Book of Shadows
By entering the book you are inserted into a place of fairytale, legends, imagination and myths. You are now beginning to write the tales of tragedy, comedy, drama and romance. Once you enter, it's hard for you to escape the shadows. Let us begin our tale
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Mistress Brya

Things pertaining to Golden Skies, Sapphire Nights, Silver Millenium, plot wise, characters, etc.

10/30/2011 #1
Mistress Brya


Name: Vanessa Poppy Abernathy

Nicknames: Nessa, Poppy

Gender: F

Age: 17

Role: The Protected/The Lost

Element: Nature; Energy

Attitude: Insecure

Appearance: 5"4; Long, flowing blackish/brown hair, that goes down to her waist. This is often tied back behind her head in battle-braids, so it stays out of her face. Almond shaped eyes that have a liquid amber/gold color. Her pupils are rather large and are framed by oval shaped black glasses. When traveling through the past, her eye color dramatically changes. It looks psychedelic, like you appear to be on LSD, but actually her eyes become the color of the rainbow. Her pupils are covered, sickle-shaped, like the moon in crescent form. Oval shaped face with high cheek bones, perfect cupid bow lips and hazelnut skin complexion. She has a set of dimples when smiling, showing her bright vibrant white smile. Vanessa is petite and nimble, a lythe body of a dance. She has muscles that she simply doesn't know about. A necklace around her neck that has a compass with a diamond at the North, South, East and West points. Small anklet charms around her left ankle. She likes wearing jeans, tennis shoes and average T-Shirts and tank top, nothing flattering her body at all. She is considered a plain-looking girl by most people, due to her wearing glasses and her tendency to dress conservatively. But once you remove the glasses and take her hair down, she is very attractive, Especially when she gives a shy smile.

Personality: Sweet, sensitive, cool, calm, collected, quiet, very thoughtful, optimistic, opinionated, giving, charismatic, bubbly, kind-hearted, cheerful, positive, laid-back, gentle, empathetic, and sincere. Vanessa is very well rounded and is most definitely not stubborn. She is not afraid to ask for assistance, and is generally a pleasant, if not quiet person to be around. Vanessa keeps her opinions to herself, and doesn't waste time with meaningless arguments. She dislikes being the center of attention, and has never, ever desired to be noticed.

She sort of likes being a nobody, who enjoys not being in the front line, and would rather work in the background. She does not feel the pressures of society, even though she's extremely smart and has the highest GPA and is a straight A student. Loves to laugh and look at things with a positive attitude. Though good-natured, she possesses a bi t of naivety that draws her into problematic situations. She could be considered kind of dreamy and spacey sometimes, though. Hiding her problems behind her looks. Does not trust others easily, so she has trouble making friends at first, preferring trees and animals.

She has low self-esteem and is unable to say the things she really wants to when being used by her so-called friends and say the things she really wants to say. Due to her self-image, she intially doubts compliments and things most guys are just teasing her. Extremly shy, beyond belief. When she loses her cool, ti's something rather scary, almost inhumane.

Background: Vanessa is the third, and youngest child in the Abernathy family. She has two older brothers, named Sebastian and Marcus. When she was little she got most of the attention from the family, being one of the only female grandchildren, and being immensely adorable as a toddler since her parents had her when their oldest two kids were getting ready to go into high school the next following year. She is very much a daddy's little girl, she had her father wrapped around her finger since the day she was born, though she doesn't particularly use this to her advantage, though there are times she does things for her brothers by using her father. When she entered high school, her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and before her 15th birthday, it took her life. Her older brother, Sebastian, grew closer to her through their mother's death, since he was about 7 years older than her. During this time, her father entered a little depression and it was hard for him to look at his daughter and easily mistake her for his wife. Vanessa decided that she would do her best in high school and get into the college her and her mother dreamed about when she was in middle school. She is now in her last push of high school, it is her senior year and she is going to be the speaker for their graduation year this upcoming spring.

