A forum for all the Flash / Kelly shipers out there.
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Dumas of Dale

Greetings and welcome all.

This forum is especially for all those Klash (Kelly/Flash) shipers out there.

If everyone would post here first that would be hugely helpful when it comes to knowing who everyone is in the descution topics.

Just leave a note introducing yourself, your opinions on the ship and your other favourite ships that would be great .


3/24/2010 #1
Dumas of Dale

Okaii, so hi everyone, I'm Em and I obviously love this ship, its one of my favourite to write about as I find the way they interact brilliant and rather funny at times.

Outside of this fandom my favourite ship would either be Jareth/Sarah from the Labyrinth or Lizzy/Darcy from Pride and Prejudice.

3/24/2010 #2

Hello I am Tabi and, like Em, I love this ship. I think they are a lovely, sometimes sweet and yet always interesting pair to write about. I think the fact that no relationship between them would EVER run smoothly helps to make them funny, and fun to write.

3/25/2010 #3
Werepuppy Black

Hey, I'm Werepuppy - Zara - and I'm a Klash fan. I guess I like it because it's never going to run smoothly, but there is the important trust between them that every relationship needs to succeed

3/25/2010 #4
Heyy :) I'm Wednesday. I love Kel & Flash because they are both such independent characters and they're interesting to write because you can see the transition in them as they learn to be a couple rather than two individuals :) I'm not completely averse to Kelly/Annabelle, and outside of St Trinians I like Jack/Elizabeth & Jack/Will (POTC) Jareth/Sarah (Labyrinth) Buffy/Spike, Spike/Faith, Willow/Kennedy (Buffy) and Lan/Moiraine, Lan/Nynaeve (Wheel of time series) Erm yeah. That's all :) Wednesday xx
4/17/2010 #5

Hello there, I'm Rose and I only just discovered St Trinian's, but instantly fell in love with Kel/Flash as a pairing. I love Flash's awkwardness around her, and the way she uses his affection to get him to do things for her, but sometimes it seems like she might be thinking of returning those feelings- especially at the end when he gets in the car and she says 'what took you so long?' and gives him this mischievous smile. I'd love to see how a relationship between them would turn out- Kelly already has him under her thumb and she would definitely wear the pants in the relationship XD

1/21/2011 #6
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