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Hogwarts Online II

All of the rules, news, and sorting is placed here at The Daily Prophet News. So please remember to check it everyday!

4/6/2010 . Edited 4/7/2010 #1
Hogwarts Online II

The Hogwarts Online Library is up and running!


Recommend stories in Remus Lupin's List, or plug your own in the Gringotts thread.

And any stories written for requests or exchanges in Gringotts will be considered for a place in the Library too, as will those written for Prompt of the Day.

The Library is for Harry Potter stories only - but stay tuned for news of our multi-fandom Library...

Please remember that we want the Library to be for high standard quality stories. This means that not everything recommended will be put in, but mods will do their best to read all recommendations or stories written for requests and consider them fairly. And please do not be offended if we ask you to correct any glaring grammar or spelling errors prior to inclusion.

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Hogwarts Online II


7th April 2010

Sher (FirstYear): GRYFFINDOR!

Sara Winters: RAVENCLAW!


8th April 2010

Eccentric11: GRYFFINDOR!

Beki (KissingSin): SLYTHERIN!


9th April 2010

Holly (mackgirl): GRYFFINDOR!

Chibi Roxas13 (Sora): GRYFFINDOR!

respitechristopher: RAVENCLAW!

10th April 2010

Chaos Severin (Alex): SLYTHERIN!

kiwiandtheattackoftheplotbunny (kiwi): HUFFLEPUFF!

ladidasituation (Alice): SLYTHERIN!

11th April 2010

mysticfireflower (Mystic): GRYFFINDOR!

severus'girl-draco'sangel (Angel): RAVENCLAW!

12th April 2010

Schermione(Scrunchy): HUFFLEPUFF!

16th April 2010


SchoolGirlHumor (Jayde) - RAVENCLAW!

Slytherin Head-SLYTHERIN!

17th April 2010

Rita Arabella Black- GRYFFINDOR!

18th April 2010

Princess Gillybean - RAVENCLAW!


20th April 2010

Julia Claire - RAVENCLAW!

23rd April 2010

Thegirlofcrazy- GRYFFINDOR


Annie-elise- SLYTHERIN


24 April 2010

Muad-Dib the Mouse- RAVENCLAW

25th April 2010

cookies with milk at midnight - HUFFLEPUFF!

26th April 2010

Ghostchicken - GRYFFINDOR!

27th April 2010

Titania Took - GRYFFINDOR!

30th April 2010

goldeneyedgirl247 - GRYFFINDOR!

4/8/2010 . Edited by Bad Mum, 5/29/2010 #3
Hogwarts Online II

Because people have asked...

Please do not go into another House's common room without a specific invitation from a member of that house. In general, inter-house conversations should take place in the Great Hall.

Heads of Houses reserve the right to delete posts by intruders in their common rooms. You have been warned! Repeat offenders may have points deducted...

4/8/2010 #4
Hogwarts Online II

We have three new threads! Check them out.

Professor McGonagall's Office is for handing in homework - either anything that has been set for a mod; or if you review a Library fic, or write for a request in the Gringotts thread or for the Prompt of the Day. We hope that it will help the mods keep better track of the Points.

The Three Broomsticks is for quieter conversation. No rowdiness please!

And Professor Flitwicks' Prompt of the Day is just that. A word or an idea to get you thinking. Use it as you like.

4/16/2010 #5
Hogwarts Online II

News of the day!

We now have a multi-fandom library hosted by the wonderful Mist!


The name is because Hermione, being Muggle-born will be familiar with more books, TV shows, movies and so on than the Purebloods among us...

And the recommendation thread for this C2, is named after another of our favourite Muggle-borns. Lily Evans' Closet of Books is a place for you to recommend non Harry Potter fics for the multi-fandom library. These can be your own, or other people's!

As with the Library and the Restricted Section, there will be Points awarded for reviewing fics in the community - but you have to tell us you have reviewed in the Professor McGonagall's Office thread - mods are not going to trawl through the libraries daily looking for new reviews!