Skills: Can throw a punch, fight with her fists and talk herself calmly out of most situations nonetheless she knows she can't and then she looses her cool. Light-footed, can run like a bat out of hell. Flexible and has great balance. Her sense do not fail her, especially when she needs them. Also, she is quick to give up when she sees no way to win; will allow others to over rule her even if her plans/ideas are better.

Other Information: Addiction to silly bans, romance novels, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, and Pepsi. Afraid of spiders, roaches and of drowning.


Name: Leelan

Nicknames: -

Gender: F

Age: Unknown

Role: -

Element: Advanced elements; Energy

Item(s): -

Attitude: Dominatrix (hehe...)

Appearance: 5"8; Gray colored hair that has pure white and what seems to be the faintest light blue streaks. Her hair is about pixie length that curls on it's own and seems to stick off in it's own unique style. She has white wolf ears on her head as the tip of it is black. She has a ring of grayish blue around her light blue eyes, most mistake her eyes for being a light gray in color. Very defined muscles for a female as it looks as if she has been through marine bootcamp numerous times. Olive skin complexion. Large chest, tiny waist and a short torso. She wears a black dress kimono type dress that is mid thigh length long. With the black dress she wears shoes that go all the way up to her knees. Part of her clothing isn't from her time period, which can be noticable. When she is in her animal form, her fur is a medium gray color with faint blue steaks going through it. When she is on all fours, she's about the size of a 6ft person and sitting back she looses about 3 ft.

Personality: Mysterious, Serious, Energetic, Easily Amused, Somewhat relaxed, Flirtatious. All around she is a good person at heart though just don't piss her off. She has a violent streak and when it comes to things going on, she is rather serious. Holds loyalty and trust high as when someone loses one of those things, she doesn't have respect for them anymore and sees them as nothing but a pest that deserves to be killed. Is particularly blunt about things and tends to say what is really on someone's mind aloud to have the notion out in the open. She is very strongwilled and determinded to finish goals she has set for herself.

Background: All that is known about her is that she is a guardian...

Skills: Mastering the advanced elements and weaponry, strategist and working with the elements, running, fighting, using a sword, can use a bit of compulsion, when things are too hot, salty things.

Other Information: She prefers her animal form a bit more than her human form.


Name: Parfait Whitten

Nicknames: -

Gender: F

Age: 19

Role: -

Element: Darkness; Acid/Poison

Item(s): Controlling Strings

Attitude: Schizophrenic

Appearance: 5'9; A bright neon color pink hair color that is long to the front of her breasts, usually pulled back into a ponytail. Toxic yellow colored eyes. Heart shaped face with blonde eyebrows and lashes. Freckles across the top of her cheeks and her nose. Flawless white skin over a skinny but curvy frame with a lythe, slim, dancers body. Despite her small stature, she is fairly strong. A very pretty face, her a faint pink that are full, usually turned up in a smile with a ski slope nose that makes her appear a little stuck up at times that are almost always smiling; her knuckles are scarred from her past; long legs that are usually covered by dark colored skinny jeans which are usually covered with chains; also wears long tank tops that hug her body.

Personality: Is the meaning of the word bitch. Vindictive, sly, flirty, hot headed. Cruel, brutal, banter, unresponsive, enchanting, devious, low profile, bossy, hostile, heartless, homicial, calculating, schizophrenic. She snaps easliy and is a work a holic. Likes things to be perfect and hates when they aren't up to her standards. She lies in a blink of an eye. Parfait apperance makes her look enchanting. If she doesn't like you she makes known rather quickly. She despises most other woman that aren't like her. Those who are weak-willed. Manipulates for self gain and amusement.

