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Haha no wonder we get along so well!

I went and introduced myself, i'll look around some more-no sorting, right?



4/17/2011 #2,911

i have to go to my brother's rocket launch for cub scouts, then i have to film a project. i'll try to be on later, ASAP, but i may not make it. just a heads up!

4/17/2011 #2,912

Haha exactly! (:

Nope. We got rid of it.

4/17/2011 #2,913

Kailey says "np?"-her way of saying, "no problem, but who is this girl?"

LOLZ!!! well, she's awake, @ least!

kk i'll start posting ASAP! bye!

4/17/2011 #2,914

Haha. That made me laugh! Buh bye! (:

4/17/2011 #2,915

it was supposed to.

sorry, i had to go to the cub scout rocket launch thingie and be icicled. IT'S TOO COLD FOR APRIL!!! just cause of the wind!! so chasing rockets was fun!

oh, btw-andy's home now-he emailed nd called me once we left!

4/17/2011 #2,916

hah sounds cool! And I know! I had to go out and pitch. (Coaches orders) And I couldn't throw the ball! The wind kept taking it, and I couldn't feel my fingers it was so cold!

LOL! That's great! (: Did you talk to him about the forums?

4/17/2011 #2,917

Erin and Ariel are here! We were filming-mostly bloopers. I didn't talk to Andy bout that yet, cause Tyler stole the phone. Give me a sec and I will.

HAHAHAAA!! is all I have to say. How far did you have to chase the ball?

And my fingers are so numb I can't type! :P

4/17/2011 #2,918

Haha sounds like fun!!! And Okie Dokie! (:

Far... lol. Really far. It sucked.

=/ lol (:

4/17/2011 #2,919

that stinks that you had to throw the ball, dest. It's all nice and warm here. It's like, 70. WOOHOO! Not to brag or anything! *winks*

4/17/2011 #2,920

We're done.

4/17/2011 #2,921

Hi all! I'm your newest member and thought I'd introduce myself! I'm YO

4/18/2011 #2,922

Hey!! I'm Dest! Welcome! (: LOVE your penname!!

"I want Hermione Granger! And A rocket ship!" ;)

4/19/2011 #2,923

Hi! I'm wise girl! Cool icon! :)

4/19/2011 #2,924
Mistical Ninja

Welcome Yo. How's everyone doing today?

I have a question for ya'll.

Looking at the points, it's basically a battle between the snakes and claws. I'd like to change that. So, I'd like to propose either: A, I start handing out homework to those who want it, or B, I start posting prompts everyday.

In order for this to work though, I need ya'll to agree to give it a shot, and really give it your all. So, are ya'll with me on this? At all?

4/19/2011 #2,925

I'm definitely a fan of prompts everyday, but I don't know what everyone else would say. I'll do it... whenever I have time, that is! :)

4/19/2011 #2,926
Mistical Ninja

Heh, alrighty Wise girl. ^_^

4/19/2011 #2,927

I'm cool with both of them!! I think giving homework out as we want it sounds like a good idea... Kinda like what Monse does???

4/19/2011 #2,928
Mistical Ninja


4/19/2011 #2,929

That sounds cool! I would definitely do homework like that! (:

4/19/2011 #2,930
Mistical Ninja

Kay. Would you wanna follow the system Monse has, or should I work up another one..?

4/19/2011 #2,931

Hmmm. Doesn't matter to me. Whatever is fine. (:

4/19/2011 #2,932

Homework is a good idea! I'll try to do as many prompts as possible.

4/20/2011 #2,933

Its been a long, long time since I have been here and I'm sure all of the new people wouldn't even know me, but I just popped in to say Hi :D Oh and btw for those who don't know me, I'm Pooja and I live in Pakistan and yeah I pretty much love HP Fanfiction :D

4/20/2011 #2,934

Hey Pooja! I'm not sure that we've officially met, but I'm wise girl! It's good to see you! *smiles*

4/20/2011 #2,935

Hey Pooja! I don't think we've met either! I'm Dest! (:

4/20/2011 #2,936

SAME! I'm Yo or Yo-yo or Yogurt

4/20/2011 #2,937

LOL - its nice to meet you awl :D :D So what are you people upto here nowdays? I'm still not that active on ff.net but it will be nice to know :D

4/21/2011 #2,938

@Yo - Have I met you before? I think I have... Cuz I was looking in my Docx inbox and I have a story by you.. I think i beta'd it for you... Perhaps? I'm not quite sure... I don't remember.

4/21/2011 #2,939

From HPFC??

4/21/2011 #2,940
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