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Kai Yukimura

yup XD at least I added that my character was actually just a creature created by spirits. I don't remember anything like that. OOOOO and maybe once she disappears, everyone forgets her existence O.o

6/3/2010 . Edited 6/3/2010 #31
Princess of All Cosmos

Ohh yeah....maybe something like Shakugan no Shana!!! If you've watched it, that is.........

6/3/2010 #32
Kai Yukimura

Well actually I was thinking more of Kannazuki no Miko and no I haven't seen Shakugan no Shana i think O.o

6/4/2010 #33
Princess of All Cosmos

Hmm....well, there's these things called Tomogara who devour power of existence. In order to prevent people from noticing, these hunters called 'Flame Haze' replace those devoured people with things called 'Torches', who look like the devoured person but with a much more emo personality. These people gradually become less and less noticed until finally, when their power of existence runs out, then they disappear unnoticed, forgotten by everyone (even pictures and their name disappears).

6/6/2010 #34
Commissar Danno

So Tok do you have any story ideas that you want to share with us?

6/6/2010 #35
Princess of All Cosmos about the monster inside of Hope gets awakened inside some sort of holy shrine and she turns into a completely different person, attacking all of the villagers??

6/6/2010 #36
Commissar Danno

Uhh, I think the only problem with that is that Hope is a Holy(Or at least a lawfully good character)

6/6/2010 #37
Princess of All Cosmos

Well, isn't the Silver Wolf and a warrior kinda sealed inside her? So, doesn't that make her good and bad?

6/6/2010 #38
Commissar Danno

That makes her good, she's suppose to be fighting the evil dark creatures.

6/6/2010 #39
Kai Yukimura

Well she is lawfully a good character because of the spirits that created her. Not all monsters are bad exactly and was created where the land of the spirits. Though Hope is mostly her normal self, her wolfish self will come out soon and turn into a totally different personality, but not neccissary bad. Just scary as hell XD

6/7/2010 #40
storia de acero

I'm not sure if this is related or not but can my character make a request board?

6/21/2010 #41
Commissar Danno

Whats that?

6/21/2010 #42
Kai Yukimura

it's in RF2 XD it is used for the main character to do jobs for the townsfolk. or in this case, jobs between townspeople. And yes you can.

6/21/2010 #43
Kai Yukimura

I am randomly going to put character story lines XD (remember characters can't know unless told)

Sarine~ she was a normal peasant girl when she was little at the age of six, living in a small cottage with her family. Till one day her father angered a neighboring king and was demanded to give up one of his daughters as a price since they were too poor to pay for his dreadful deed. Her two older sisters refused to leave, and so, Sarine volenteered to go instead, which her sisters were happy out and practically kicked her out of the house. At first, she lived as a servant girl till she was ten when she decided to practice with a spear. The captain had saw her performance and though she had talent in the field and so he trained her for four years till she was as skilled as top general, leading armies into victories against enemy kingdoms. She was pleased with her life, enjoying her skill in battle, till one day a rich noble fell in love with her after seeing her great skill and potential and demanded that she married him and have his children, believing that their children would be the greatest. She refused of course, until he threatened to burn her family's cottage down. She finally submissed for that demand. After she was defiled, the King threw her out of the kingdom, angered that she had went against the law. Noble's and peasants were never to be together. He did not execute however, since she did leave him with many victories. She returned to her family's cottage, only to find it burnt to the ground and no trace of her family. A passing merchant had told her that thieves had slaughtered the house hold, tooken their belongings then burnt the cottage down. She had sacrificed her place of a general and her womanhood for nothing. She rebuilt the cottage on her own and gave birth to the children. One a boy and the other a girl. She had named the boy Zack and the girl Rose. Despite them being the offspring of a man who she never loved and defiled her, she loved them. She raised them and lived happily. It was hard getting buy and she had to work hard to take care of them, till she was exhausted and ready to drop dead, still she was happy. Fifteen years later though, that one day, took that happiness away. A band of monsters had risen from the dungeons for some reason, they never left but that day they did for some reason. She was ambushed. She used the spear she had taken from the castle and fought as best as she could but it wasn't good enough. After slaying the monsters, she had found her children's bodies lifeless and cold. She was devestated and she cried, losing the only thing she had left. She buried them and left, too sad to live in that cottage any longer. She traveled, not knowing where to go. Till she came to Avilon. And decided she would start over and help those who needed her. Till the day she joined her departed children.