4/18/2010 #6
Hogwarts Online II

The mods have noticed one or two people saying they are getting out of the habit of writing or are dealing with writer's block. We are here to help! Look in the Gringott's thread where there are currently requests by Sara and Ali waiting for claimants; plus there is the Prompt of the Day thread to inspire you... Points for your House for writing for these!

And now our first official Hogwarts Online Challenge of the Month is posted too. More Points on offer!

So we have plenty to inspire you.

And if you need writing help or just some encouragement, please remember that that is what Hermione's Bookbag is there for. Let us know what you are struggling with and the rest of us will see if we can help.

4/19/2010 . Edited by Bad Mum, 4/19/2010 #7
Hogwarts Online II

It has come to the MODS attention that the threads are not being used for what they are intended for. All students are required to check Dumbledores Office for an explanation and such.

4/19/2010 #8
Hogwarts Online II

A reminder about homework...

There are three types:

1. Write for Prompt of the Day, a request in the Gringotts thread, or for the Challenge of the Month.

2. Review a story in the Library, the Restricted section or Hermione's Bookshelf (all linked in this thread).

3. Specific personal or House homework set by a Head of House. This may overlap with the other types, but will usually result in extra Points.

Please, please post in the Professor McGonagall's Office thread if you think you have done something to earn Points. This is particularly important if you have reviewed a fic in the Library, the Restricted Section or Hermione's Bookshelf. It is totally impossible for the mods to keep track of new reviews for these fics, so unless you tell us you've done it, you won't get the Points!

It has also been pointed (ha!) out that there is some inconsistency in the number of Points mods have been awarding for different things. This is true, and totally in the Hogwarts tradition of different teachers seeing things differently. It's the luck of the draw, folks!

As a general rule of thumb, you will get more Points for writing than reviewing, and there will usually be extra Points for something specifically set by a Head of House as homework either for you personally or for a House in general. (So, for example if Ravenclaws are asked to review Story X for homework, they will get more Points than a Gryffindor reviewing the same story- but the Gryffs will probably have different homework so it is fair in the end; and if a Head of House specifically asks Person Y to write for the Prompt of the Day as homework, they will get more Points than Person Z who does it off their own bat.)

I hope that makes sense...

And the most points of all will be given for writing for our Challenge of the Month collaboration, so if you haven't signed up yet, please do so.

Your House needs you!

4/20/2010 . Edited by Bad Mum, 4/20/2010 #9
Hogwarts Online II

Sorting thread for May 2010

1st May 2010

redsoxandsunshine - RAVENCLAW!

2nd May 2010

GrimmauldPhoenix- HUFFLEPUFF!

4th May 2010

MinionsOfTheNachoArmyUnite - HUFFLEPUFF!

5th May 2010

delete-the-girl - HUFFLEPUFF!

weasleyobsessed - GRYFFINDOR!

11th May 2010

phoenix feather and panda-chan- HUFFLEPUFF!

12th May 2010

Jelinzer - GRYFFINDOR!

13th May 2010

Blonde Pickle Mule-HUFFLEPUFF!

14th May 2010

graciegraceland - RAVENCLAW!

21st May 2010

DoubleCaramel - RAVENCLAW!

23rd May 2010

s i l v e r a u r o r a - SLYTHERIN!

27th May 2010

imlying - RAVENCLAW!

29th May 2010

Bree-utiful- HUFFLEPUFF!

xxx-angelin-xxx- SLYTHERIN!

31st May 2010


5/1/2010 . Edited 5/31/2010 #10
Hogwarts Online II

As you will all have noticed by now, I hope, the first Hogwarts Online Points competition is over.

The winners are RAVENCLAW! Congratulations to them, and to everyone who earned Points for their House.

A new Points thread and a new McGonagall's Office thread for handing in homework will be opened momentarily, as Minerva herself would say. Please remember to post any homework there so the mods can mark it.

But please would all students read and take on board the following, because it is important!

