Pairings on FF13
Talk about your favorite pairings! Could be anything! Could be underage love, sibling love, yuri, yaoi, I don't care! Just one thing! Talk about why you like them and such :D One thing though, do not bash people who like a pairing you don't like. They lik
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Because there's one out right now

1/18/2011 #1
Kai Yukimura

W** REALLY?! *goes look*

1/18/2011 #2
Kai Yukimura

*stares* O.O *dies of happiness* X.X *revives* wait I can't die till I play it damn it DX she was pretty in that armor O.O feathers :D Please have a better storyline O.O and don't be like x-2 @.@

1/18/2011 . Edited 1/18/2011 #3

I wonder who that man is behind her?


Pray to God Squeenix...Bring all of the old protagonists back... AND HAVE SERAH KICK SOME A** THIS TIME!!! I'm tired of people hating on her... ;_;

1/18/2011 #4
Kai Yukimura

maybe thats the new bad guy? plleeeeeeease be the bad guy -.-

yes :O They must come back! and it be nice if Serah was in the story more and you could play her so people could fricken stop flaming on her ; ;

1/18/2011 #5
Weiss Rose Schnee
So the rumors are true. I just prey to god Lightning isnt a enemy this time around. If it showed her standing with a new guy you assume is the enemy...but all will be revealed and perhaps that guys a ally. I hope you do get to play as everyone even Serah. And please please have Vanille and Fang wake up from being crystals...(cries at the thought of not playing as Fang and Vanille) I have yet to watch the trailer. Im just elaborating on what you two wrote. I dont know how the FalCie could come back now that Orphan is gone..ohh maybe the Maker is returning but she may be the enemy..epic boss fight..xd. Now im just making guesses....
1/18/2011 #6
Kai Yukimura
well Lightning i think was fighting the guy xD
1/18/2011 #7
Weiss Rose Schnee
Ah. Glad shes still on the side of justice. So yeah that guy could be just one enemy of many. Hmm from what you guys say it sounds good. ill check it out with my brother next time we hang out. i want his opinion on it also. and luckily its coming to PS3 and Xbox360 most likely. Now I cant wait for next year...meh the wait will be long but im sure theyll be updates on the new charactors and news in game magazines and on the web...
1/18/2011 #8
Kai Yukimura

ya XD and if they have someone paired with Light... Lia x Light is still my fav :P ^^^

1/18/2011 #9
Weiss Rose Schnee
That would be a shocker and yes thats my favorite now. what if its...Hope..(coughs at the thought) im sorry to offend any Hope and Light fans but I see them more as friends or mentor and student. But you each have your opinions so I respect that...
1/18/2011 #10
Kai Yukimura

I would laugh if that actually happened XD

1/18/2011 #11
Weiss Rose Schnee
Yeah it would be. But it would please the fans xd. If its true ill be seriously.
1/18/2011 #12
Kai Yukimura

well I'd like it better if they just added a new guy xD

1/18/2011 #13
Weiss Rose Schnee
We shall see. And as to why Light has a new look I know the cast is a bit older but all shall be revealed when the game comes out the reason Light has feathers and wears new armor. Anyway im so glad they decided to continue i praise you SqureEnix...xd.
1/18/2011 #14
Kai Yukimura

I'm so eager :3

1/18/2011 #15
Weiss Rose Schnee
Same. This year cant go by fast enough...but good things come to those who wait and i have a feeling the wait will be worth it...
1/18/2011 #16
Kai Yukimura

Yes I just can't wait and hope the old cast will be in it ^^ and Serah :D

1/18/2011 #17
Weiss Rose Schnee
Most definently. I have no doubts theyll be back. they are fan favorites and the charactors everyone loves. Im sure everyone who survived the first game will be back...along with a few new faces like the mystery i said more info will come over time and well learn everything about this sequal to 13....
1/18/2011 #18
Kai Yukimura
yes and im eager ^^
1/19/2011 #19
Weiss Rose Schnee
That makes two of us. xd
1/19/2011 #20
Sage of the White Sands

For we know, Light might be riding solo on this game along with the cloud clone.

1/19/2011 #21
Kai Yukimura

that would suck D:

1/19/2011 #22
Sage of the White Sands

And to spoil the end of the game: Fang and Vanille do not get rescued.

1/19/2011 #23

Wait a minute? How do you know the ending already???

1/19/2011 #24
Kai Yukimura

what? the hell theres only a trailer out like heck they reveal the end.

1/19/2011 #25
Weiss Rose Schnee
Nooo they cant have Light fly solo...and yeah how? The game isnt out yet even in Japan. Where did you get that information from. Trailers usually dont contain much spoilers. Unless there was something that you guys missed while watching the trailer. That Panther may just be a fanmade rumor. We shall see when the game gets here...
1/19/2011 #26
Aoi Hyoudou

There's barely information about FFXIII-2 right now, so don't worry. It's just came out. So far I know is that Lightning is confirmed to be the main character. It is currently unknown if they r going to bring the old gang back. Let's hope they do. or at least be shown in Lightning's memories. But to let u know, FFXIII-2 is set right after Final Fantasy XIII episode ~ i (You know. After the events of FFXIII, Light sets out to look for a way to save Fang n Vanille, but ends up in a different dimension by a wormhole)

So I have a bad feeling that they won't bring back the old gang =( They might planning on bringin new characters for Light to meet, which I think serves no purpose at all. It's just going to ruin the first story plot, don't u think?

1/19/2011 #27
Kai Yukimura

that would suck XD

1/20/2011 #28
Weiss Rose Schnee
Great something similar to Final Fantasy X-2s spinoff plot. i liked the game but it wasnt what i expected. i only played it for Paine mostly and the dresspheres but not for the story. I wouldnt like it if thats the actuall plot but sequals have ruined the main games rep.
1/20/2011 #29
Sage of the White Sands

Thats what Sequels do...

1/20/2011 #30
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