Pairings on FF13
Talk about your favorite pairings! Could be anything! Could be underage love, sibling love, yuri, yaoi, I don't care! Just one thing! Talk about why you like them and such :D One thing though, do not bash people who like a pairing you don't like. They lik
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Kai Yukimura

..... yeah I dont agree but yeah ^^;

4/7/2012 #1
Weiss Rose Schnee

i second the not interested opinion . they are mortal enemies but alot of people think they should be paired because they say caius is hot...but realistically there is no love between these two..just pure hatred...

8/6/2012 #2
I know its a hardly noticeable pairing, but I honestly love the pairing. If you think hard enough, Lightning and Caius are alike in many ways. Plus why not love crack pairings? ;)
9/17/2012 #3
K. A. Farron

I like them together! Not because Caius is hot or anything, but I just feel like they are a great pairing. Yeah, in the game they may not have any feelings for each other but they can have feelins for each other in fan-writers AUs

1/31/2013 #4
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