Background: Parfait is from the modern world, well her body is. Her mind and soul however is from a different plane, the plane where the legendary Six is originally from. She is the second in command and lover of Leviticus, before he was sealed away and burned into the tree with the First. She never has let it go and would like to bring Leviticus back to rule the world again, and change what has happened in the modern world. Originallly, Parfait was born on November 3rd, the eldest daughter to Jessica and Samuel Whitten. She has two younger brothers who seem to be the opposite of her, not to mention that they are twins. She doesn't believe that they are her siblings, they're too sweet and innocent beyond recongnition. Parfait went through elementary and middle school while having a record of breaking fingers and noses. She didn't really have that many friends, and when she got into high school, she was in the wrong group of kids. She began smoking at the age of 16 and has been rebellious ever since. She figured out her true calling when a mysterious man came and told her about her thoughts, more then what anyone else had. And promised her many things. She has fallen in love with this man now, all over again.

Skills: Parfait has rather complex abilities. Acid generation/poison is the advancement of her power, light was unable to reach her. She is able to admit poison by touching the person and either killing them or stunning them or by kissing them basically anything type of "physical" touching. She can transmit it though her mouth and cause a roomful of people to be knocked out within a matter of seconds. Which compliments her personality somewhat when angered.

Other Information:


Name: Naomi Shale

Nicknames: Nami

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Role: -

Element: -

Attitude: Aloof

Appearance: 5"2; she has a round, innocent heart shaped face, with round, bright baby blue eyes and a small button nose. Her face is rather thin but open, with very soft, smooth pale skin. She has long, light blond hair that falls to her middle back. Wavy and silky, it is well cared for, and she always wears this hairstyle loose. She hates tying it up into a bun or ponytail. She has a slender form, that appears at first glance to be quite fragile and lacking somewhat. She wears a black dress with long sleeves that covers her lower neck down to her knees. On her legs there are long black, opaque tights and she wears knee high black books,completing a rather gothic style very well. She also occasionally dons black gloves for certain occasions.

Personality: Caring, cautious, Random, Nervous, Fearful. She feels extreme guilt for what she or her friends do wrong, even if she was told it was the "right" thing to do. Anxious, Approachable,

Background: Naomi is the daughter of a young sheaperd hearder and her mother was killed in an avalanche in the mountains. She is working to become a priestess in training and knows what herbs and remdies to cure the sick and the wounded. Usually there are many people coming to her father's home to have them be cured by the magical bottle she found in the forest one day. She found the healing balm when she was traveling through the country side and just so happened to fall into the marsh. When she got up she noticed something at her feet and it was the balm in the bottle, after that they consider her a magnicifcent healer, but for some reason she can't seem to master the ability to heal all the way. She thinks she isn't too strong enough in her magic.

Skills: This power allows the wielder to have healing abilities. These abilities need time to master, as the balm can turn to acid, if used on wounds that are too strong for the wielder to use. The wielder must have the correct amount of healing magic, to have the strong enough healing abilities. The balm can also destroy undead, if used correctly, and when the wielder is strong enough. The Balm is held in a milky white, crystal bottle, that is sphere like at the bottom, but rises to have a thin neck, and has a small, milky white gem on top. The Balm changes colour, depending on the sort of wound it heals, but is generally a milky, creamy white. It turns a thick, disgusting brown-green, when it becomes acid.

Other Information: She is deathly afraid of heights, a strong swimmer.


Name: Trixy

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Appearance: Neon blue hair, with lime green colored eyes, pretty face like the perfect doll for a young girl. Wears solid black skirt and dark pink colored shirt. She has black gloves on her hands with black stockings and dark pink shoes that match her shirt. Her skin color is an off white color. She looks like a porcelain doll. Very innocent appearance. 1ft tall.

Personality: Promiscuous, lecherous, wild, very much the meaning of the word dominatrix, sensual, seductive, defiant, mischievous, impulsive, manipulative, cruel, bloodthirsty,

Talents: Using items that are very much bigger than her. Like throwing chairs, swinging meat cleaver, lifting up beds and such when angry. Trixy is very good at inflicting Arousal, Anxiety, Flow, Control, Worry, Boredom and Relaxation.

