Book of Shadows
By entering the book you are inserted into a place of fairytale, legends, imagination and myths. You are now beginning to write the tales of tragedy, comedy, drama and romance. Once you enter, it's hard for you to escape the shadows. Let us begin our tale
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Roaven watched them from beside the door, shutting it behind them.

5/27/2010 #2,971

Marcus frowns "I'm Marcus. We met once long ago so it's no surprise you forgot me. Hell took me almost an hour to remember your name when I came over here. Look, I'm sorry for the intrusion but I needed a place to stay while I healed myself and your one of the few Vampires I know in this city."

5/27/2010 #2,972
Mistress Brya

"No I don't host parties. My grandfather does and you can stay here until you heal." Valentine turned to look at Bob. "What do you want?"

5/27/2010 #2,973
Mistress Brya

Heath sighed as where Francis asked a different question. "Why'd you leave?"

"Ask your brother." Jaylssa ran a hand through her hair as she turned and headed towards her stairs.

5/27/2010 #2,974

Samantha reached out for Valentine's hand, still feeling vulnerable from the conflict in the forest. "His name is Bob, but I'm not sure what he wants. He seems to just want to be here."

5/27/2010 #2,975

Marcus sighed "Thank you, it shouldn't be more that a few days. As for the monkey, I assumed he was an exotic pet. Lord knows I've seen stranger in my time."

5/27/2010 #2,976

"Is there something I can get you to make you more comfortable?" Samantha asked Marcus out of concern.

5/27/2010 #2,977
Mistress Brya

Valentine held her hand, not taking his eyes off the monkey. He was annoyed by everything going on.

(Ugh... My stress is getting worse....)

5/27/2010 #2,978

Samantha looked up at Valentine and then to the monkey, the tension in the air was thick and most of it seemed to be vibrating from the Vampire at her side. "Tell me what I can do to help you" she whispered to Valentine not wanting him to be upset.

(stress? do you have exams?)

5/27/2010 #2,979

The monkey crossed his arms "Look, my boss sent me to watch over the girl. HE wants me to make sure shes happy, safe, looked after. If you don't like it, take it up with him."

5/27/2010 #2,980

Roaven shook his head, opening the door and stepping outside.

5/27/2010 #2,981
"Oh, that was Chongo. He's an octopus tenticle creature I kinda captured in this one dimension were I saw these tenticle things going in and out of people. Like inside every hole a person has. But they couldn't get me." Crayzee explained putting the bag into one of his pockets.
5/27/2010 #2,982

"So he's a pet?" Bonnie asked fascinated by the life Crazyee had led.

5/28/2010 #2,983

Marv blinks "Suddenly getting the crap beaten out of me seems like a stroll in the park."

5/28/2010 #2,984

Gwen sighed "are you sure you are alright?" she ran her hands over his body to be sure.

5/28/2010 #2,985
Noah is Potato

(Is Greg and Lucius still fighting?)

5/28/2010 #2,986
Mistress Brya

"As you can see, she's alive, healthy and not in need of your supervision, so get the fuck out." Valentine snarled, his hand tightened around Sam's.


Jaylssa grumbled, upset that Roaven was leaving her with her old pack members.

"What's with him?" Heath asked.

"None of your buisness."

"Your not mated so why shouldn't it be out buisness."

"... Is that why you two are here? Did Stephan send you here for an interrigation?"

"No, we just like harrassing you."

Jaylssa sighed.

5/28/2010 #2,987
"Yeah pretty much. But never let Chongo catch you with your pants down or he'll do strange things to you." Crayzee said sounding dead serious.
5/28/2010 #2,988

Roaven leaned against the wall beside the door. Regardless on whether or not he wanted to get involved, the less stake he had in matters here, the better.

5/28/2010 #2,989
Bob tilted his head as he looked and pointed at Valentine "Well, I think we all know who woke up on the wrong side of the coffin. Valentine I'm not at your command, I'm at Crayzee's and Sam's, and also I thought me and you could be friends. You see I like you, but I already know that you don't have much of a heart left to even have any friends."
5/28/2010 #2,990

Marv flashes a cockey grin "Actually I think he brused my crotch, would you kiss it and make it feel better?"

5/28/2010 #2,991

Marcus laughed "Oh shit, you just got burned by a chimp! Thats hilarious!"

5/28/2010 #2,992

Crayzee laughed "And I like ice cream!"

5/28/2010 #2,993
Mistress Brya

The corner of Valentine's lower lip twitched, he was annoyed beyond belief right now.

(Can I kill him?)


Jaylssa got up and slowly made her way towards the kitchen. Heath and Francis following behind her.

"What else do you guys want?" She asked.

"There's a pack meeting tonight with other members, your presense is needed there." Heath replied as Jaylssa simply rolled her eyes, "You kind of have to come, and you can bring your little friend also."

"I doubt he'd like to come to a meeting where all you do is fight.." Jaylssa grumbled.

5/29/2010 #2,994

Samantha leaned down to get closer to the monkey "you said you would listen to me right? Then you can let your master know that I am fine. Valentine is helping me. Go back to him and let him know I'll find a way to get in touch with him if I need to."

5/29/2010 #2,995

Bonnie giggled "what the heck does liking ice cream have to do with anything?"

5/29/2010 #2,996

Gwen rolled her eyes "I will, in private" she purred leaning closer to flick his ear with her tongue.

5/29/2010 #2,997

Roaven looked around one last time before stepping back inside.

5/29/2010 #2,998

Marv turned beet red and grinned "After we eat." he whispered giddily, giving Gwen a quick kiss before turning back towards the food.

5/29/2010 #2,999

"Deal, and Marv?" Gwen replied holding his hand to her heart "please be careful what brown bag you chose"

5/29/2010 #3,000
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