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Ever wanted to create superheroes? What about teen superheroes? Yes teen superheroes my favorite kind of superhero mainly because they're easy to relate to . This forum will be for posting your own teen superheroes. They can belong to any universe not ju
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Well I'll get started!

Name:Lan Davad

Superhero Name:Blasterslinger.


Powers:He is an alien who has the power to understand and speak any language he comes in contact with. Also his race is slightly stronger and more durable than humans.

Appearance: Lan is green skined has big black bugs eyes and has human like hair on his head which is brown. He is skinny and stands at about 6'2.

Costume: Lan wears his normal clothes from home. A white shirt a vest, blue pants and his holster belt.

Equipment:As his name implies Blasterslinger carries two blasters which can be set to stun and fire with speed and accuracy.

Personality:Lan is wild with a dislike of authority. He is a wise guy with a bit of temper to him. He is sad he was forced from his home planet but is in a good mood most of the time. In combat Lan often is reckless and can't keep his cool. He often charges into dangerous situations with little thought.

Family:Father, Mother, younger sister.

Skills:Smuggling, blaster fighting, piloting.

Favorite Food:Blueberries.

Favorite Drink:Water.

Favorite Color:Dark red.

Backstory:Lan grow up on his home planet of Ry. His father had left him, his mother, and his little sister. Trying to make ends meat Lan turned to crime. He became a smuggler of weapons. He learned how to fly a ship from an old star pilot. He did this until one day he was caught. He was banished to a barren planet. However on his way there his ship was caught in the middle of a space battle and was shot off course. He ended up on Earth. He decided since he couldn't return to his home planet he might as well make up for what he had done by doing good on Earth.

Misc:He just arrived on Earth a month ago.

Well there you are.

3/27/2010 . Edited 4/2/2010 #1
detective gemini

(Cool. now set up the story.)

3/27/2010 #2

What story? This is for showing off your characters.

3/27/2010 #3

(Echo......not a bad character there Koopa.)

3/27/2010 #4
detective gemini

Sorry, give me a few minutes to make one.

3/27/2010 #5

Thank you. Why is everyone talking with ()?

3/27/2010 #6
detective gemini

Beats me, why do I see a tap dancing fish? Just kidding.

3/27/2010 . Edited 3/27/2010 #7

Wonder when someone we don't know will come on. I think not for a very long time.

3/27/2010 #8

have faith, koopa.

3/27/2010 #9

I know, I know but I'm a realist.

3/27/2010 #10

Good character, koopa.

3/28/2010 #11

Thank you.

3/28/2010 #12

No problem, dude.

3/28/2010 #13

Name:Jason Carson

Superhero Name:Gamble.


Powers:Luck control.

Appearance: Jason is of average build and has blue eyes and black hair. He is about 5'8

Costume: Jason wears a red jacket with yellow strips. He wears black pants and a yellow mask that covers his eyes.

Equipment:Poker chips.

Personality:Jason is a wise guy with a great sense of humor. Well some people think it is anyway. Also his powers have made him cocky since he thinks he will always get lucky. Jason is easily bored. He also loves thrills. He says this is the only reason he is a superhero but deep down he also wants to do good.

Skills:He is a great Guitar player and a great singer too. These are due to his own talent not his power.

Favorite Food:Strawberry pancakes.

Favorite Drink:Orange Soda.

Favorite Color:Yellow.

Backstory:Jason was always lucky. He didn't get super lucky and win lots of money or anything like that. But he could avoid or get out of trouble. He always missed life's problems. Latter he discovered he could in fact control luck! And not only his own but other people's too. Then one night he was bored. He went out crime fighting took down a couple muggers with his power and loved it. He did it more and more before finally donning a costume and becoming Gamble.

Misc:The poker chips are a dangerous weapon for him because his powers allow him to throw them in a way that he can knock people out with them.

So that's me second hero.

4/2/2010 #14

Name:Kelly Smith

Superhero Name:The Mystic Bard


Powers:Able to cast magic spells and uses her flute to help her fellow heroes in different way depending on what she plays.

Appearance: Kelly is a little on the skinny side and has brown eyes and black hair. She is about 5'6

Costume:Kelly wears a white shirt and pants. the shirt has a hood. She also wears a small cape that comes down to her waist.

Equipment:Flute, pouch for magical items, and a small dagger.

