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Moe-Doki 008

♦ Rider Character Biography Format ♦

Name: (Full name)

Alias: (Nickname)

Gender: (Female/Male, homosexual, animal, cyborg, etc.)

Age: (Unknown is accepted)

Appearance: (Hair styles, colors, H-accessories. Eye shape, color, E-accessories. Skin color, texture. Height-Weight. Special quirks, markings, tattoos. Links and URLs are accepted)

Clothing: (Top, bottom, socks, leggings, body accessories)

AT-History: (I only need the history of when she/he/it had started riding ATs. A brief background would do. 3-4 sentences are needed.)

Road: (The road your character rides. If the road is not one of the main road, please send me a brief explanation about it, and some of its tricks.)

Class/Division: (A,B,C,D,E,F, and King only)

AirTreck: (2,3,4-wheeled ATs/Roller ball-type/Regalia.Appearance, custimization, outer rim materials, etc.)

Team(s): (choose one of the three teams: inferno/rebellion/phoenix)

Tuner(s): (Name(s)-Author username(s)

Other informations: (Likes, dislikes, crushes, arch nemesis, phobias, etc.)

4/1/2010 . Edited by LoboZ, 4/2/2010 #1
Moe-Doki 008

Name: Lina Clyne

Alias: L-chi, Lina or Lumina

Gender: Straight-Female

Age: 16


Clothing: Sometimes Lina wears a formal Lolita black dress. But usually she wears a casual white lose T-shirt and red checkered skirt

AT-History: (---TO BE EDITED--)

Road: Flame Road

Class/Division: B-class

AirTreck: 2-wheeled standard ATs. The base is colored red with purple linings. (Soon, will evolve)

Team: Phoenix

Other informations: I LOVE MONEY. I hate guys who are useless.

4/3/2010 #2

Name: Sanada Kiroko

Alias: Silver Fang or Kiko(-chan)

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Appearance: She has a tattoo of Rebellion's emblem on her left shoulder joint.

Clothing: Black sleeveless T-shirt. White unzipped hoodie. Black demin cargo pants with a chain hanging from her right hip to the back. Black fingerless glove on left hand and cloth wrist band on right hand. Three silver ear-studs on the back of her left ear.

AT-History: Started riding AT at the age of 10. Kiroko, though smart, was expelled from school for violence and ran away from her family. Currently, she's staying at the base of the Rebellion team as her home.

Road: Death Road

Class/Division: King/Queen

AirTreck: 2-wheeled ATs/Roller/Regalia( silver as base instead. Her AT was customized to suit her style of running.

Team(s): Rebellion

Other informations: NIL

4/3/2010 . Edited 4/3/2010 #3

♦ Rider Character Biography Format ♦

Name: Gecca Ramck

Alias: Gecca

Gender: Male

Age: 16


Clothing: Wear a black cargo pants and this kind of jacket (the left one) :

AT-History: Have been riding AT since 3 years ago. Tried AT but finally become addicted to it. Joined phoenix because interested in their goal (yes, money)

Road: Wolf road

Class/Division: B

AirTreck: 2-wheeled standard AT. With blue base and white fang-shaped lining on each side

Team(s): Phoenix

Tuner(s): N/A

Other informations: Loves to grin around

4/3/2010 #4
The Nadcromancer

♦ Rider Character Biography Format ♦

Name: Judah Garott

Alias: Judah, Jude

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Appearance: Hair: pale blonde (usually tied in a short ponytail with a violet band), eyes: indigo

Clothing: Brown ear flaps, short-sleeved black leather jacket, white undershirt, jeans, aquamarine pendant, metal red-painted gauntlets, brown army boots (if his AT's aren't on)

AT-History: (still undecided)

Road: Tempest Road

Class/Division: B

AirTreck: 2-wheeled standard AT's, olive green base with darker green flame-shaped linings

Team(s): Inferno

Tuner(s): N/A

Other informations: Extremely cocky and arrogant to the extent of annoying his fellow teammates to the core.

4/3/2010 . Edited 4/4/2010 #5
Mai Sachiyuki

Name: Amiya Nami

Alias: Miya, The Rumble Queen

Gender: Female

Age: 19



AT-History: She started out about 7 years ago on ATs. Her only wish for riders to ride freely without discrimination. One of the earlier members in Inferno.

Road: Over Road

Class/Division: A-class

AirTreck: 4-wheeled AT, Black colored with golden eagle wings on both side of ATs. Her wheels are lined with high impact rubber. Regalia: Ram Jet

Team(s): Inferno

Tuner(s): N/A

Other informations: (to be included as RP progresses)

4/3/2010 #6

Name: Jhenella Enlyt Nundina

Alias: enn or jen

Gender: Female

Age: 15-16 years old



AT-History: Her story is secretly hidden, Enn has a dark past she cannot forget specially when meeting other at users.

Road: Bloody Road

Class/Division: B-class

AirTreck: Standard four-wheeled Air Treck. The wheels are spiky torned shoes her at can shoot lazer to slice her enemy's at, her attack can be extremely crucial once it hit your at it can cause a great damage specially when it turned it to maximum mode, It has different sort of tiny needles (the needles can cause paralyze of an at user) and her at's appearance ( man i really have no idea how to describe her at haha …)

Team(s): Rebellion


Other informations: She is a silent person and always absent-minded, she also like to have serious talk with someone and she definitely hates her name, her phobia are boys usually boys who interact with her, she loves to see the moon when its full and new moon.