Congratulations to each and every one of you who earned Points for your House. And to those of you who didn't earn any Points at all, but who are still helping to build this place into a lively and fun community. We are immensely proud of how far we have come in less than a month! We are already at number 36 on the list of English language Harry Potter forums, and that is down to all of you.

Most of all remember that this place is supposed to be fun! Competition is great, but let's keep it friendly. And seriously, if you'd rather read a new piece by your favourite author than something in the Library, then that's fine (though you could always recommend it in the Remus Lupin thread to be added to the Library). And if you'd rather write something other than for the daily prompts or your homework, again, go for it! (And you can pimp and promote your own stuff in the Gringotts thread, as well as place any requests for fics there.) This place is about reading and writing quality fics as well as about having fun. We don't want to become so obsessed with Points that it feels like a chore to come here.

Thank you all for being here, and for entering into the spirit of the forum with such enthusiasm!

(A reminder that any ideas for the forum, or any questions can be posted in the Room of Requirement thread or PM'd to any mod or to the Hogwarts Online account.)

5/1/2010 . Edited by Bad Mum, 5/1/2010 #11
Hogwarts Online II

Just a couple of routine notices people!

1. If you post in McGonagall's Office thread to claim Points for homework it would be helpful if you could give us the name you're known by (unless it's obvious from your screen name) and your House, to help prevent mistakes.

2. The submissions for the first Hogwarts Online collaboration are due on May 29th. So far we have received three... Please do your utmost to get these in on time.

(Still time to sign up for the collab if you haven't done so yet.)

5/15/2010 . Edited 5/15/2010 #12
Hogwarts Online II

A reminder to everyone that submissions for the challenge/collaboration are due by midnight (fanfiction dot net time) on Saturday 29th May.

Only pieces submitted by this time will receive the full allocation of Points!

There will be another (short) deadline after this - any pieces received by then will receive a reduced number of Points.

Anything received after the second deadline may be included in the collaboration, but will not get any Points at all....

Everyone - Please make sure that your screen name is on your email somewhere and the title of your fic.

Reminder of the address for submissions - hogwartsonline (at) hotmail (dot) co (dot) uk.

5/27/2010 . Edited 5/27/2010 #13
Hogwarts Online II

The deadline for receipt of pieces for the collaboration is now past, and only those fics we have received will get the full allocation of 20 Points for their House.

But all hope is not lost!

Any pieces received by June 8th (midnight Pacific/fanfiction time) will get 15 Points for their House.

Anything we receive after June 8th may be included in the collaboration, but will get no Points at all. (There will be a new term for House Points starting around then, so it is not fair to carry over Points from a previous term's collaboration.)

The first few chapters of the collaboration will be posted very soon. Please all read and review!

There will be no Points given for reviewing the collab, but we do expect all active members of the forum, and certainly those who have a chapter in it themselves, to review at least most of the chapters. If you care enough to want to be included in it, you should have enough consideration for your fellow contributors to be willing to review their pieces.

And please remember that the later chapters of the collab deserve just as much consideration as the early ones. Please don't review just the first few and then lose interest. Put the fic on alert so you can see when "late" chapters are added and read them too!

Anyone who has not reviewed a majority of the chapters by the deadline for the next collaboration (which will be announced soon), will not have their story included in that.

Please would all authors hold off posting their chapters on their own profiles until June 8th. We would be grateful if you would mention Hogwarts Online and the collaboration in your summary or author's note.

5/30/2010 #14
Hogwarts Online II

Our first collaboration is posted!


So far, ten chapters are up, but more will be added as we receive them.

A reminder (see post above) - there are no House Points for reviewing the collaboration, but we do expect all active forum members - particularly those who have a chapter in the collab themselves - to review at least most of the chapters.

5/31/2010 #15
Hogwarts Online II

Sorting thread for June 2010

2nd June 2010

never-ending nights with you- HUFFLEPUFF!

Dramione Forever - HUFFLEPUFF!

bittersweet cupcakes4 - HUFFLEPUFF!