Mini Bio: Is a doll that Aerora created to have a friend after killing her family. Trixy is the first doll that was created and is pretty much a smaller version of her mistress. She very much adores her mistress and does her bidding. Trixy also does her own free range of causing trouble and bothering others. She knows about the rumor and legend and has now been sent out to help look out for the Six and notify her mistress. She sits on the right shoulder of her mistress usually and always has a smirk on her face, as if she is going to do something evil right then and there.

Other: Is very much bi-sexual.


Name: Saddie

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Appearance: Dark purple colored hair that can be mistakened for black colored hair at night. Silver colored eyes that shimmer at night or when very little light hits it. A somewhat plush version of male dolls, like Ken's or G.I. Joe's. He wears dark brown pants with forest green kimono top. He has a black cloak that he wears, trying to pull off a vampire look. 1ft tall.

Personality: Sadistic, deeply disturbed, horny, perverted, devilish, psychotic, dense, emotionless at certain times. He seems to have moments where he goes into a blinding rage.

Talents: When touched by Saddie, the person will begin feeling as if they don't have a purpose, shying away from the world. He also has the ability to penetrate one's dreams. Saddie can create mild illusion within the dream.

Mini Bio: Saddie, is the next following doll that Aerona created a short time after Trixy came to life. More so as a companion and other minion in her small group. He very much is obsessed with his mistress and tends to take her commands to the next level of extreme. He is usually seen to be sitting in inbetween Aerora's breasts. He has taken a certain liking to Trixy, though she beats him up, he enjoys it, being a leech. He likes popping up at unpredictable times and making things awkward. He is assisting Trixy in finding the legendary Six.

Other: Obsession with female breasts.

10/30/2011 #2
Mistress Brya

JobenX:- (I just copied and edited here...)

Name: Dakota Jaxon

Nicknames: Dak, Kota, Jax, Jaxo, DJ, The Ace Of Hearts

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Role: The Broken/The Believer

Element: Air

Attitude: Expressive

Appearance: His hair is smooth, and styled downwards. Medium length, with strands at the side that hang down past his face, in a scene-style. Oh, and his hair is BRIGHT PINK :D. He has bright blue eyes. He also has a small black star tattoed just next to and below each eye, on the outward side. Also a small black heart on the back of his neck. He is known for his very open-minded fashion sense. He wears a black T-shirt with the words "Never Say Never, Unless It's "Never Alone"" printed on it in white. Wears a white leather biker jacket, adorned with black and silver studs. On the back of the jacket is a large, black heart. Black leather fingerless gloves, with white hearts on top of the hand. There's a letter on each knuckle, so when he holds his fists out together, they read, in white letters "DONT HATE" He wears black jeans with a white vine design running down the leg. He wears a silver belt buckle, in the shape of a heart, with a star inside. Silver boots, with a pink heart on top of each. The soles are designed so his footprint leaves the impression of the Ace Of Hearts playing card. When he travels to the next plane, his pink hair becomes his natural hair colour, and his eyes change dramatically. The black pupil becomes white, and the white iris becomes a bright, sunny sky blue, and occasional flicks of white actually pass from one side to the other, like clouds in the sky.

Personality: : Gonzo! A total rockstar! Larger than life! Dakota is very passionate and outgoing. Freindly and humourous. Dakota's loyal to all his freinds, and is considerate. His trust isn't hard to gain, but he'll wonder if someone's freinds with him just to brag. Honest and care-free, and not easily angered. He just wants to live life to the extreme, living life without limits. He does, however, have his darker side... His intial personality may be just an act, trying to hide the f*cked up, insecure teenager underkneath the smiles.

