Gurren Lagann LOL!
Who can you imagine yourself killing off? Who's your favorite character? What characters would you like to see in a fight to the death? Anything is possible!
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An Empty Lot

Who can you imagine yourself killing off? For me, it's Adiane and Kamina.

5/1/2010 #1

Kinon and Lordgenome (again), probably.

5/4/2010 #2
An Empty Lot

I can understand the Lordgenome thing, but Kinon? I, personally, don't think that she's that bad.

5/12/2010 #3

Me neither, but she's probably one of the characters whose death would have the least consequence (besides the obvious ANGST). Not someone I'd have a particular reason to kill off, just, I wouldn't object to it. Genome on the other hand is just an endless wellspring of kickass death scenes.

5/13/2010 #4
An Empty Lot

I completely agree about Lordgenome. If I were a cop, I'd arrest him for child abandonment, child abuse, mass murder, dictatorship, child neglect, child endangerment, being pure evil and ruthless brutality. I hope he rots in hell. Did I mention that he's an ass?

5/16/2010 #5

As much of a dick as he is, I still think he has some pretty cool moments, but yeah. What he does with humanity is disturbingly similar to Rossiu's methods.

Also, I completely agree that Kamina is a most kill-able character. The first seven episodes... don't get me wrong, they're great, they have a very charming feel and are highly entertaining, but the episode 8 event marks a point where the series begins to come into its own, when the awesome cast stops being held back by a manchild with a bunch of silly catchphrases and start showing their own worth. The series gains a plot, a helping of drama and becomes truly emotive as opposed to simply fun to watch.

Kamina himself isn't unlikeable. He's goofy and hilarious, and deserves credit for providing inspiration to the initial DGD. But what does piss me off is his hype; the drooling fanboys who act like he's the epitome of GAR, the kind who have never heard the names Kouji Kabuto or Ryoma Nagare and think teh 1 tr00 badass in anime is this orange-glassed loon. In doing so they ignorantly sideline a huge amount of immensely impressive men and women in the super robot genre alone... in fact scratch that, in the show itself. There are plenty of characters way cooler than Kamina IMO, like Kittan, Viral, post-timeskip Yoko, the various DGD members who lay down their lives in Ep 24, and most especially the epicness that is Simon.

So yeah. My two cents (or pennies, if you will, me being a Brit)

5/17/2010 #6
An Empty Lot

All I think that's funny about Kamina are his mistakes. Which is good, because he makes so friggin' many of them! I mean jeez, I've seen better in math class! LOL, now there's something I'd like to see! Kamina, in school! Hey, that might make a good fanfic... But, I agree about the badass thing; people who see the *coughcough self proclaimed coughcough* mighty Kamina think that they've seen it all. Just the other day, a friend of mine said, and I quote, "Kamina is the number one badass in the universe! Absolutly nothing surpasses him!" I b*tch slapped him, then shoved him into a tree. The idiot. Also, I think that if Kamina had lived, I would have screamed at him to die in every episode until he did, which isn't much different from what I already did.....

5/21/2010 . Edited 5/21/2010 #7
not toenn gun now dead

QUOTE: LOL, now there's something I'd like to see! Kamina, in school!

You got your wish, AnimeGirl. There's a manga and, I do believe, a drama CD in which the characters of Gurren Lagann (Kamina included) are placed in a school setting, but (I think) they still have the mechas (haven't read the full thing or listened to the CD, so I'm not completely sure, but I know it exists). The manga can be found here:

Hope that helps :D

As for who I'd kill off, I dunno really, but I can agree with killing off Kamina. His death was nessecary to Simon and his development, plus, the episodes he was in...well, from episode four to six, I was losing interest in Gurren Lagann and probably wouldn't be on these forums if it weren't for Viral, Thymilph, the Dai-Gunzan and the other Gurren Brigade members showing up and kicking serious mecha aft when they did (which may explain why I like the bad guys of the series so much, but I digress). Plus, if he'd never died, we wouldn't have got Simon the Badass, who often ends up ignored. When I see people on YouTube saying "this show died at episode 8, I stopped watching then", I roll my eyes, because that, to me, is when the show got GOOD. Nonetheless, opinions differ, and everyone is entitled to them...I'm gonna say I'd hijack the Doten Kaizan and kill off all the good guys so the bad guys could win for a change, just 'cause I'm an evil bitch like that. Yeah. Screw the multiversal law of 'the good guys always win'. Technically, when you look at it from the Anti-Spiral's point of view at least, they aren't the good guys.

5/22/2010 #8

Ah, Gurren Gakuenhen. Short, not exactly face-smashingly good, but mildly amusing. I wouldn't recommend it unless you at least liked the comedic, fanservice-heavy early portions of TTGL.

I much preferred the idea of Gurren Lagann as medieval fantasy a la Parallel Works 1 or an 80s buddy cop show (as seen in Double K).

5/24/2010 #9
An Empty Lot

I agree; the show got good when Kamina died. And thanx for the link. I can agree with the statement "Screw the multiversal law of 'the good guys always win'." If the good guys always won, everything would be too boring. You'd always know what was gonna happen next.