5th June 2010

howlsatthemoon- SLYTHERIN!

6th June 2010

Consummate Dreamer - GRYFFINDOR!

Loupylou.powell - SLYTHERIN!

Static Lull - GRYFFINDOR!

Nanaho-Hime - SLYTHERIN!

9th June 2010

Mistypelt45 - SLYTHERIN!

Tigbert - RAVENCLAW!

13th June 2010

TheOtherWeasleyGirl0230 - GRYFFINDOR!

greencyanide - RAVENCLAW!

18th June 2010

x-NewGirlInTown-x - GRYFFINDOR!

EclipxedRose - RAVENCLAW!

TheRealRavenclaw - HUFFLEPUFF!

20th June 2010

XxrandomxX - HUFFLEPUFF!

The.Thyme.Is.Right - SLYTHERIN!

21 June 2010

The Tester- RAVENCLAW!

Kei123161- SLYTHERIN!

cmtwriter123- HUFFLEPUFF!

24th June 2010

PhillipWoodhog- RAVENCLAW!

29th June 2010

Faster-Than-Light - SLYTHERIN!

30th June 2010

Echoing Noise- HUFFLEPUFF!

6/2/2010 . Edited by Love From A Muggle, 6/30/2010 #16
Hogwarts Online II

Second term is over, third term has begun!

1. Congratulations to SLYTHERIN who now hold the House Cup! hence the green and silver decorations everywhere. If you'd rather change the colour scheme to that of your own House, you know what you have to do!

The mods are experimenting with a slightly new way of doing the Points. From your point of view, nothing should change. Just keep claiming them in the Homework thread as before.

2. There will be no more points awarded for submitting a story to the "Beginning of Love" collaboration. BUT if (like two of the mods!) your story is still not finished and/or sent in, we will still accept it and add it to the collab. But this is not an open-ended offer - end of June at the very latest please people!

REMEMBER - we expect all active members of the forum to read and review at least most of the chapters of the collaboration. Ideally, all of them, although we do see that there are some pairings/charaters/authors some people just can't read. But please do your best to at least try all the stories - stepping out of your comfort zone is a good thing sometimes. Members who do not review at least most of the colllaboration chapters will not be eligible for inclusion in the next collaboration. (You have until the closing date for this to review, so that gives you pleanty of time.)

3. The new collaboration challenge will be posted very soon, hopefully by the end of the week. Stay tuned!

4. Stay tuned too for news of a change to how we run the Library, and possibly for a new thread or two.

5. Hogwarts Online is now number 24 of the English language Harry Potter forums. That's on the first page! A hjuge achievement in just a couple of months. Thanks to each and every one of you who hav helped to make the forum sucha success and such a good place to be!

6/9/2010 #17
Hogwarts Online II

Collaboration is updated!

Please let us have any outstanding fics for this as soon as possible.

Everyone - please read and review!

6/12/2010 #18
Hogwarts Online II

For everyone in the forum: A big thank you to those who have read and reviewed our first monthly challenge collab. This has been a huge success. Since we can not thank everyone individually, we are doing a big thank you through the notice board.

A few changes are being made to the forum. Due to life getting in the way Mist is unable to be a mod at this time. He says he will miss everyone and is unsure of when he will be back. If anyone wants to tell him anything, PM Kara and she will get the message to him.

Aly (Goldeneyegirl247) and Lune (Eccentric11) have been added to help with the summer months. They will help in any way they can. If you have any questions about the changes that will take affect as soon as possible, please contact the mods. Thank you kindly for being patient with everything while we get things back on track.

Also, the new temp-mods can still collect points.

6/25/2010 #19
Hogwarts Online II

Starting today July 1st there is a new thread added to the forum. This thread was inspired by many of your own ideas in the Room of Requirements thread. There are strict rules that come with this thread though and we will caution them here.