Background: Born in Manchester, England, but spent his childhood in a town called Stratford-upon-Avon, in Warwickshire. He has an older sister, Sarah, and a younger brother, Zaine. He had a pretty good life, with caring parents, although issues with a rebellious older sister, and a new-to-life younger brother, meant that Dakota was somewhat in the background in terms of family life. After loosing a bet when he was 12 that England would beat Brazil at the World Cup 2002, he bleached his hair and dyed it pink, much to the enragement of his parents, as he did it without their permission. Because of his hair, he started to recieve bullying because he was implied to be a homosexual. Dakota started working out, and practised mixed martial arts, which soon stopped the bullying, when he could back up his words with his fists. But throughout his life, Dakota's sole focus is music, and expressing it in all possible ways. He rejected further education and gave his full attention to pursuing a musical career. He formed a band when he was 17 named "Vergil's Crusade" with a few freinds. They entered a band tournament, and to their immense suprise, actually won, which meant they got a record deal from Limitless Records, and has since then been touring the world, performing songs from their debut album "The World Could End Tonight" However, an accident ended the career of Vergil's Crusade with the death of both the rest of the band, and Dakota's own family, as their tour bus exploded at a gas station. Dakota has been unable to put it aside, and has forgone public performances, although has his own solo project, named "Vergil" The death of Dakota's freinds and family has had a heavy impact on him, although it is hard to tell at times, as the old Gonzo fire never left the boy... but if you look past the high-flying hero of music, you can see the suffering in his eyes.

Skills: He's an all-around musical prodigy. He's an excellent vocalist, guitarist, bassist, drummer, keyboard player, violinist, bongo drummer, and harmonica player, basically, he can adapt to any musical instrument, and has a very broad vocal range. He also knows mixed martial arts, just for self-defence.

Other Information: Nothing as of this moment.


Name: Aerona Ausoris

Nicknames: -

Gender: F

Age: 20

Role: -

Element: Fire, Physical Pain

Item(s): Mirror Of Pain

Attitude: Ruthless

Appearance: 5'9''; Shoulder length black hair, with bright crimson streaks that run straight through her hair vertically, seeming to look as if they're flowing like blood. Surrounding her eyes are black, tribal-like tattoos that seem too change depending on her mood, such as getting more intimidating and ferocious when she is angry. Her eyes are completley black, but she has bright red bloodshot marks in them, that all snake to the centre of her eye, where there is a small, red shape, that looks like an X mixed with +. Her skin is literally a dark grey colour, reflecting her twisted soul, but her tattoos are a still very easy to see. Gothic dress style. Usually wears a black t-shirt, which has white, gothic vines and designs adorning it. Wears black fishnet gloves that cover her hands, all the way up her forearm to below her elbow. Black jeans with a white vin design down the leg, however, the left leg is cut off below the knee, exposing her skin. She wears black combat boots, that cover much of her lower leg. Her nails are very sharp.

Personality: She's so deceptive and such a cunning actor, she's neigh on unreadable, but she is not a very nice person. She is patient, willing to see things through, but she is also very impulsive, and will do exactly what she wants to do in order to acheive her goals. She has no qualms about doing something extremely drastic, and gives no thought for anyone other than herself. She's evil, and she will backstab if she gets an oppurtunity. She seems so calm, despite saying some rather twisted things. She will use others to do her will, but she is in no way afraid to get practical and do what she wants herself. She is highly sadistic and vindictive, and is most amused by the sight of pain, even when feeling it herself, in fact, it seems to make her stronger, or at least, more dellusionally unpredictable.

