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Talk about your favorite pairings! Could be anything! Could be underage love, sibling love, yuri, yaoi, I don't care! Just one thing! Talk about why you like them and such :D One thing though, do not bash people who like a pairing you don't like. They lik
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Lightning Catastrophe
Though my username is combined w/ these two l don't see them as a pairing 0.o I don't really see a point in LightningxTifa as Lightning basically replaces Cloud. >_< Being a Cloti fan, l'm not fond of this pairing. The only difference in this pairing is that both Lightning and Tifa are females.
7/29/2010 #1

...Man if they ever met and Lightening actually liked Cloud...this would be one hell of a fight! lol!

I never thought about this pairing...I don't care for it! But do people actually write about this pairing? -__-;

(Oh, yeah, Cloti FTW!)

7/29/2010 #2
Kai Yukimura

At least Lightning isn't a s*** *cough* Cloud *cough* O.o She doesn't date anyone :P

I actually thought of this like five minutes ago and went O.o.... mostly the same results with Cloud *eye twitch* Don't get me wrong I like Cloti ^_^ but damn it Cloud XD I wouldn't want him as my boyfriend if I was in Tifa's position O.o.... Light.... O.o...... probably the same O.o....

7/29/2010 #3
Weiss Rose Schnee
Hmm...yet another crack pairing xd. But yeah ive seen Tifa and Lights personalities and all so...i agree it wouldnt work out....
7/29/2010 #4
Lightning Catastrophe
XD Yeah, people have written a LightningxTifa ... half of them are rated M and one is a threesome of LightningxTifaxVanille o.0
7/29/2010 #5
Kai Yukimura

O_O I saw a threesome in a doujin with Light x Tifa x Aeris O.o.....

7/29/2010 #6
Lightning Catastrophe
0.o Wow ... o.0
7/29/2010 #7
Kai Yukimura

They were raping Tifa O.o...... who always seems to be the subject of R*** in fics :P and doujins

7/29/2010 #8
Lightning Catastrophe
o.0 .... Yeah there's alot of fics that make her get r***. There's one where she gets r*** by Yuffie, Aerith, Jenova, Elena & Scarlett at different times X.X The person made it a series 'o'
7/29/2010 #9
Kai Yukimura

There is one where she gets r*** by every single female character in the entire FF series o-o

7/29/2010 #10
Lightning Catastrophe
.... W** is with Tifa and r***???????
7/29/2010 #11
Kai Yukimura

I don't know but she is so overly abused in the game (by Cloud -.-) and fanfiction :P

It's probably because people find her really really hot and it's hotter if she gets r*** or something XD

7/29/2010 #12
Lightning Catastrophe
-.- l agree. >:O Perverts!
7/29/2010 #13
Kai Yukimura

I know I always go like this when I see a r*** fic on her '.....NOES STOP PICKING ON HER SHE SUFFERS ENOUGH YOU B***! DX'

7/29/2010 #14
Weiss Rose Schnee
(Sweatdrops) Yes major Perverts. I happen to like Tifa and it angers me how people just think its funny to r*** her..(grumble)
7/29/2010 #15
Kai Yukimura

I know :{ and I hated the war between Cloud x Tifa and Cloud x Aeris... bashing the characters -.-

7/29/2010 #16
Lightning Catastrophe
l know ... everyone kept bashing Tifa or Aerith :[ I love both of 'em, so why does everyone have ta fight about the two?
7/29/2010 #17
Weiss Rose Schnee
Yeah...some people have a nerve. And love triangles...lot of em and intence fandom...drives me nuts xd. Id rather Tifa be paired with someone shes compatable with. Maybe one of my OCs or someone that will treat her right...and not want r***...
7/29/2010 #18
Kai Yukimura

I know I love them both too D: I'm going... NO THEY ARE NOT S*** DX and they got along just fine in the game! Friends in canon damnit DX I actually started like them as a pairing because I'm mad at Cloud O.o....

I mean really I be madder at Cloud for not making up his fricken mind :P

7/29/2010 #19
Lightning Catastrophe
Yeah ... some person made her get impregnated by Red XIII along with Aerith and Yuffie 0.o
7/29/2010 #20
Kai Yukimura

Oh ya I remember that one O.o..... it was scary

7/29/2010 #21
Weiss Rose Schnee
No just no....(grumbles)
7/29/2010 #22
Lightning Catastrophe
x( It was very creepy. Props to Yuffie for actually putting up a fight
7/29/2010 #23
Kai Yukimura

3 against one though . you went down like a fighter Yuffie XD

7/29/2010 #24
Lightning Catastrophe
Go Yuffie!!!!!!! XD
7/29/2010 #25
Kai Yukimura

I'm still mad at her for stealing my materia XD but she can be awesome at moments.XP

7/29/2010 #26
Lightning Catastrophe
DX l HATED Yuffie sooooo much when she first stole my materia!!!!!!! But now she's one o' my fav character QQ
7/29/2010 #27
Kai Yukimura

Ya when I first watched my mom play when I was really little and she stole the materia I went

' hag! DX'

7/29/2010 #28
Lightning Catastrophe
XD Lmao!!!!!
7/29/2010 #29
Kai Yukimura

Then you had to chase her all around and then she trapped your party in a cage :P

' bigger hag DX' lmao XD

7/29/2010 #30
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