1) The Debate is meant to be fun, so please let us make it fun and not otherwise. Things can get heated in debates which is why we ask that everyone respect each other and each others options. If you find yourself getting upset at a person please walk away or tell a MOD (Preferably the students HOH)

2) All questions and Debates are HARRY POTTER only, Magical Politics, debates about favorite charcters, subjects, spells, the actors, and ext should be only Harry Potter related.

3) If anyone breaks these rules we will lay out strict punishment. The first time it is a warning and 10 points will be deducted from your house, the second time it is 25 points deducted from your house and banned from the thread for 2 days. We hope we will not have to take a third action.

We know we have set strict rules but due to previous occurrences in other forums we have noticed these threads generally do not work out because people tend to get passionate and hostile about what they are arguing. We urge you to be passionate, we urge you to argue your point to the best of your ability. We DO NOT however urge you to be disrespectful and hostile to anyone.

Thank you very much and remember while there are strict rules for this forum please HAVE FUN!


Also we would like to address one more thing. So lately we have noticed that the forum has been dry, people have other obligations and what not. We understand this very much but we would like to ask of you guys to try to keep the forum busy or relatively so. We need you guys to understand that unless you guys keep the conversations going and the threads going that the forum will run dry. We have witnessed this in other forums and we DO NOT want H/O to go dry, we can not do much about it if you guys the forum goes keep things up. We do though understand that everyone has other things that they need to be done, we are not saying take like 3 hours out of your life's everyday and be on here. But we are asking that if you have a few moments say 30 minuets then just check in the Great Hall or your common rooms, we need you guys to keep this place running!

Another thing is while you were sorted into your house we would love if more people interacted in the great hall. The MODS may know who you are but some of the other students in different houses may not. So stop in the hall or The Broom Sticks and make some new friends, after all Hogwarts Online and the real Hogwarts was all about outer house union. Its good that you have made good friends in your house and we are honestly glad but we would like some more outer house interaction in the Great Hall or the Broom Sticks. Get to know new people you get the point.

These were some suggestions we would like you to consider. Thank you.

7/1/2010 . Edited 7/1/2010 #20
Hogwarts Online II

Sorting thread for July 2010

4th July


Jeweltheif500- RAVENCLAW!

xoxotruegryffindorxoxo- GRYFFINDOR!

5th July


7th July

Lily.and. Alice - GRYFFINDOR!

8th July

PenonPaperFingersonKeys - HUFFLEPUFF!

11th July

Siriusly Smart- RAVENCLAW!

12th July

Perigrinari - RAVENCLAW!

13th July

comebacksirius- RAVENCLAW!

lovetoread7698- GRYFFINDOR!

14th July

MrsRemusJohnLupin- HUFFLEPUFF!

15th July

WhiteFerrets- SLYTHERIN!

16th July


19th July

xxGrimxLullaby- SLYTHERIN!

24th July

mionemobp- SLYTHERIN!

27th July

Judy-Licious - GRYFFINDOR!

Fire-In-A-Tiger-Lily - SLYTHERIN!


28th July

Hermowninny - RAVENCLAW!

31st July

TannaCarien870 - RAVENCLAW!

7/2/2010 . Edited by Bad Mum, 7/31/2010 #21
Hogwarts Online II

And your third term house cup winners are.......Drum roll please! *Roll rolls* Gryffindor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats Gryffindor you are the winners of the third term house cup, please enjoy your victory (while it lasts), and good job to every house! You all worked hard but the Gryffindors just happen to work harder! Good job once again Gryffindor! They broke the 1,000 point marker! Again great job!

To all the other houses, good job this term and lets try harder next term. Can any of you beat the Gryffindors 1,000 points?

Also New threads for new term are up.

7/4/2010 . Edited 7/4/2010 #22
Hogwarts Online II

A reminder to all Students. The deadline for the second monthly challenge is fast approaching. All challenges must be turned in by July 30th. If for some reason we need to extend the date, you need to let the MODS know. The extension date would be August 18th. Points for early entries and on time entries will be 20 points each. Points for entries handed in up until August 18th would be 15 points. Anything else handed in after August, will be added to the collab, but not to the points. Please remember to post when you hand in the homework in the homework thread so the MODS can award the points.

