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Hogwarts Online II

A place for only the mods.

4/6/2010 #1
Hogwarts Online II

Since this topic is for discipline issues, we hoped we might not have to use it... But something has come up that needs clarifying now to stop problems in the future.

The Owlery thread is for important news. And if you're going on hiatus - like on vacation or just taking a break from the forum for some reason - we'd like to know so that we don't worry about you.

What we don't need is for anyone to post "going on hiatus" and then continue to post in other threads... I know plans sometimes change, but if they do, edit your post, or ask one of the mods to delete it for you.

If you're posting just for attention, we will pick up on it, and deal with it appropriately.

Thanks. Normal service will now be resumed.

4/19/2010 #2
Hogwarts Online II

To all members:

There has been a spate lately of someone spamming the Owlery and homework and game threads with general chit-chat.

This must stop immediately.

The first post in the Marauders Map thread clearly states what each thread is for, and we expect members to stick to this. If that is not clear enough for some reason, I will spell it out:

General chit-chat is only allowed in The Great Hall, The Three Broomsticks and House Common Rooms (please only post in your own common room, not in the other three).

All chit-chat posts in other threads will be deleted, and if a member continues to offend in this way, the mods will consider a temporary or permanent ban from the forum.

10/10/2010 #3
Hogwarts Online II

To all members:

1. If you have an issue with how the forum is run, please take it to your Head of House or any other mod in a PM. We are aware that the forum is not perfect and there might sometimes be issues that you believe are wrong or unfair, but it is much better that these issues are dealt with in private rather than on the board.

Any member bringing issues like this up in public will be issued with an official warning. This may lead to a permanent or temporary ban from the forum, especially for a repeat offence.

2. Please remember that the rivalry between the Houses is supposed to be fun. The Points are a game, nothing more. Saying "We can't let the Iggliepoohs beat us" is okay, saying "I'm sick to death of the Iggliepoohs" is not. Again, offenders will be warned and action taken if necessary.

Please remember that although members are not allowed to post in other Houses' common rooms, there is nothing to stop them reading in there and being offended by what you post there. And mods have every right to read and post in any common room.

3. And this needs to be taken on board by everyone. It's how things are and is non-negotiable:

There isn't a set number of points for reviews because we are not going to give the same number of points for reviewing a 100 word drabble or a freeverse as for a 1500 word fic. Reading a drabble takes a few minutes, however good the review. Reading and reviewing a longer chapter or fic is a bigger time commitment and we try to reflect that in the marks given. Mods have spent ages lately going through lists of fics and trying to be fair in marking them.

The mods are not going to be entirely consistent because we can't possibly have a master list of fics and how many points given for each, and different mods will mark differently. Heck, the same mod is likely to mark the same fic differently on different occasions because we are human and don't have photographic memories. We have lives and commitments too, and quite frankly, marking reviews isn't a thrill a minute.

We try to be as fair as we can. We can promise you that none of the mods are biased, and although we would all like our own House to win every term that does not affect how we mark them or anyone else.

11/7/2010 #4
Hogwarts Online II

Hello everyone,

As you now know, we no longer have a Slytherin house. That is about to change. We have found a replacement MOD for Slytherin and will allow them to create a new common room.

Points are down for now till after Christmas (The mods are too busy with real life and Nano anyways) However, we can still give homework and still do the prompts of the day. And we'll still do monthly challenges (Remember this month's challenge is due November 15th)

A lot of changes are going on as you can see. A lot of Slytherins have left due to a disagreement. If you are still Slytherin, please help make the new MOD feel at home.

And finally I am pleased to announce that Slytherin Head has come back to the forum and is the new head of Slytherin. She will make a new house shortly.

thank you for the love and support with everything that has been going on lately.

The mods.

11/8/2010 #5
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