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Kai Yukimura

thank ya

4/16/2010 #61
Commissar Danno

Name: Juniper Jeager.

Age: 16




Eyes: Green.

Body type: See image.

Anything else: See picture.

Personality: much like her fathers, except she is not graceful in defeat and will take revenge for minor incidents.

Other: shes a pagan and likes green apples.

Past: shes the daugter of Jon Jeager.

Gender intrests:... N/A.

5/15/2010 #62
Commissar Danno

Is she accepted?

5/17/2010 #63
Kai Yukimura

sure XD

5/17/2010 #64
Princess of All Cosmos

Name: Konoe

Age: 11

Gender: Female

Appearance: Long black hair with red streaks and bangs, 5' tall. Black eyes that turn red. Asian. Always wears dark colors. Has vampire fangs but hates vampires.

Hair color: Long black hair down to her waist with red streaks and blue highlights.

Eye color: Black-ish brown that turns red when she gets really mad.

Body type: Short and agile.

Personality: Gets pissed easily, and usually resorts to violence (usually hand-to-hand combat). And she's good at it. However, when she does get a weapon, she can use anything that's not a hammer. Usually quiet and has nothing much to say. However, she's nice once you get to know her. She hates it when people call her a child or short.

History: Her town got burned down with everyone else. She wandered around for days looking for food and collapsed in front of the town and was taken in by the villagers.

Other: Never gets full and eats too much meat but somehow always stays skinny. Kills monsters and gathers fruit to earn money. Hates God and everything that has to do with him so stays away from church.

Gender Interests: Likes guys who are funny, short, and have a bit of meat on them (no pun intended).

6/1/2010 . Edited 6/3/2010 #65

Nice character. Just wait for Kai's OK, and we're good to go.

6/1/2010 . Edited 6/1/2010 #66
Kai Yukimura

Sure I like it ^0^

6/2/2010 #67
Princess of All Cosmos

Hmm....I'm gonna tweak my profile a bit so I can make an appearance -_-

6/2/2010 #68
Commissar Danno

Name: Gordi Mcgregor

Age: 105(Bout 20 in human years)

Gender: Male.

Appearance: 4'10,250 pounds

Hair Color: See picture

Eye Color: Blue

Body Type: See picture.

Anything Special: Hes a slayer that seeks death by fighting horrible beasts.

Personality: Grim and funny.

Other: Carrys an rune ax, and is sustained by dwarven beer.

Past: Before he took the oath of a slayer, Gordi was warrior for his clan, that was till one battle in which he ran as all his comrades died, over come with grief he took the slayer oath, to regain hiis honor

Gender interests: Straight.

6/2/2010 . Edited 6/2/2010 #69
Princess of All Cosmos

XD your dwarf likes bagpiping and his gender interests are "straight" for him to get accepted....there should be west coast moderators and east coast moderators or somethin -_-

6/2/2010 . Edited 6/2/2010 #70
Commissar Danno

Ya you West, me East, I'll fix that(spell check is not working.)

6/2/2010 . Edited 6/2/2010 #71
Princess of All Cosmos

Where do you live?? Cali is awesome, it has the most pollution AND the most population, which means more disease!!

6/2/2010 #72
Commissar Danno

North east, I don't want to be more specific.

6/2/2010 #73
Kai Yukimura

I live in west too XD lol and approved

6/3/2010 #74
Princess of All Cosmos

XD lol seriously??? Well I'm not as crazy to wake up at 5 am or something liek that!!

6/3/2010 #75
Princess of All Cosmos


6/3/2010 . Edited 6/3/2010 #76
Kai Yukimura

lmao xD

6/4/2010 #77

Well I'm not as crazy to wake up at 5 am or something liek that!!

Ahem. I ahd yoga class, andI was bored. I had woken up at 4, before my alarm rang, and I was all ready forclass, but I was bored out of my mind. So I was on the comp, and so were you guys.

*suddenly very defensive*

6/5/2010 #78

My second character...yay!

Name: Lily.

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Appearance: Long, ruby red hair till her back. It's usually tied back in a ponytail. Wears a white half sleeved shirt and short, dark-orange colored skirt. Wears shoes which are a bit like heels, but they're high on both ends, making it look strange-ish.(I don't search for pictures about her, just imagine people, imagine.)

Hair Color: Red.

Eye Color: Golden.

Body Type: Proper body type for a 19-year-old.

Anything Special: She is Rebbecca's older sister who finally came back home after studying medicine. She isn't an elf (which means Reb is adopted, okay?).

Personality: Nice, kind, sweet. Won't lose her temper easily, but will do so if you injure yourself badly. Otherwise very happy and nice. Can't respond too well to her sister's teasing.

Past: Lived in the city learning medicine. Came back home after studying.

Gender interests: STRAIGHT~


Hoho! I finished! Now for Kai's OK!

6/5/2010 #79
Princess of All Cosmos

On weekends, I usually wake up from 10-12.....and nice character!!

Lol...everyone's interests are "straight".....

