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Mistress Brya

(Summary coming shortly)

This, is the alternate universe to Paradise City. Westchester's Point is a city, in the east of the USA, where Supernaturals dwell.

(Character's from Paradise are allowed here, if they have been already pre-approved. This rp is pretty much for everyone to use since I'm running the main plot in Paradise, and people want to roleplay with others.)

4/19/2011 . Edited 4/19/2011 #1
BlackestNight BrightestDay
Axlan sat down heavily on a park bench on a sidewalk by what looked like the main street. He was homeless, but at least that rabbiit caught at the nearby patch of bush quenched his hunger pangs. He leaned backinto the bench, his worn backpack on his lap.
4/24/2011 #2
HUNK of Chernobyl

Edward stood in an alleyway a lone mouse bellow where he stood, "Ah, looky what do we have here?" The Doctor stooped down and stared at the small mouse a small smile spreading over his face, he pressed a gloved hand to its head, the small creature acknowledged him, next thing it knew, the gloved hand had snatched the small creature up. "I'm going to have fun with this one." Richtofen said an eery grin spreading over the Skitzo's face as he pressed the moust against the wall and pulled out his thin combat knife. With the edge he went to removing the mouses skin, while it still twitched and struggled to get away, its squeeks barely heard under the insane laughter of Doctor Richtofen.

4/26/2011 #3

a little demon girl sat in an alleyway, alone with nobody around to notice her...

Noxalin was glaring out at the street and the people, when someone would come near she spat at them and hid herself under her black cloak so not to be called a freak...

she just sat there, staring. watching. hating.

6/28/2011 #4

Morgan was just on her way home from a hard day at the hospital. She was tired. So tired... Ignoring the constant bickering of Angie and Demo under her hair she just watched the people passing by while walking.

Suddenly there was the feeling of being watched. She came to an halt abruptly, causing surprised yells by the two little birds, and turned to an alleyway on the opposite side of the street.

6/28/2011 #5

when Morgan turned to look in her direction, Noxalin backed away from the opening of the alleyway and hid behind a garbage can, "not a human..." she said to herself as she kept staring at her...

6/28/2011 #6

She didn't see anybody, but could still feel the eyes watching her. Taking a tentative step into the alley Morgan asked: "Hello? Is anyone there?"

6/28/2011 . Edited 6/28/2011 #7

Noxalin thought for a moment then stood up, stepping out from behind the garbage can, her right hand was clenched in a fist and it slowly turned completely black, "who are you?" she asked...

6/28/2011 #8

"I'm Morgan," she replied simply. Looking at Noxalin's hand she stated: "You aren't human. Do you need any help? Do you have a home?"

6/28/2011 #9

"of course I'm not a human..." Noxalin replied, her fist tensing at the word, "I don't have a home..."

6/28/2011 #10

Morgan offered her hand and asked: "Would you like to come with me? What's your name?"

6/28/2011 #11

"umm... my name is Noxalin..." she answered, the black on her right hand receded and she held it out nervously...

6/28/2011 #12

(sorry :P)

Suddenly a drunken junkie came running from the other end of the alley, grabbed Noxalin and shouted: "Gimme your money or this chick will die!" while holding a knife at her throat.

7/15/2011 #13

(lol, its okay :P)

Noxalin was shocked by suddenly being grabbed, but recovered quickly, she sniffed a couple times and made a growling noise, "human scum... how dare you touch me..." she said quietly and coldly, the blade didn't seem to bother her as a black material formed between her throat and the blade, she then spun, the blade not even leaving a scratch and grabbed the junkie by the throat and started crushing it with an insane look in her eyes...

7/15/2011 #14

The piece of trash thrashed and wiggled, but there was no escape. When he fainted, Morgan intervened. She didn't mind him getting a lection for violating others, but death would be a bit over the top.

Putting a hand on Noxalin's shoulder she murmured: "It's OK. You can let go now. He won't do us any harm anymore."

7/15/2011 #15

Noxalin calmed and she looked at Morgan out of the corner of her eye, she then tossed the limp body of the junkie into the garbage cans she was hiding behind before, knocking them over, "humans... don't deserve to walk the earth..." she said quietly, looking at the junkie... the look on her face said that she was torn between listening to this stranger and killing the human like she wanted to...

7/15/2011 #16

Morgan took her hand and gently pulled her out of the alley. "That's true... sometimes." Looking at Noxalin she suggested: "Would you like something to eat? We could either go somewhere - my threat - or to my home and I could cook something for you."

7/15/2011 #17

Noxalin took one last look at the alleyway beofre looking at Morgan, "I get kicked out of most places..." she replied, referring to her ratty clothing and her cloak which she pulled the hood of it down more to hide her horns and eyes better...

7/15/2011 #18

"My place then," Morgan said with a smile and led them to her home.

7/15/2011 #19

"okay..." Noxalin said as she followed Morgan...

7/15/2011 #20
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