Background: Aerona is from the plane of the legendary Six. In that land, she was actually a princess to one of the most powerfull nations there, and also one of the more benovolent. She is the youngest of three daughters to the King and Queen. She originally looked completley human, with fair skin and no marks on her face. Aerona was very much ignored for most of her life, and only noticed when she did something wrong. Her eldest sister, Ellyana, was bred to be the next heir to the throne, so was always the centre of attention with family, freinds and the public. Her older sister, Dianna, the second daughter, was bred to be a noble, and to serve the kingdom, so her deeds in politics were always well known, not to mention that she was also the heir in case anything happened to Ellyana. Aerona, as the youngest, was left in the background, and with no eyes watching her, she tried to become a fighter, a solider, a warrior, but her parents condemned this notion when they found out, although this didn't stop Aerona from secretly continuing her studies. She once entered a tournement to prove her skill, and made it to the final duel, before Ellyana called her out of her helmet, and then publically humilated her, which earned Aerona getting locked in her room by her father. After much time alone, Aerona's anger grew even more. She escaped once, and went to hide in vast maze of cellars under the castle, where she found the Mirror of Pain. It enticed her, and she heard a voice calling to her. Not knowing what she stumbled upon, she looked into the mirror, and was immediatley possessed by the spirit within, which fed off of her negative emotions, which were very strong by now. The spirit changed her phsyically, and mentallly, and as the changes went on, the gentle Aerona that only wanted to prove herself to the world, faded into the blackness deep within her own mind. In that cellar, Aerona then made plans. Sneaking around the castle, avoiding the guards and then brutally murdered her two sisters, before proudly admitting to the deed in the main hall of the castle. She was sentanced to death and imprisoned to await execution. She escaped that night, and has not been seen since. She left a note, swearing to finish the job, by killing both of her parents, and whoever was the ruling monarch on her return, and seize power for herself.

Skills: With her growing rage came a deep potency for the manipualtion of fire, although the advanced lightning powers have not shown themselves. Thanks to her rage, and the powers of the Mirror's spirit, she can inflict pain with just a thought and a touch. She can cause headaches, stomach-aches, sores, and bruises, with just a simple touch, and if she forces the pressure, she can break bones and do pretty bad damage, even cause death on occasion. Physical damage inflicted on her seems to actually make her feel better, possibly even heal her. She is also adept with sword and shield.

Other Information: Deep inside Aerona's mind is her old self, that part of her that looks out on the world, and regrets everything she had ever done, but this part is so deep in the darkness of her mind, it is doubtful that Aerona will ever be who she was again.


Name: Matthew West

Nicknames: Matt, Matt West

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Role: The Leader

Element: Water

Attitude: Chilledoutmaxandrelaxed

Appearance: Bright blue eyes, sun-bleached blonde hair that falls just short of his shoulder. Has a good sun-tan. On his right shoulder, is the tattoo inscpition readingGettin' Older, But Never Gettin' Old.On his left shoulder, is the inscriptionEveryone's A Hero, To Someone Else.On his chest isDon't Regret, Just Forgive and Forget.Tattoos are black. Black tank-top. Beige board shorts, that just cover his knees. Wears shiny grey combat boots. Wears a black baseball cap, with the brim facing backwards and ski-goggles resting on his head. Wears a black-stringed necklace, that has a sea-shell on it. Wears black cotton wristbands. When it's a little cold, he wears a plain white and smooth leather jacket.

Personality: Laidback to the max, chilled out to the extreme, Matt West is one of life's eternal optimists. He's a surfer-boy through and through, and he always manages to see the bright side in absolutley any situation. He's loyal to his freinds and accepts them for who, not what they are. He is also one daring kid, brave often more to the point of stupidity than nobility. He's always, always willing to help a friend who is in need. He can be a bit boneheaded and stubborn at times.

Background: Matt was born and raised in Anna Bay, a peacefull sea-side community in Australia, north of Sydney. And in Anna Bay, the waves are freakin' radical, dude! Matt took to board sports at an incredibly young age, and every spare moment of his time was spent on the beach with his crew, surfing, drinking and listening to music. He also boxed for the school team. Whenever he couldn't surf, he would instead skate, or even go away a few miles and snowboard on an artifical slope. When he was 15, his family moved to Miami, Florida for better employment oppurtunities. Matt continued to surf and skate and drink and listen to music, like nothing changed. He finished high school, and then pretty much just chilled, much to his parents dismay, so they made him either get a job, or go to university. So he went to univeristy... In New York, where he is now.

