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I usually hate sad stories, too, but jjhatter's first "Final Game" was so good! I was very sad for about a day after reading it, but then I got this idea for "After the Game"... and the rest is history, I guess!

Yes, that makes sense. The best stories are memorable and thought-provoking, I think.

8/11/2010 #31

Am I REALLY that inspiring? Huh...gives me something to live for...

8/11/2010 #32

Again, sorry for the mis-spelling. I soon correct those as soon as I am at a pc instead of my iPad. Now I've got your names memorized. Now I just had to go and read the 4th installment of Thackery in that angsty series! Arghh!! The sadness...*sniff* You two are so evil!

Seriously, I loved that one in particular. I normally don't go for poetry style as sometimes people write poetry that, to be honest, goes right over my head. But this one was straightforward and...oh, goodness, I'm derailing. My apologies to the moderator! But I loved the wisdom that Thackery has even in his madness. He knows, denies, yet he knows. And I wrote in my review that I just love the thought he has at the end. I spoiled in earlier posts, I fear, and won't do it again. I'm new to forums. But I won't spoil this one.

Have to ask, tho, do you ever write anything happy? I can only take so many tears! :)

8/11/2010 #33

I'm relatively new to sad writing, but there's usually a lot of emotion in what I write, be it positive or negative. I generally steer clear of sad, unless it's really good. I don't know, does "Under Again" count as sad? I think it's mostly upbeat.

8/11/2010 #34

Oh, thank goodness! I can start reading it tomorrow, then. I have it bookmarked at the top. Since I'm talking with you two your stories are now my priority, sad or upbeat. :)

I'm glad it's upbeat. Now I won't open it with such apprehension... :D

I'm going to look up that story with the guard mouse and see if I can find it and link you to it. I'm reasonably sure I've faved it. Tarrant made her the little dress and Alice helped her. So sweet!

8/11/2010 #35

I find "Under Again" dramatic. Sad sometimes, happy sometimes, suspenseful sometimes...etc., etc.

I can write happy things, and I have, but this came out of a really bad year, and I needed to vent it all out. I had just seen the film, and I was trying to think of a story to rid myself of my woe, and this evil idea came around.

And as for calling us evil, I quote a book: "No one, man or beast, considers themselves truly evil. I do not wake up in the morning and say to myself, 'I am going to do evil.' I am easily bored, and the ways I amuse myself may frighten and disgust you, but no, I am not evil. I can, if I do so wish, be kind. But that is water off the bridge."

8/11/2010 #36

It's not so bad to be occasionally evil. I take it as a compliment, actually, because evil characters in books and movies are often written/played better than the protagonists. Some of the characters on my list of "people I wish I could meet in real life" are antagonists.

8/11/2010 #37

Yep, I was just teasing! I once read a Dr. Who book called, "The Face of the Enemy" and the Master remarks to someone that when he looks into a mirror he does not see the face of the enemy. Evil and good are definitely subjective. Most evil people don't consider themselves evil. Those who do and relish in it are...something else. A few true crime murder and torture perpetrators even confessed to being evil and thriving on it and admit that if ever released from prison they would torture and kill again. Thankfully, that type of person is rare...I hope.

I admire a goodly amount of evil protagonists, myself. :) I love that quote you cited, tho. I received a few PM's from readers who found 2 of my stories to be "evil" and asked me to never write such things again! Well, I'll write what I want and just do my best at it.

Seriously, tho, I don't think you two are evil! I was just kidding. :) I think I'll enjoy "Under Again."

8/11/2010 #38

I know you were teasing. And on a matter of villains and heroes, I've always liked "bad guys" better than "good guys", with a few rare exceptions.

8/12/2010 #39

In my opinion, a story attains greatness when you can look at it from the antagonist's point of view and feel that his/her actions were justified.

8/12/2010 #40

Oh, yeah, I totally agree. Like many movies I can certainly identify with the "bad" guy or "bad" girl and see just where they are coming from. The vigilantes, for example. I even rooted for Hannibal Lector. And I always wanted the Tom to catch and eat Jerry, and I have a soft spot for the "Master" in the original Dr. Who - especially the original Master, played by Roger Delgado. I'm sure I'm forgetting lots of identifiable antagonists right now but I get the gist.