We would like to add a thank you to everyone who has helped make our forum number 22 on the top Harry Potter forums.

please remember, in order for your story to be posted in the second challenge, you have to read and review half of the first challenge's stories.

Please do not post the stories you have written for the collab on your profiles yet. Wait till we say when it is okay to post them. Thank you.

7/21/2010 . Edited by Love From A Muggle, 7/21/2010 #23
Hogwarts Online II

Sorting post for August 2010

2nd August

xxbabyxox - SLYTHERIN!

Toffrox33 - RAVENCLAW!

the infamous dollface - SLYTHERIN!

9th August

on the windy side - HUFFLEPUFF!

10th August

Persephone's Flower- HUFFLEPUFF!

16th August

Sarah3Noelle - GRYFFINDOR!

Baconaise-Light - HUFFLEPUFF!

psycho-pink faerie - RAVENCLAW!

Zombie Reine - HUFFLEPUFF!

Trastamara Trash - RAVENCAW!

Another-Picture - SLYTHERIN!

jamesxlily potter - GRYFFINDOR!

18th August

SmileAndConfusePeople - GRYFFINDOR!

MarisPallitax - GRYFFINDOR!

Princess.Nemo - HUFFLEPUFF!

farrahness - HUFFLEPUFF!

20th August

NickiForDraco - SLYTHERIN!

GothicLolita009 aka Hayley M - RAVENCLAW!

21st August

Vanessa Osbourne - HUFFLEPUFF!

Remembering the Marauders - GRYFFINDOR!

23rd August

windows_fail_maker- SLYTHERIN!

Witchwithwings24- HUFFLEPUFF!

24th August

mrs0cullen - GRYFFINDOR!

TwilightLover101099- HUFFLEPUFF!

25th August


27th August

LooneyLovely- RAVENCLAW!

Fangs1998-Chloe- GRYFFINDOR!

28th August

2Padfoot00Moony7- GRYFFINDOR!

30th August

EveryShiningStar- RAVENCLAW!

31 August

steinerdavion2183- HUFFLEPUFF!

Xela White- SLYTHERIN!

8/2/2010 . Edited by cerseilannisters, 8/31/2010 #24
Hogwarts Online II

All the stories received so far for the collaboration have now been posted. Please everybody make the effort to read and review all the stories - not just the first few! (Remember that we expect people who want to be included int he next collab to review this one.)


Authors - if you find any mistakes in the formatting or anything else with your story please PM Katy (Bad Mum) and it will be corrected. And if you think you've sent your story in and we haven't posted it, please let us know!

Regarding the order the stories are posted in... there is no favouritism involved! The stories are posted more or less in the order they landed in the Hogwarts Online inbox. "More or less" because we realise that there are one or two mistakes in this this time round, for which we apologise. Mods are human too, and we have all had a lot going on in our real lives lately which we have had to work round. We're sorry too that this fic has taken longer to post than the previous one. Again, that's down to real life.

Everyone, please remember that the later fics in the collab are just as deserving of reviews as the early ones! You can even be radical and start at the end and work backwards with your reviews. But review!!

If you still haven't submitted your fic and want some points for it, the second closing date is August 18th, which is approaching rapidly.

And STOP PRESS: the next collab will be announced shortly. Watch out for the sign-up post!

8/10/2010 #25
Hogwarts Online II

Since we have a LOT of new people lately, it seems a good time to remind everyone of some important rules, and let you know or remind you of what's going on!

1. The new collaboration! "The First of September" Details in the Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs thread. Please sign up and claim your character. Fics submitted by the deadline will earn 20 points for their House.

But please REMEMBER - everyone who wants their fic in the new collaboration is expected to read and review the previous one. Last time round, we asked people to review at least half of the chapters. Mods are yet to decide how many this time, but ideally we would like you to review them all. Please note - this means a separate review for each chapter - not one covering them all!

