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Ever wanted to create superheroes? What about teen superheroes? Yes teen superheroes my favorite kind of superhero mainly because they're easy to relate to . This forum will be for posting your own teen superheroes. They can belong to any universe not ju
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detective gemini

Gamble:Right!*uses it*

12/18/2010 #91


(everything freezes)

(A door opens in the air and Mr.Gar walks in.)

Mr.Gar:Good job!

12/18/2010 #92
detective gemini

Icarus:Hey Mr.Gar.*smirks*


12/18/2010 #93

Mr.Gar:End simulation. (everything disappears) This was the final test. You did well. Thank you Icarus for helping.

12/18/2010 #94
detective gemini

Icarus:Any time.

Haku:That was just a test?

12/18/2010 #95

Mr.Gar:Yes. This room can create illusions for the purposes of training.

12/18/2010 #96
detective gemini

Icarus:And ya passed.

Gamble:Oh, phew.

12/18/2010 #97

Mr.Gar:Yep. And now come the normal school tests.

12/18/2010 #98
detective gemini

Haku:*nods and walks*


12/18/2010 #99

Mr.Gar:Wait Haku are you a border or do you have a place to stay?

12/18/2010 #100
detective gemini

Haku:I am an orphan. No where to go.

12/18/2010 #101

Mr.Gar:So your a border. Okay I'll show you and Kid Magic Show and Ice Board to your rooms.EMP your live near by right?

EMP:Yep! Bye everyone! (leaves)

Mr.Gar:This way.

12/18/2010 #102
detective gemini

Haku:*nods and follows*

12/18/2010 #103

Mr.Gar:Haku and Ben will share a room here. (let's them in and then show Ice board to her room)

12/18/2010 #104
detective gemini

Haku:*walks in and then sits on the floor meditating*

12/18/2010 #105

Ben:Your into mediation?

12/18/2010 #106
detective gemini

Haku:I always do this for relaxing.

12/18/2010 #107

Ben:Right. I call the window bed. (lies down)

12/18/2010 #108
detective gemini

Haku:*as he meditated he started to float*

12/18/2010 #109

Ben:(doesn't react and goes to sleep)

12/18/2010 #110
detective gemini

Haku:*was asleep*

12/18/2010 #111

(Let's take 5 from this)

12/18/2010 #112
detective gemini


12/18/2010 #113

(read you later)

12/18/2010 #114
detective gemini

Haku:*was up and about in the night. He could not sleep*

12/20/2010 #115


12/20/2010 #116
detective gemini

Haku:Who is there?

12/20/2010 #117

(A freshman in a gray jacket, pants and a mask steps out of the shadows. He also has a shield with a beta sign on it) Can't sleep?

12/20/2010 #118
detective gemini

Haku:I can't, not at all.

12/20/2010 #119

Freshman:Join the club.

12/20/2010 #120
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