I didn't root for Iracebeth, tho. Stayne...he could be different. He got himself in too deep, I think, and I could get to root for him depending on the circumstances.

And wouldn't it figure that I have 384 Fave Stories and I can't figure out which one had Alice help Mally with her dress for her crush on the guard mouse? I'll keep looking, tho. It was a cute moment.

But yeah, a story is indeed great if you can see and feel that the antagonist's PoV were justified. It makes "making the tough decisions" all the harder.

8/12/2010 #41

My favorite villain of all time is the Joker. For one thing, his past is similar to Batman's: he was just a guy who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. For another, for all of his purely evil attributes, I find him hilarious!

8/12/2010 #42

Well, 384 stories is a bit easier than over 800 with Alice as a listed character... I'd greatly appreciate it if you found it for me!

I never wanted Tom to eat Jerry. Nor did I like it when Jerry caused Tom to get hurt. Come to think of it, the best part of that show for me was that no one ever won!

8/12/2010 #43

It's just a small part of the story, but I liked it! I will keep looking, don't worry. I'm now wanting to re-read it myself because I never imagined Mally ever coming to Alice for help with ANYTHING much less looking her best! :)

8/12/2010 #44

Amen to that!

8/12/2010 #45

You can say that again!

8/12/2010 #46

Say, Niphuria, how is your Chess/Mally bit coming along?

8/16/2010 #47

Hi! I'm not writing it yet, but I'm still looking for that other page or two with the cuteness Alice and Mally. But I'm sketching out a Chess/Mally storyline. I realized just after a few paragraphs of sketching out that I need to watch the movie again. I have forgotten how they speak and how they sound. Well, Mally's not to hard to remember, but Chess is the problem for me. I want to "catch" him just right, if I can. What I have so far is SO not Chessur!

I see you put out a new story! I'll have to see what you've done! I'm glad I put you on alert. :)

8/16/2010 #48

Chessur is kinda hard to describe, I guess. He's just...Chessur, I guess. When I need to write him, I usually think of the tea party scene. His lines there are pretty good.

And as for jjhatter's new story: This is gonna be goood!

8/16/2010 #49

Niphuria: As to how to write Chessur, I really can't help much...he's always come easy to me. However, it would indeed be advisable to watch the movie again, and maybe read the original books as well. That's pretty much all I can say.

Katzsoa: Thank you! (bows)

8/16/2010 #50

I just got an iPad and downloaded the original books. I'll have to read them soon and make them a priority. I have so many things on my plate, you know RL, plus mail, plus reading, plus writing...there aren't enough hours in a day!

You two write so well that I can't believe I hadn't noticed all of your stories before. I still haven't revised my profile, but if you ever see it, I do intend to remove my remark about Tarrant/Mally! Not often, but sometimes, discussing with someone else DOES change my mind.

Yep, it CAN be done, folks! You can have your views and perceptions expanded and changed if you keep an open mind!

8/16/2010 #51

The new story is terrific! I read it as soon as I was alerted. Clever! And I can't believe I didn't see the ending coming. :) Loved it! Our "Cat" in his favourite "Hat!" LOL

8/16/2010 #52

"You've got a mind that is one of a kind, so why hide it away? It's time to open the locks and think out of the box, and today is your day! Bounce on the brink of whatever you think, and oh! what could be better than that? And that is the fun of the Cat in the Hat!"

The story isn't over yet, you know...fun is on the run...(cackles with glee)

8/16/2010 #53

Foolishly, I DID think it was over! I faved it, but now I'll go and "alert" it, too!

And did you write it on Mulberry Street?


8/16/2010 #54

I wish...

Mulberry Street is real, you know. I looked it up. It's actually where Theodore Geisel grew up, which is why it became his first book. (But it doesn't run into bliss...he made that part up.)

8/16/2010 #55

Seuss was a literary genius. His books are witty, funny, and enjoyable by all ages. And they rhyme almost constantly! That can be hard.

8/16/2010 #56

And let's not forget the illustrations. Those were just as important as the words!

8/16/2010 #57

"How true, yes, how true." (said the sour kangeroo)

8/16/2010 #58

Ohh, payback. How very sneaky of you...

8/16/2010 #59


8/16/2010 #60
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