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I like this couple because I like Stayne(well I like Crispin) and I would like to add that I'm not an Alice/Hatter shipper because I can't stand the Mad Hatter.

3/26/2010 . Edited 3/26/2010 #1

I like this pairing as well. It's truly fascinating and the authors who aim to write good quality fics about them certainly need to use some real effort to make it work. That's why I find it much more interesting than the Hatter/Alice which is basically handed over on a plate. We have already seen from the movie that they formed a special relationship, we have already seen how they grew close, we already got a nice little plot bunny for them ("I'll be back before you notice"), yadda yadda. I like Stayne/Alice because of the challenge it brings. If there's ever going to be love between these characters, it's bound to be a long road with lots of tension and interesting interaction. I'm not talking about the uncreative "Stayne molests her and she's secretly enjoying it" -fics since those are basically nothing else but an excuse to write sex scenes. I'm talking about stories which REALLY make the couple work as those are the ones which I find truly fascinating. To see it developing from hate and discomfort to something else.

Also... I have always been a sucker for villains and for them paired with goody two-shoes so there. What's not to like about this pairing.

3/29/2010 #2

Of course I love this pairing. For as long as I can remember I've had a fascination with villains so naturally my pairing preference tends to gravitate towards them.

Alice/Hatter is just too... too sweet for me. Too within the lines to spark my imagination. That and it seems to be the popular ship and I've always liked to be the oddball. And though I find The Mad Hatter very charming (in an annoying way, like a little brother) I can't ignore the vibe I get between him and Alice. It feels too sibling-ish to me. I know so many disagree, but thats just the feeling I get.

Surprisingly I went into the theater ready to fall in love with Alice/Hatter because, well, they just seemed perfect from the previews and the novelization that I read. Upon seeing it I didn't fall into the Alice/Hatter love. I was far too busy trying to figure out Stayne and desperately wishing he had more screen time and more backstory.

So yes, I am a support of Stayne/Alice (Stalice?) and a frequent visitor of the official Stalice livejournal group. I think the pairing offers just enough challenge and gravity to at least slightly intrigue some if not ensnare others. The only bad thing is that Stayne and Alice are terribly complex characters to write a pairing for and a good 75% of authors who try butcher them. But then there is always those few authors who hit the nail so perfectly on the head that it has me spinning in my chair with a goofy grin as I am reminded why I love Stalice.

^ Long post is long.

4/2/2010 #3

I'm going to agree with the majority of the above posters in saying that it is the complexity of the relationship between Stayne and Alice that makes it so very intriguing. The potential for a good deal of conflict, tension, and the eventuality of resolution make for a good story if done correctly and I can't help but adore those that do (though there are admittedly few of them). It is my hope that one day I shall find the confidence to try them on as muses and write something of the sort.

7/12/2010 #4
Agas Spenjahgra VII

My more sensible reasons for liking this pairing is already stated by people above. It's more complex, there are more tension, and requires a lot of writing skill to make it work. The story has to be well written because for this pairing to be legitimately sensible, Stayne have to go through a major character change and such development is hard to write.

My less sensible reasons consist of personal bias and rather distorted POV. See, the Hatter/Alice pairing has been done a little bit too much in the general AIW fandom and I HATE the pairing so darn much, no offense. I don't hate the fans who support it, I just dislike the pairing very much. Although for once I actually don't mind seeing the pairing in this movie. My second reason is that Stayne and Alice reminds me so much of this OC couple that I have and i can't help but want to see them together. I have this weird tendency to pair up characters only because they remind me of/looks like another pairing that I support.

10/26/2010 #5

I like this pairing because

A.) Ilsovic is pretty cool

B.) I saw the way they looked at each other.

c.) Unlawful seduction :)

8/22/2011 #6

You saw the way they looked at each other? When?

1/27/2012 #7
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