzan: I feel there's something cute about this pairing, but I'll be darned if I can figure out what it is.

Jim/Asuka: Thanks to a few stories, I'm starting to get into the idea of this pairing.

Rei/Martin: I hardly know anything about these characters, yet I like the idea of this pairing. Why?

Misawa/Tania: It's quickly become my other OTP.

Johan/Sho: There's a few stories here that use this pairing. I find it sweet.

I think that's it for my GX pairings of choice.

7/8/2010 . Edited 5/23/2011 #25

I now have a obsession with SelfShipping!!!

3/20/2011 #26

Let's see...of all the ones I haven't mentioned yet...I also enjoy: O'Brien x Sea God's Priestess (Maiden of the Aqua). Fire and water, plus they had some interesting interactions that could form the basis for a future friendship that might well deepen into more.

ASuka x Manjoume: I think she should give him a chance, really I do. I think she'd be so much happier than she thinks she would be. That might mean admitting she was wrong on some levels, though.

Asuka x Jim: Given that Asuka dislikes supernatural stuff and Jim is so very down to Earth (even with the Eye), it just feels right. They mesh well.

Amon x Echo: A dark and twisted mirror of Juudai and Yubel's relationship, really. Without the happy ending.

Misawa x Taniya: I've never seen a character, canon or otherwise, who fits Misawa better than Taniya does. She balances all of his flaws and can help him to grow, while he balances *her* lacks. She's very self-confident while he...isn't, and yet they can still grow together.

There really are more, but that'll do for now.

3/22/2011 . Edited 4/6/2011 #27

JohanXJudai, and I can't express enough how odd that makes me feel. Odd because before watching GX I'd never liked a yaoi pairing, not that I was ever homophobic or anything, if anything I've always called myself open minded. Better way of putting it... I like the pairing for various reasons, mainly their chemistry in the show and the feeling that although the show never directly dealt with romance, if it did this is who in my mind Judai would most likely end up with, considering that Yubel lacks a physical form and as I interpreted his fusing of their souls was his way of honouring the promise of his past life. While he does obviously now hold a love for her, it doesn't mean he must/can only feel exclusively for her, especially as wind time back a bit before he remembered the promise he had no special feelings for her. Well, I say that, he did reawaken his power as Haou, so I suppose he hated her at that point.

I've refrained from further personal comment on the matter, it's rather 'squee' inducing in the sense that it's something I'm only 50/50 comfortable talking about; while I suppose it makes me officially bi-curious, I'm not exactly singing to my friends about it.

5/23/2011 #28

Well, for Yubel...Juudai does have the power to manifest spirits in the real world. Or they could just go to one of the other worlds. It's not that much of a problem.

I kinda prefer a threesome with those three anyway. There's tension on all sides of it, in various ways.

5/23/2011 #29

I prefer fics with tension between them, most seem to forget she herself is there, much like series 4 did until the last few episodes*. I'm not fussed whether there's a triangle or mix either way so long as it's written convincingly.

On that note, if it counts, I like Yubel-JohanxJudai at times in a "that's pretty dirty/twisted" kind of way. I can't really see that ever going too well for Judai though.

On Judai's powers, was it ever established in any media whether being able to go between dimensions/create gateways was Yubel's innate power or a result of her contact/power from the light of destruction?

I haven't seen the super fusion bonds transcending time movie, but the dvd release here will supposedly have the original Japanese version uncut (hopefully with the extra footage) and subtitled (hopefully not with the dub translation) , so if there are any tiny developments in there I'll be privy to them in about 2 months.

*I know she appeared in the opening theme and he used her powers/eyes, but she was a non-entity till near the end.

5/23/2011 . Edited 5/23/2011 #30
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