Book of Shadows
By entering the book you are inserted into a place of fairytale, legends, imagination and myths. You are now beginning to write the tales of tragedy, comedy, drama and romance. Once you enter, it's hard for you to escape the shadows. Let us begin our tale
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Roaven shook his head. "I know you're art wasn't that big of a deal for you, but I thought it was wonderful."

5/23/2011 #811
Mistress Brya

Lexi blushed faintly, "Thanks..." She looked down before quickly walking over towards the dress.

5/23/2011 #812

"I'll, uh...wait in the hall." Roaven muttered, walking to the door, opening it and stepping outside.

5/23/2011 #813
Mistress Brya

Lex nodded, picking up the dress and holding it up to herself.

5/23/2011 #814

Roaven closed the door and leaned against the wall beside it, waiting for her to change.

5/23/2011 #815
Mistress Brya

Lex quickly went to go change, before slowly opening the door.

5/23/2011 #816

Roaven turned when he heard the door open, wanting to see what she looked like.

5/23/2011 #817
Mistress Brya

"Do I look okay?" She asked softly, peeking her head out the door somewhat.

5/23/2011 #818

Roaven nodded. "You look fine." He assured her.

5/23/2011 #819
Mistress Brya

Lexi nodded, wrapping her arms around her stomach since the dress was cut out. She pulled the door all the way open and headed down the stairs.

5/23/2011 #820

Roaven followed her, wondering if there was any particular reason she had been given a dress.

5/23/2011 #821
Mistress Brya

Penelope looked up at them when they started down the stairs. "You two are awake!" She smiled brightly at them.

Leeann nodded to them, "Sleep well?" She asked.

5/23/2011 #822

"Yes, we are." Roaven nodded to Penelope, then turned to answer Leeann. "Well enough."

5/23/2011 #823
Mistress Brya

"Very good." Leeann replies, going back to sitting in her chair.

Penelope flew around them, "Come on! They're waiting for us outside." She replies flying to the door.

5/23/2011 #824

"They? Oh, you mean...already?" Roaven asked, glancing at Lexi and shrugging.

5/23/2011 #825
Mistress Brya

Penelope opened the door before flying out and landing ahead of them.

Lexi apprehensivly followed behind Roaven, her hands still wrapped around her body.

5/23/2011 #826

Roaven paused to wait for Lexi, shaking his head. "I know you may not like the cut of the dress, but you can't stay like that forever."

5/23/2011 #827
Mistress Brya

Lexi nodded but her arms didn't move from around her body. She fell into pace with him.

5/23/2011 #828

Roaven shook his head, amused despite himself, walking out to where Penelope was waiting for them.

5/23/2011 #829
Mistress Brya

Penelope grabbed their hands, as they entered the Mists.

5/23/2011 #830

"Where are we going?" Roaven asked, trying in vain to make out anything in the mists.

5/23/2011 #831
Mistress Brya

Roaven could make out the outline of the Mists, but that was about it. Eventually he would be able to see the paths, but not as easy as Penelope and soon to be Lexi.

"We're going to the forest." Penelope replies.

5/23/2011 #832

"The forest? Alright." Roaven replied, looking between Lexi or Penelope. Or at least in their direction.

5/23/2011 #833
Mistress Brya

(I forgot the name of the forest already... damn.)

"We're going to play a game of hide and go seek." Penelope replies.

Lexi laughed, her other arm still clutched around her stomach.

5/23/2011 #834

"Alright." Roaven replied. He was generally good at hiding, and he had a good eye, so he figured it would go well.

5/23/2011 #835
Mistress Brya

The Mists cleared as they entered a lush and vegitated forest.

The group was ahead of them, picking teams.

"Penny and the others are here!" Vern replies as they looked at them.

(I'll be back around 9 o'clock.)

5/23/2011 #836

Roaven began walking over to them, glancing back to make sure the other two were in tow.

5/23/2011 #837
Mistress Brya

Penny laughed and flew over to them.

Lexi followed behind, walking slowly.

"So, Penny is on our team," Vern remarks. "Which leaves Roaven and Lexi on the other team."

(I get my computer back tomorrow! :D)

5/23/2011 #838

"Alright." Roaven nodded, turning to see if Lexi was alright with it.

5/23/2011 #839
Mistress Brya

Lexi nodded her head in understanding.

"Alright. You guys are to hide first, and you cannot use magic to find each other." Vern replies as the others turn around to count.

Lexi looked around before heading off into the forest.

5/23/2011 #840
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