Pong and Monsters
A intricate game that is played by every one's favorite monster's
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The Shrouded Darkness

Hey Guys! Welcome to P&M.

Mods/Regs: You will notice there are rules for you as well. This is only to prevent a conflict from happening here.


-Please everyone bare in mind that your actions will reflect this forum. Please do your absolute best to not spam, troll, or flame in the name of this forum. Anyone found guilty of doing this in the name of this forum will be banned.


-Please use good grammar when you spend time in our hallowed halls. This will improve you skills as a writer as well as prevent irrationfrom other members. (Here's looking at you Anna XD)

-We will refuse to allow trolling, or the act of jumping into our forum for the sole purpose of arguing or bullying. Anyone who does this can be sure that the Mods and Regulars are a lot better at doing it than you if the need arises.

-Everyone is allowed an opinion and here, everyone is allowed to voice their opinion, unless it is to offend someone, if you do this then what has been said in the above rule comes into play.

-Should you feel uncomfortable by anyone, at any time, feel free to consult one of the mods. We are here for anyone and are always impartial

-Another thing that we ask of you, is that you follow the FFN rules, as we are on the FFN website.

-Respect the mods and regulars. They've been here longer and we are as close to family as a group of people on a forum can get. We look out for each other here.

-Consequences for disobeying the rules include warnings, the editing of posts and at the very worst bans that can range from one day to permanent, depending on the severity.

If you have any concerns or questions then contact any of the mod team and we will gladly answer your questions.


(Note: This isn't meant to sound harsh but even you guys have to follow the rules)

-All rules apply to everyone, so please follow them.(I know you all will anyway)

-We were all newbies once, so treat them with just as much respect as you would the rest of us.

-Consequences of rule breaking, range from a warning to a ban. This depends on the severity, but I have faith that none of us will do anything to warrant major bans.


(Note: Again, obviously I'm not being harsh but rules apply to us as well.)

-As mods, we have all been entrusted with power, power is corrupting.(I should know) So I'm just going to say that we should all be fair and not abuse this power.

-We are in charge of the forums, if we're on our own or if theres, two, three or four of us around. It is up to us to keep the peace as well as make sure the rules are followed.

-All of us will treat regulars and newbies with the same amount of respect that we wanted when we were newbies. Newbies, this does not give you the opportunity to try and take advantage in anyway, respect is earned, you don't just get it.

-Banning is necessary for dealing with trouble, but if someone does ban then we should inform the other mods of the reason why we've done it and if it is found unfair by the others it will be overturned.

-Breaking the rules involves, warnings, de-modding and even bans. Not that any of this should ever happen, and if its gonna happen to anyone it'll be me...so...yeah. XD.

-Both us and the regulars are awesome and don't any of you forget it..

-The basis of these rules were borrowed from ALPoh, but have been re-worded by Shrouded Darkness.

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