6/6/2010 #80
Commissar Danno

Not all, Hope is the odd one out and Juniper is... well that depends on who gets to her first .

6/6/2010 . Edited 6/6/2010 #81
Kai Yukimura

Jeez no need to yell STRAIGHT and Hope doesn't look totally like the one i picked her picture as. Just the closest thing XD Hope is just dense :P and that what happens when she has some samurai in her body that use to be a man but no is female XD

Accepted ^-^ Imma make a new character :D (don't worry, some of my characters shall DIE XD]

Name: Tsu

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Appearance: A mysterious man with black hair that reaches shoulders, pulled into a low ponytail and bangs that cover his velvet eyes. He has pale skin and wears a large black hat and a black cloak with armor underneath with several different tools and weapons.

Hair Color: Black, reaches to shoulder and pulled into low ponytail. Bangs slightly cover eyes.

Eye Color: Velvet

Body Type: Lean but muscular build

Anything Special: Master at several weapons. A bounty hunter and collector of monsters or strange things. Enjoys knowing things and experimenting. Excellent markmanship with his creations, his own guns.

Personality: A bounty hunter who hunts monsters or rare things, he is sharp and persice. Calm and collective but very stubborn and seems to have fun with his work. He always is trying to discover things and pick it apart so it makes sense. Sometimes talks in rhymes or riddles. He is interested in Hope because she is the only wolf/person he has met and he often hunts her down.

Other: Loves treasure, hates things that are simple.

Past: Traveled around the world to hunt rare items or things.

Gender interests: Straight but not real interested

6/7/2010 . Edited 6/7/2010 #82
Commissar Danno

Thats a witch hunter/Inquisitor if I've ever seen one.

6/7/2010 #83
Kai Yukimura

lol XD

6/7/2010 #84
storia de acero

Name: Darek

Age: 14

Gender: Male


Minus the leaf and mask.

Hair Color: Blonde but turns a bit green at the tips.

Eye Color: Look up

Body Type: Can you just look up please.....

Anything Special:

Personality: Bubbly and cheerful he is a prankster at heart. He is not kluktzy being able to climb trees and get back down with no problems. Though he is not pushy sometimes he will recommend some of his items to you when you ask for something. He tends to over react a bit but really he is doing it on purpose.


Likes: Apple Pie, desserts and fruit

Dislikes: Vegetables especially carrots,

He is only here some of the time because he will have go to other towns to trade and sell too.

Pet wooly name: Fuzzy

Past: What to say. When he was a child he had a pet wooly. He got that wooly from a stranger who came one day. After hearing some tales about foreign lands Darek decided. He was going to be a traveling merchant. So thus at the age of 13 Darek collected some items from his home town and started traveling the world selling, trading, and buying items from many foreign lands.

Gender interests: He is straight

6/17/2010 #85
Commissar Danno

That makes two dareks

6/17/2010 #86
Kai Yukimura

[well my Derek is spelled Derek. His Derek is spelled Darek XD]

6/18/2010 #87
storia de acero

Well at least you have your traveling merchant now.

6/21/2010 #88

Hope you don't mind if I join.

Name: Snow (He keeps his real name to himself. He renamed himself after his favorite thing in the entire world.)

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: 6 feet tall, and around 160 pounds. He wears a ruffled black suit with a chest pocket and a white tie. Also wears white slack pants, black socks, black shoes, and white smithing gloves. He's not your typical looking blacksmith, that's for sure. Yellowish-white skin that's well toned thanks to being in front of the forge.

Hair Color: Long, clean brown hair that's combed down to halfway between his neck and shoulders. It spikes a bit at the ends.

Eye Color: Heterotrophic silver and red.

Body Type: Slightly muscular, but he's not ripping out of his clothes or anything.

Anything Special: An expert blacksmith, he loves forging different weapons and armors and testing them out himself. He also has a knack with musical instruments.

Personality: Silent most of the times, but very wise. Whenever the need arises, he interjects and takes charge of an otherwise unwinnable situation and calms the other people involved. He has a bit of a peacekeeper mindset and verbalizes it with his actions. He hates those who commit crimes or perform injustices and does whatever he can to bring them to the law, even if he has to use vigilante means.

Other: Loves cherry blossoms, nature, music, citrus fruits, and stars. Dislikes fish and snotty people. Lives in his newly established smithy in the town.

Past: Born and raised in Kardia, he was always adventuring the land and helping out with Leo in the smithy. As he did oddjobs for the blacksmith, he began picking up smithing techniques and started making wooden swords using said techniques. Snow's father saw what a good job he was doing with crafting and asked Leo to be the boy's mentor. Soonafter, Snow became an apprentice to Leo and was trained in the blacksmithing craft. After his training was complete, Snow set out to find a place to start a business and chose Avilon as the best choice.

Gender interests: Straight, looking but not desperately looking.

7/3/2010 . Edited 7/3/2010 #89
Kai Yukimura

Cool ^-^ Accepted

7/3/2010 #90
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