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Talk about your favorite pairings! Could be anything! Could be underage love, sibling love, yuri, yaoi, I don't care! Just one thing! Talk about why you like them and such :D One thing though, do not bash people who like a pairing you don't like. They lik
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Hmm, just figured out how to start topics on here.... FAIL. . [facedesk]

ANYWAY, just thought I'd add to the list of pairings by including this one (to be honest, it's a lot less cracky than other pairings on FF.Net...). It also seems to have gained more in fanbase recently, so why not talk about it? :3

I personally considered this pairing after reading pieces such as Starless, All is Fair, and all of ThrottaKaze's pieces. I like the dynamic presented, and it bothers me heavily how they were the only two main characters to NEVER have a conversation together in the game. [I understand that it makes sense from an author POV, seeing as they're the two protagonist characters, and keeping them separated gets the story told properly. Still, I hope that changes in XIII-2]

Furthermore, I just think the coupling looks adorable as hell, but that's just me, XD. Thoughts?

5/19/2011 #1
Kai Yukimura

wow I forgot to add Light and Vanille XD

Well I don't like it XD well I kinda do and really dont. Just like Vanille and Fang together mostly XD

But some fics are cute on them and I read them. Sometimes. Not as much XD now

but it's okay. Don't hate it or anything XD

5/20/2011 #2

At first, I wasn't too certain about this pairing. I've been a very big fan of Flight since I joined the fandom. But, I read All is Fair, Starless, and (for the more kinky bunch out there) Longing. Thoses are some of the best Lanille works out there. A shame that it's not more popular. It's a nice pairing, something that I didn't think I'd like.

5/21/2011 #3
My thoughts exactly. Couldn't have said it better myself, :) Yeah, XD, I also wasn't too interested when I first saw it. But I decided that out of all the pairings for the game I've seen so far (crack-galore included), this was pretty mild. Plus, I wondered how the pairing would work WITHOUT it seeming just like Farroncest... But then I read it, liked it, and am now quite taken with it. I'm even thinking of writing some Lanille, but slightly apprehensive, considering I put the "pro" in "PROcrastinate".
5/22/2011 #4
Weiss Rose Schnee
Lol. To me this is a cute pairing. Im all for Flight myself but ive read some good fics of this pairing. dont worry im procrastinating on a bunch of fic ideas ive had for this gamebase including some fics that mix Kais and mines OCs with cannon. I blame work and life xd..
5/24/2011 #5
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