Personality:Kelly is confident and optimistic. She is a natural leader. She always stands up for her friends and family. Kelly believes in protecting the innocent and always doing the right thing. Her moral compass always points true north.

Skills:Kelly is a fantastic flute player. She is also good at spellcasting and leading people.

Favorite Food:Chicken.

Favorite Drink:Dr.Pepper

Favorite Color:White

Backstory:Kelly always knew that her parents were spell casters. And that she was one too. Kelly also learned that she could channel bard magic through the flute. So her parents taught her how to be a magical bard. Kelly enjoyed this until one day she wondered what good would it do. She wouldn't help anyone with her magic. One her way home that very day she came across a mugging which she broke up with her magic. After that she blocked herself from being traced with magic via a spell and snuck out and became the Mystic Bard for the very first time. She has continued to do this ever since.


So there's my third hero. Enjoy.

4/3/2010 #15

cool superheros!

4/8/2010 #16

Thank you! Want to post some of your own?

4/8/2010 #17

sure but I think I have one.

4/8/2010 #18

Okay post it! And what teen superhero comics do you enjoy reading?

4/8/2010 #19
detective gemini

Go on. Lets see it.

4/8/2010 #20

Actully I don't read comics much.

4/8/2010 #21


4/8/2010 #22
detective gemini

Oh, I don't read much either but still.

4/8/2010 #23


Superhero name:The Musical Mime

Powers:Attacks by using any of her instruments

Bio:Rarely talks but always seems hyper

Apperance:Wears a mime costume, carries a staff that can make any instrument she wants appear.

(I didn't think this one out quiet right...)


Favriote color:Purple

Favortie drink:Root beer

4/8/2010 . Edited 4/10/2010 #24
detective gemini

It sound awsome.

4/8/2010 #25


4/8/2010 #26

Good start but could use more info.

4/9/2010 #27

I`ll try one. But I`ll complete it this afternoon.

Name: Thomas

Superhero name: Egon Shield

Age: 17

Powers: He can create force shields and use them in a variety of manners, sometimes even using them in an offensive manner. He can also transpose the force shields from himself to someone or a particular item that needs to be protected. More lower in this post.

Appearance: A human approximately 5ft. 5in., with brown hair and glasses. Can`t really explain more. (I`m speeding up the creation, but for now the result is okay)

Costume: A black suit with green round plating on the elbows, the ankles and the chest. He also bears a drawing of a true shield on the back. His glasses become black, not letting anyone see his eyes (It`s a key point of most superheroes after all)

Equipment: Differ depending on what he finds. He can use most weapons he finds.

Personality: Overprotective, intelligent, logical, imaginative, but however he is also pulsional sometimes.

Family: Unknown.

(I`ll continue later)

Skills: First off, his force shield-making ability can be altered in many ways, he can also decide when some people can enter it for protection and who can`t. He can transpose them to objects when he wants things to be protected. He can also turn those force shields into spike balls. One of his best moves is the rolling spike ball. He runs in his own force shield while he is over the ground and it makes a rolling ball of spikes that destroys many things. Next, thanks to his logical and deduction skills, he can guess how many items function. Finally, he has shown to be a talented painter, but his subjects are not really beautiful.

Favorite Food: Burgers

Favorite Drink: Orange juice and most soft drinks

Favorite Color: flashy green

Backstory: During his youth, he lived in a bad neighborhood of a crime-filled city, and many of his family members died, including her sister. He lives with his father (his mother died from an ill however). In college he studied famous painters of many art movements, and also had art classes. However, after an incident with an endangered girl and a strange opponent, Thomas found out he could suddenly create force shields around him and modify them thanks to his own mind. He has no idea what could provoke this, but maybe a clue is the headaches he has every once in a while...

Misc: His hero name comes from an expressionist painter`s name, Egon Schiele. Expressionists were protecting against the first World War by showing themselves in a disgusting way, which made people want to protect their eyes from those ugly views. That`s partly why Thomas chose this nickname. A funny moment of his youth is when he was reading a humor journal that contained a fake journal, Spiderman`s Daily Bugle which showed many errors from the superheroes (that included Spiderman missing a piece of his costume on the very lower back area...) and he swore to never let those incidents happen if he became one. He couldn`t know he`d become one someday anyway.

4/9/2010 . Edited 4/9/2010 #28

Good so far.

4/9/2010 #29

Now modified.

4/9/2010 #30
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