Derek~ As a young boy he was quiet, having no one to talk to since there weren't that many children around. He did everything by himself, never relying on others. There were only two people he cared about. His little sister Jessie and his mother. He actually smiled when around them and showed lots of affection. When he was eight years old though, his sister was mauled by a ogre. She survived for a little while, but the doctor back then didn't have enough materials because he had no money to buy them with. And so, he watched his little sister slowly die before his eyes. Not long after, he and his mother were taking a walk and he had tripped and fallen off a cliff. His mother jumped after him, catching him in the air and used her body to protect him from the impact. When he regained concious, she was lied on the ground motionless. He thought she was dead. The doctor said that she had went into a harsh coma and there was only one thing that could save her. A ancient medicine long forgotten. Four ingriedients that are never found, and are extremely expensive and only a expert doctor could even make it. She only had fourteen years to live. Derek was devestated but he decided to work hard to earn enough money. He worked at every job he could find, even went into dangerous dungeons to get items and sell them. Everyday he worked. At the age of ten he was taken as a apprentice to be a doctor. He studied harshly in medicine. Working hard to earn money to get both supplies for the clinic so the same thing won't happen to someone that happened to his sister, and some for his mother. Of course, he shows none of his problems to anyone, not even his own father. Some believe he overworks for no reason, but he doesn't care of rumors or gossip. So far he has three of the items, time is running out though.

7/5/2010 . Edited 7/5/2010 #44

I think I'm going to have Snow be the son of Raguna and Mist. As such, he'll end up being an Earthmate. Thanks to this, he can communicate with monsters and become friends with him. But he's supressing this gift out of ignorance to it. He doesn't want to end up like his father, as he's heard about the hardships he had to endure as an Earthmate. Eventually, though, he'll end up accepting his power and using it.

7/5/2010 #45
Kai Yukimura

cooool :D

7/5/2010 #46

Thankies. I hope that you liked that idea. :o

7/5/2010 #47

Ooh, we get to make a storyline for our characters? Awesome! I'm in!


Lily. She studied in the city to become a doctor, and she did after 5 years of intense studying. Her mother and father died a long time ago due to an epidemic. She had to go through a lot since then, but she eventually managed to get into the best school and college in the Norad kingdom. She met Reb a year before her parents died, because they had adopted her(Reb) then. They were rather distant at first, but now they really love each other. She moved over to Avillion because she thought it would be a better place to live in rather than the place their parents died. Pretty much, a normal person's life. Except the dad-and-mom-died thing.

Rebbecca. Rebbecca is a half-elf. Lily's parents found her at their doorstep one day. They wanted a second child, so they took her in. She eventually grew to be a regular tomboy who loved to play more than actually work. When her parent's died, Reb was crushed, but she managed to stay strong to help her sister. When they moved to Avillion, she got her own farm and called it 'Conjugate Farm'. Nobody knows why, though. However, Reb doesn't know that her mother is he princess of the elves. She(Reb's mother) is the heir to the throne of the elves. Reb's mother is now the queen of elves. Her father was a human who had visited the nation of elves at that time. After the princess gave birth to Rebbecca, the Council of Elves took the baby and left it in a town nearby. Thus began her life as Rebbecca, a half-elf in a human family and not Aquina, the heir to the throne of the Nation of Elves.


Wow, I'm good. At making stuff up, I mean.

7/7/2010 #48
Kai Yukimura

ooooo Rebbecca's sounds sweeeet XD

7/7/2010 #49

I guess so...I tried a bit hard to get it through nicely. I mean, it's all very clear in my head, but telling others what's on your mind, ugh, HARD!

Have you ever had that problem?

7/8/2010 #50
Kai Yukimura

lots and lots of times O.o

it's like "I know what I mean but I can't explain in words that you'll understand' XD

7/8/2010 #51

I KNOW! It's sooo pissing off...

7/10/2010 #52
Kai Yukimura

I know DX curse it!

7/10/2010 #53
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