The previous collaboration can be found here:


(Anyone still having a fic to submit for "Tell Me a Story" the second deadline for reduced Points is Wednesday!)

2. Please don't go into another House's common room without permission from their Head of House, Inter-House chat goes in the Great Hall and the Three Broomsticks.

3. Points - we give Points for reviewing fics in our Libraries/C2s (all linked in this thread) or written for a Prompt of the day, for writing for the Prompt of the Day, for writing for the collaboration, for writing for a request in the Gringotts thread or for specific homework set for a House/individual by a mod.

We don't give points for reviewing any forum collaborations (we expect members to do this anyway), or for writing and reviewing fics in the birthday thread (as these are gifts).

You won't get the points unless you claim them! Post any homework in McGonagall's office, and tell us who you are when you do it e.g "Fred of Gryffindor reviewed...": "Cedric of Hufflepuff wrote for the Prompt..."

And please note that we are not always consistent in how many points we give!

4. There are several recommendation threads - Gringotts, Lily Evans and Remus Lupin's - read the first post of each thread to see what goes where. Please not, you don't get points for reviewing fics in these threads until a moid ads them to the appropriate library.

Gringotts is also a place to arrange exchanges of fics or to post requests for someone to write something specific.

5. Prompt of the Day - claim within 24 hours, post your story within a week. Usually gets you 10 points, though this varies if you use a particularly hard quote (more points!0 or use several in one chapter (less per prompt) or are late (less!)

6. The Marauder's Map has a full list of the threads, and of House members.

7. If you have a problem, or a question ask a mod! Either in the forum itself or by PM!

8. What have I forgotten?

9. Have fun!

8/16/2010 . Edited 8/16/2010 #26
Hogwarts Online II

Fourth term house cup winners are *drum roll* RAVENCLAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats to Ravenclaw for the winners of fourth term house cups, enjoy the win! Good job to every house who earned points. You all worked hard. Ravenclaw broke 1,000 points by a total of 1033 points! Great Job!

To the other houses, good job this term and let's try harder next term. Let's see if we can beat 1033 points!

New threads for new term is up! We can't believe we're on our fifth term already!

8/19/2010 #27
Hogwarts Online II

Introducing a new library!

We decided to take down the Knockturn Ally Library. In it's place is a Prompt of the day library thread. To help us get it going, please post any story written for the prompt of the day on the Ministry of Magic's Prompt of the day library thread. The stories that are added to the thread will not be given points since they were already given points for the prompt of the day.

However, points will be given to those who read and review stories that are in the prompt of the day library thread.

8/26/2010 . Edited 8/26/2010 #28
Hogwarts Online II

Sorting thread for September 2010

2nd September

Hollandtheamoeba - GRYFFINDOR!

4th September

Blade of fate - GRYFFINDOR!

Emily Snow22 - RAVENCLAW!

GrimReveant - GYRFFINDOR!

Fire-Star Studios - RAVENCLAW!

Mafuyu Tenchou - HUFFLEPUFF!

ShadowoftheDusk - SLYTHERIN!

7th September

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9/2/2010 . Edited by Love From A Muggle, 9/27/2010 #29
Hogwarts Online II


We, the Staff of Hogwarts have decided that some changes are to be made considering the MODS of the H/O. Due to some things Mist of Gryffindor house shall be stepping down for the time. The rest of us MODS have decided that Sora (Chibi Roxas 13) is to be the new Temp Head Mod of Gryffindor house.

We would very much appreciate if everyone gave Sora a warm round of applause to stepping up into the shoes of Temp Head MOD. Please respect Sora as the new MOD and note that if you do not, action will be taken by the rest of the staff here at Hogwarts. Not only do we expect all students to give Sora their support, we also really really really urge the Gryffindors to give Sora their love and support. She is of your house and stepping up to the plate!

Please not that Sora is a Temp Mod but the same respect you give the rest of the HoHs should go to her. Thank you very much for your time and again Welcome Sora!

9/17/2010 #30
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