4/5/2010 . Edited 4/7/2010 #7

Len Hadachi



-- Len is a baby face so he is usually mistaken for a middle school student, but just with a height. Standing at a high frame of 1.8 meters or 5'9 ft tall. Lean and muscular built. He has a double-edge cross on his right arm as a birthmark. Midnight blue is the color of his hair, sometimes it averts into a shade of black. The style of his hair is similar to Roxas' hair of kingdom hearts [see avatar]. His eyes are dull, bottomless and lifeless eyes were dyed in black, making it tantalizing and hypnotic [gracious, am I a girl?].

-- His clothing style is basically ordinary. A pair of khaki pants, stripe shirt, a zip-up jacket-without the hood, sometimes a cloak or a black leather fur coat.

-- Len is a bit of an airhead, carefree, narcissist, and a jerk. And hold down your skirts girls, cause he's a big time A-class pervert. He usually ignores what he sees boring and look for another thing to do or look at. He considers himself as an observer.

-- Flame road.

-- A 2 wheeled standard ATs. Customed for making serious friction, fireproof parts, and miniaturized exhaust fans to keep the inner system cool and lowers the percentage of overheat.

-- A-class

-- Team: Rebellion

5/4/2010 #8

Divulge Sonata Slain

14 years old


Appearance : Her eyes is undentified ( her eye color changes depending on what mood she merely appear) Her Hair (Her hair is also unidentified depending on what season or sun-rays, etc ...) her skin is rosy white, her height is 5'5, her weight is 50.5 lbs, bust size b-cup 37, her hair style is long hair shaggy with a curls at the bottom, Acessories, she wears a ruffled ponytail on her right side and a one sided bangs, She also wears a black wig to avoid being seen unusually.

Clothing : She wears a tons of bangles, a rose necklace( means goodluck and romance) wears an anklet rose shaped, her upper clothing she wears a sleeveless jacket color pink, and a belted gloves ... (well i cant think of any clothing but i can if i can have a long time)

Attitude : Weird, Complicated, Full of determination, Loves to take on heavy trials, Always Alert, Hates to do nothing, Loves poking people, Cute and cudable, Has a mysterious side, Friendly, Totally Vicarious person, She Acts totally childish and she also loves to write to her journal, She also carries a mini bag with her, And she can be very tennacious if she does'nt want something.

Like : With a strong will of faith

Dislike : Hopeless

Phobia : Ghost

At's : Standard two-wheeled Air Treck. The wheels are crystal-like spheres (more like transparent mirrors) which absorbs/traps light radiation/rays. The wheels are covered with flat shields to control the maximum absorption/trapping of the light. Mini solar panel pads are connected with the main power supply of the ATs. A light double edge rocket is connected on both opposite sides of the ATs. Rockets does not emit carbon but it emits light. And this ATs contains five hundred different types of nano-poison gas, and flame igniting chemicals (which can cause the production of lightning). Chemical reaction happens when these ATs revolves and initiates itself.

Road : Aurora Road

Manipulation of different light rays. Only skilled riders can separate light rays from one another using their ATs. This road attacks the senses of the body. Mostly it attacks the sense of sight. When riding this road, it enables you to emit various "light sparks" using ATs.

Light sparks causes temporary blindness and retina/brain defects.

Division : D-class

Team : Valhalla (past team)

Secret Alliance (Current team)

5/4/2010 #9
Moe-Doki 008

To RagingHearts, your character should be on one of these teams: Phoenix/Inferno/Rebellion.

Failed to do so, and your character will not be accepted in the RP.

Please edit it as soon as possible.



5/6/2010 #10
Beyond the Oblivion

Name: Soul

Alias: shade Seeker

Gender: Male

Age: unknown

Appearance: Gem-King-381601158?ga_submit_new=10%253A1372522375

Clothing: Black t-shirt, blue shirt, black jacket/coat, grey straight leg jeans, Black Smart shoes. Wears a black leather Bracelet with a silver spiral cage, inside the cage is a quartz shard point.

AT-History: Started riding roller ball AT's around the age of 14, when his father bought him his first pair. Shade trained hard to learn all that he could with his stylish yet powerful Roller Ball AT's, within seven months he had surpassed his father and equalled his mother, until they were taken in a car accident, leaving him alone to fend for himself. Since then he began to learn the Gaia road and sought revenge for the death of his parents, remembering the AT Gang who had caused the accident, then he eventually got what he wanted and avenged his parents. He soon discovered his path on the Gaia Road, training beyond his limits and gaining the Gem Regalia: The Hardest Apostolica

Road: Gaia Road

Class/Division: King

AirTreck: Roller ball-type

Team(s): Inferno

Tuner(s): Scarlett Wolf Crescent

6/29/2013 #11
Name: Xavier Evans Alias: Eagle Gender: Male Age: 15 Appearance: gels hair to the side making it look rough yet presentable, dark blue hair, silver eyes with slitted pupils, pale white skin, rough Clothing: Wears a black short sleeved shirt with the image of a silver skull upon it, jeans, black socks and blue shoes except for when he wears his A.T AT-History: started riding when he was thirteen on his birthday. since then he has riden every day of his life. though his parents protest he still rides. Road: Bloody "fang" Road Class/Division: E-Class AirTrek: 2 wheeled A.T, blood red primary color and black secondary. Wheels customized to shred skin at will and an engine with "crazy torque" Team: Phoenix
11/28/2013 #12
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