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Aojiroi Emura

Why do you guys think there's more Ligh/Hope fans then Vanille/Hope?

Just curious.

I've been a Hope and Vanille fan forever yet there's really not that many fanarts or fanfictions about them. : /

1/7/2012 #1

Ahh, yes, thank you! I totally agree, especially since XIII-2 gave us an older Hope. I just think they're perfect for each other. I've always seen Lightning as an older sister to Hope.

9/15/2012 #2

I think there's more Hope x Light because they interacted more. Granted I do not like the pairing (it is my least favorite right next to Light x Fang because there is just so much of it and nobody is creative enough to think of other pairings), but they did interact more than Hope and Vanille. The only difference is that Hope was learning from Light, how to grow and be strong. With Vanille, most was focused on the emotional support. Personally, that's why I like Hope and Vanille more. Sure Light opens up to Hope but for her to get involved in a relationship would have to be completely derailing her character just to pit her with him. She's not the character who will delve into romance.

Unfortunately, Hope x Light is the most favorite couple in Japan. Hope x Vanille is severely unloved.

7/5/2013 #3
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