5/26/2010 #10
not toenn gun now dead

Mmm, I suppose that's where killing him off helped again - here is a show that, while fun and light-hearted, is not afraid to kill of its main characters to add drama and suspense, which keeps you interested (which was my initial reaction after OMGWTFKAMINANOOOO...I'm sure there have been countless shows worse for this than GL in the past - Transformers G1: the Movie springs to mind almost instantly there - but I don't watch much television, so I wouldn't know). I was upset more in Episode 24 (well, as upset as one can be at a TV show), or whichever one it was where all the minor characters got shamelessly bumped off one by one, because I really liked those guys (even if BlackArachnia and the Dinobots got ten times more screentime in Transformers: Animated than they could ever hope for). Meh. Just my opinion.

5/28/2010 #11

I liked the G1 movie, if only for Unicron.

Also, totally agreed on Ep 24. I especially wept many tears for the hotblooded Kidd, the ever-classy Ailac and Makken.

5/28/2010 #12
not toenn gun now dead

Hey, I liked it too, it was just a bit shocking first time around to see all my favourites getting as blatantly killed off as they were, especially Prime and Ironhide (which is what virtually everyone says, lol). I understand now it was all for toy sales, but at the time I didn't...stupid greedy Hasbro...

Same here. Kidd and Ailac were my favourite minor characters of the Brigade, and Makken's death made me feel really bad for Leite. One of the biggest WTF moments of the series, in my opinion. We're finally getting a close-up of those guys in action, and they...die. Yeah. The hell.

5/29/2010 . Edited 5/29/2010 #13
An Empty Lot

I agree; Hasbro made a stupid, greedy f**k-up. It's like they just said, "Okay, I want all of those cool, background characters to die so we can make a profit." Hasbro is a b*tch, end of story. I mean, Kidd, Makken, Jourgon and Balinbou (I can't spell their names right) didn't have to die! Hasbro was just being a b*tch. I know count Hasbro as worse than Lordgenome. B*tches.

6/1/2010 #14

Uh, I'm pretty sure Hasbro had nothing to do with the deaths of half the Dai-Gurren Brigade xD They were behind the Transformers deaths. TTGL was driven by the need to tell a story, not market shiny plastic as the G1 Transformers series and movie were. Merchandise is mostly an afterthought for Gainax (although Eva has been pretty whored out by this point)

Your rage is still perfectly applicable, though. What kind of f*cktard kills off Optimus Prime?

6/1/2010 #15
not toenn gun now dead

Hasbro is the Anti-Spiral. Trufax.

(I must reference this in a fanfic...)

6/2/2010 . Edited 6/2/2010 #16

What does Hasbro have to do with character deaths?

6/5/2010 #17

Basically the G1 Transformers movie killed off Optimus Prime and contained several other character deaths so that Hasbro could market a new line of Transformers. RAEG ensued.

6/5/2010 #18

I kinda liked the movie. First thing of Transformers I saw(so I was mostly in the dark), loved the part where Galvatron turns Starscream into a crisp.


6/17/2010 #19
An Empty Lot

Yeah, the first Transformers movie was pretty, well, epic. Though, my favorite part had to be when the Autobots changed into cars in Sams backyard. Lol.

7/7/2010 #20
An Empty Lot


9/12/2010 #21

Well, call it a "Radical Revolution" by those with good intentions. But I would agree, the LU do take things a wee bit too far.

9/12/2010 #22
not toenn gun now dead

I don't get it, whereabouts on this site is the 'war' happening? And it wouldn't be the first one...

9/15/2010 #23

Twilight, pokemon, harry potter, naruto, and Axis Powers fandoms.

9/15/2010 #24
An Empty Lot

Plus, there's Soul Eater and Tokyo Mew Mew.

9/15/2010 #25
not toenn gun now dead

The Percy Jackson fandom had that a while back with Honest101. She/he seems to have left now but her/his followers are still around. Storm-brain was actually kinda nice, dunno about the rest. There's a LOT of poorly-written fics on that side of the site though, to be fair.

Ugh. It's that Lord Kelvin, right? Tbh, I don't like him...he hits out at the people who write for themselves. FYI, if I didn't do that, I wouldn't be writing at all. Prick.

And Toenn Gun's on-going vendetta against beta readers continues! Fanfiction is serious business, everyone!

9/15/2010 #26

Whats your beef with Betas? I'm a beta somewhat.

9/15/2010 #27
not toenn gun now dead

Every user I have disliked on this site has been a beta. Coincidence? Toenn thinks not.

Obviously I don't hate them all. Technically-speaking I could be one myself, except I don't have the patience or dedication, and I kind of fail at noticing my own mistakes, let alone someone else's :) Really, some of them are quite admirable.

9/16/2010 #28
Protodermis Kartorak

Lordgenome still had his moments of pure epic and badass. For example: when he beat the crap out of Gurren Lagann BAREHANDED! I don't care if he's evil, you automatically become badass when you fistfight a mecha and win! Althoug parallel works 8 gives some insight into why Lordgenome became an evil tyrant.

11/1/2011 #29
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