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Ever wanted to create superheroes? What about teen superheroes? Yes teen superheroes my favorite kind of superhero mainly because they're easy to relate to . This forum will be for posting your own teen superheroes. They can belong to any universe not ju
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(Did not know that.)

"Cool huh?" asked Aiden.

3/11/2011 #181
Philosophical Insanity

"Yeah," I said, "I'm gonna try it on." I reached out and grabbed, then placed it on my face. Almost immediately, it changed to match the color of my wisp. "Cool!" I said. "It's a mood mask!"

3/11/2011 #182

"She does things like that." Said Aiden.

3/11/2011 #183
Philosophical Insanity

Hmmm...she? I put that information away in my mind, since it would be helpful in figuring out just who this mystery person that Aiden knew was.

3/11/2011 #184

"Maybe you should go on patrol." Suggested Aiden.

(GTG read you later)

3/11/2011 #185
Philosophical Insanity

(K, bye.)

3/11/2011 #186
Philosophical Insanity

"Sure," I said. "Only, I don't have any real way of getting around. If I go on the ground, I'll get mobbed, and I can't fly."

3/18/2011 #187

"Maybe the roof tops." suggested Aiden.

3/18/2011 #188
Philosophical Insanity

"How do I get up on top of one?" I asked.

3/18/2011 #189

"Climb up the fire escape." said Aiden.

3/18/2011 #190
Philosophical Insanity

"Okay. See you later, then." I ran out the door, back to the same same general area I was in when I fought Warborn, changed, and climbed up the fire escape. I began leaping from rooftop to rooftop, coming close to falling off a couple of times.

3/18/2011 #191

"Hey mommy!" I heard from below. "There's some weird person on the roof!"

3/18/2011 #192
Philosophical Insanity

I sighed, slightly annoyed that I was being referred to as a 'Weird Person'.

3/18/2011 #193

Then I heard an explosion nearby.

3/18/2011 #194
Philosophical Insanity

Finally! I turned to the source of the explosion, leaping from building to building until I accidentally tripped off one. Fortunately, my wisp kicked in and carried me to the site of the explosion.

3/18/2011 #195

A police car went flying over my head.

3/18/2011 #196
Philosophical Insanity

(My internet freaked out on me, sorry for the delay.)

I wasted no time in getting over to where the police car had come from.

3/18/2011 #197

(That fine)

There were some guys in sky masks around a bank with a broken window carrying out bags.

3/18/2011 #198
Philosophical Insanity

I breathed a sigh of relief. No super-powered crazies here, just some normal robbers. I ran over, preparing to fight them.

3/18/2011 #199

Suddenly a blast of extreme heat sent me flying backwards.

3/18/2011 #200
Philosophical Insanity

I sighed again. I seemed to be sighing a lot today. Fortunately, my wisp caught me before I hit the ground, but it was still painful. I looked around, trying to find the source of the heat blast.

3/18/2011 #201

A guy in a red raincoat stepped out of the bank. "What's going on out here?"

3/18/2011 #202
Philosophical Insanity

I stepped forward. "Me."

3/18/2011 #203

"...Kill her." he said. The thugs trained their guns on me.

3/18/2011 #204
Philosophical Insanity

"No thank you," I said. My wisp turned green. It then extended a bunch of green tentacles that grabbed the guns out of the thugs' hands. I was immediately reminded of Green Lantern.

(Just for clarification, Everybody can see her contruts, except for the yellow ones.)

3/18/2011 #205


"If you want someone killed right kill them yourself." He said. He shot me with a blot of heat again.

3/18/2011 #206
Philosophical Insanity

I was blasted back again, but this time I hit the ground. I got up a bit slowly, and asked him, "What's with the raincoat? You have heat powers."

3/18/2011 #207

"You really think I would tell you?" He asked. He then shot at me again.


3/18/2011 #208
Philosophical Insanity


This time, my wisp flung the guns into the way of the heat blast, incinerating the guns while blocking a lot of the heat from me. "Nice try," I said before the tentacles began moving on to him.

3/18/2011 #209

He shot heat out of his eyes at me.

3/18/2011 #210
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