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Ever wanted to create superheroes? What about teen superheroes? Yes teen superheroes my favorite kind of superhero mainly because they're easy to relate to . This forum will be for posting your own teen superheroes. They can belong to any universe not ju
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Despairing Luck

Dusk: *kicks Gamble's shin* Meanie!

7/1/2010 #271

Lan:Sorry agai.(brushes up against her skin and leaves)

7/1/2010 #272
Peint Ailes

Ace walked into a bookstore and looked at magazines.

(so Lan was walking around looking like an alien?)

7/1/2010 #273

(he has a hood which as we all know from comic books completly covers your face right? XD)

7/1/2010 #274

Gamble;Ow! Look when I thought off fighting supervillians I thought some galatic warlord not some ten year brat with an army.

7/1/2010 #275
Peint Ailes

(haha,okay just asking)

After she was done,she began to hail a taxi.

(Hey,is it okay if her family host a formal party and the bad guy comes?Cause he's a dictator and politicians are invited.)

7/1/2010 #276

(Sure but the guy with the dictator is away but I have plenty of villains fresh off the asembly line. Also a good time for Lan to revel himself.)

Lan:(goes back home)

7/1/2010 #277
Despairing Luck

Dusk: That's my brother your talking about!

7/1/2010 #278
Peint Ailes

Ace began getting ready for the gala.She heard a knock on her bedroom door."Is it okay if I come in?"It was her mother.

7/1/2010 #279

Gamble:Isn't he evil. Give me a break here kid.

Lan:(has received information about help need for the gala and got himself as a server)

7/1/2010 #280
Despairing Luck

Zeke: Dusk, can leave from for a sec?

Dusk: Kay. *walks off*

7/1/2010 #281

Gamble:Where are you going?

7/1/2010 #282
Peint Ailes

"Sure,Mom!"Ace called through the door.

Her mom walked in,wearing a dark green dress."Well,don't you look lovely?"

Ace smiled."Thanks,Mom.You too."

7/1/2010 #283

Lan:(has convinced the guy in charge to let him wear his hood)

7/1/2010 #284
Peint Ailes

Ace began pulling her hair into a curly bun,with ringlets falling into her face."So when are the staff and guests coming?"

"The staff:any minute.The guests:an hour."

7/1/2010 #285

Lan:(arrives and begins preparing for his duties)

7/1/2010 #286
Peint Ailes

Ace pulled on her heels and applied pale pink lipstick."Is it okay if I go greet them?"

Her mother nodded."I'm going to continue getting ready."

After her mother left,she walked down the staircase.

7/1/2010 #287

Lan:(looks up and smiles)

7/1/2010 #288
Peint Ailes

Ace smiled politely back at the server before turning towards the rest."Okay,so I'm going to tell which one of you are incharge of everything.Please split into thirds."

(Just saying:The reason why she isn't paying much attention to Lan is cuz she doesn't know him as Ace.)

7/1/2010 #289

(GTG see you tommorow)

7/1/2010 #290
Peint Ailes

(i gtg too)

7/1/2010 #291

Staff:(does so)

7/2/2010 #292
Despairing Luck
Zeke: Please be calm around her.
7/2/2010 #293
Peint Ailes

"Ok,this third will be in charge of refreshments.This third will be in charge of hor'deurves.And this third will be in charge of cleaning and desserts."Ace folded her hands then noticed something strange.She turned and whispered to her mother's assistant."Why is that server wearing a hood?"

"He told me he has severe scarring that wouldn't look to good."Oscar replied.

"Very well,"she said,turning back to the staff."Please go to the kitchen and get the dishes you're in charge of."

7/2/2010 #294
detective gemini

Oric:*at his fortress meditates*

7/2/2010 #295
Despairing Luck
Dusk: *in the city* Oric...
7/2/2010 #296
detective gemini

Will:*runs through the city *Where is he?

7/2/2010 #297
Despairing Luck
Oric: *sighs* Bro...
7/2/2010 #298
detective gemini

Will:He must be planning something if he tried to invade here. I bet there is more to all this.

7/2/2010 #299
Despairing Luck
Dusk: ...
7/2/2010 #300
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