Skills: Matt is a highly expereinced skateboarder, surfboarder and snowboarder, and some would say to a proffesionall level. He also knows how to play accustic guitar, experienced at camping and an exceptional boxer.

Other Information: He speaks with a distinct Australian accent, and uses many colloquialisms of his native land. There is nothing Matt West enjoys more in life, than watching the sunset over the ocean, with a cold beer in his hands and The Offspring playing on his stereo.


Name: Harlequin

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Appearance: Medium length, smartly kept blonde hair, with peircing blue eyes. A very handsome, some would say beautiful face. Wears a black tail coat with white frills, and black suit trousers, with smart black shoes. He also wears a tophat and carries a black dance-cane. A somewhat plush version of male dolls, like Ken's or G.I. Joe's.

Personality: Charismatic, flirtacious, seductive, manipulative, cunning, sly, adaptive.

Talents: When he touches people, Harlequin can influence their sexual drives very considerably, by for instance, making them feel incredibly inadequate and therefore more self-consicous, or perhaps making them more lusty, desperate for interaction, and therefore perhaps overconfident, and even more willing to do as he asks. He's also pretty charming, and has a very good grasp of words, especially when trying to manipulate someone. Especially when chatting them up. He's a good spy.

Mini Bio: Harlequin was one of the dolls made by Aerona, but he somehow managed to get himself lost, and fell into Parfait's possession. He serves her, and does what she tells him, especially when she motivates him for making the mission involve sexual relations.

Other: Pansexual, and hedonistic about it.


Name: Azzan

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Appearence: Crimson red eyes that seem to emit smoke. His skin is a light grey colour, and he has very messy, medium length black hair, with two long bone horns that protrude from his forehead and curl around his skull. He has bone-like spikes that curl around his shoulders, arms and legs. He wears a very ragged black cloat that he always leaves open, showing off his physique. Ragged brown pants. His hands and feet are like beastial claws and he has a long, leathery black tail which has a spade-tip.

Personality: Sadistic, violent, demented, horny, brutal, possessive, rugged.

Talents: Azzan is a demon, and his power lies in his tail. He can manipulate it's shape, mass, length, thickness and other dimensions to almost unfathomable sizes. He can make his tail spikier, fluffier, give it the head of a snake, make it like a hammer, and even make it a phallus, which has resulted in him being popular with certain females who believe he can be tamed. Which he cannot.

Mini Bio: Azzan is a demon.

10/30/2011 #3
Mistress Brya

It may become necessary that everyone also creates one evil character (excluding Joben), just have some idea of one when just in case.

10/31/2011 #4

Name: Alden Sylok Dynust

Nicknames: None

Gender: M

Age: 17

Role: The Warrior/The Free


Attitude: Inconsistent

Appearance: He has dark blue eyes and messy black hair that he keeps cut to about medium length and simply brushes out of his eyes, not caring to style it in any particular fashion. Whenever he's thinking or trying to sleep he generally lets his bangs hang over his eyes to hide them from view, though they can still be seen through gaps if he looks up at someone. He is relatively tall, standing at about six feet, more or less, meaning to look someone in the eye he generally looks down, so it's not unheard of for a strand or two of his hair to slide out of place during that, an annoyance he tolerates due to his fondness of the hair length he maintains. He has a relatively lean figure, though muscular, meaning he's only about 180lbs. He is Caucasian, and his face and hands are relatively tan, though his arms and legs are not, owing to his preference of long pants and sleeves. He has a few scars on his torso, both on his chest and back, though he refuses to divulge how he got them and he prefers not to speak of their presence at all. Generally he wears long sleeved shirts and jeans of either gray or dark blue color, though if it's cold he'll throw on a hoodie and substitute the long sleeved shirt for a short one. He prefers wearing running shoes of some kind, generally of brown, gray, or black coloration. He avoids piercings and jewelry, dressing rather plainly and preferring to adorn his shirts with abstract pictures of some sort.

Personality: Alden's personality varies, as he can be quick to anger and slow to cool off once he does. However, most of the time he remains relatively calm, if a bit talkative. He prefers spending his time with others, though he can tolerate time spent alone, and is quick to back off if he feels his presence isn't wanted, seeing little to gain in butting heads needlessly, though he's more than happy to if he sees some advantage to doing it. He talks a lot but when generally in circles, and when he wants to get a point across he'll do so concisely. He is rather intelligent, though he doesn't do much to advertise this fact, as he doesn't like where his mind wanders when he overthinks things. His outlook isn't the most positive, though he urges others to be optimistic, generally expecting things to go back and trying his best to be ready for when they do. He prefers to think himself capable and is frustrated when he finds something he can't do, especially when he has to have someone else help him with it.

Background: Alden is loathe to speak of his past to anyone, insisting quite vehemently that his childhood was no different than anyone else's and that it was pretty much devoid of any interesting events. When he was younger, he remembers, more than he'd like, that he was essentially a prisoner. A prisoner of his own mind, first of all, which he finds impossible to explain to anyone and has little intention of doing so, but more than that a prisoner of his parents, his mothers temper and his fathers alcoholism. He didn't need to leave home to find trouble, it was waiting for him in the form of the 'loving' embrace of his parents. None of his scars were from his parents, though, those wounds, the physical ones, had all healed. He was free now, though, free of them, free of the constraints of his own mind, and free to live his life how he wanted to. It was a freedom he thought everyone deserved. Well, everyone deserved a chance at it, anyway. Some had done plenty to lose that right.

He was put up for adoption and was taken in by a relatively wealthy couple who spent most of their time away from home, which suited him just find. Early on they would have someone stay home to watch him, but he had since convinced them that he could handle himself, and he could always get into contact with them if he needed to. He lives a relatively comfortable life at home now, though he is still haunted by memories of what his life was like when he was younger, as much as he's tried to shut them out.

Weapons/Skills: Alden is skilled with fist fights, having been in more than his fair share, though he also carries around a small knife for when things get out of hand, which he is also skilled with. Beyond fighting he is quick and enjoys climbing and running, though he can't throw or catch particularly well, hence his aversion to sports. He has taught himself a small amount of guitar, though he's a long way from being great with it.

Misc: Enjoys playing with fire, though he's careful not to start a fire he can't put out, and occasionally reads as well, though he can't often find time for it. He's afraid of any kind of suffocation, hates being faced with a challenge he can't overcome alone. Doesn't get nearly as much sleep as he should and turns to caffeine to compensate for that, through tea, coffee, and soda.

((Here's the first draft of my character. Wasn't sure if there was anything specific you wanted for background, so I left that out until I could determine that. Let me know what needs changed))

11/6/2011 . Edited 11/6/2011 #5
Mistress Brya

The background should relate to his role and that should be how he is who he is. Background can pretty much be anything like him trying to overcome being a hostage back when he was younger or a victim of something since he's the free in the sense.

11/6/2011 #6
Mistress Brya

Good Roaven. :)

11/7/2011 #7

As opposed to Bad Roaven? Alright, comma grammar nazi-ism aside, many thanks.

11/7/2011 #8
Mistress Brya



So, anything inparticular you would like to know about the RP?

11/7/2011 #9

Everything. Time period would be good, though I'm sure it was stated somewhere

11/7/2011 #10
Mistress Brya

Time Period starts in Modern, pretty much like New York or Chicago like city, then they get sucked through a black hole of epicness and sent to a different alternate dimension.

Next Question?

11/7/2011 #11

Elements involve creation or just control? I assume the former.

11/7/2011 #12
Mistress Brya

For the Elementals, it will first be created from the orbs around them, until they are able to fully control it which is where they will be able to manifest it themselves.

Those who are touched the Six and given abilities, they will need a starter, or like a trigger to create a spark and control it in smaller amounts.

11/7/2011 #13
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