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Hogwarts Online II

A daily prompt to inspire you. Use it to write a story, a drabble, a poem… Post here when you've done it, and earn Points for your House.

Mods will give them out.

In order to earn Points for writing for the prompt, you need to tell us within 24 hours of the prompt being posted that you are doing it, and post the finished story/drabble/whatever within a week.

Prompts we have used: Mods please update the list as we go on so we don't use the same prompt twice.

Friday April 16th:Ashes

Saturday April 17th:Oranges and Lemons

Sunday April 18th:Help

Monday April 19th:Feathers

Tuesday April 20th:Fire

Wednesday April 21st:"Don't hurry, there is all the time in the world. There always is, if you let there be,"- Kara will give extra points if anyone wants to use this quote. No one has claimed it yet. I'm curious to see what someone can come up with! The mods wanted to try out a quote to see if it was liked or not which is why we have a quote.

Thursday April 22nd:Journey

Friday April 23rd:Memory

Saturday April 24th:Earth

Sunday April 25th:"They blew up my house, destroyed my office, and tried to murder me. But none of that matters. These bastards took my daughter. And I swear by Merlin's beard, staff, and goddamn grave, they will pay."

Monday April 26th:Prize

Tuesday 27th April:"She was mine to look after before she was yours."

Wednesday 28th April:Confessions of love

Thursday 29th April:Apples

Friday 30th April:Person one: "You don't want to sit next to me. I cause nothing but trouble," Person two "I'll take my chances,"

Saturday 1st May:"I walk this lonely road... cast out by friends...family... tradition. I have no home. No place to call my own. I miss the warmth of friendship, the warmth of love... Instead, I must walk this world alone. Cursed."

Sunday 2nd May:Victory:Extra credit if you also use any or all of the words celebration, cost, sunrise, tears and beginning.

Monday 3rd May:They shut the road through the woods Seventy years ago. quote from Kipling's poem, "The way through the woods"

Tuesday 4th May:listen

Wednesday 5th May:Storm in a tea cup

Thursday 6th May:Truth

Friday 7th May:"Mom and Dad are gonna kill me! And I'm gonna tell you this, it will not be done with mercy!" The quote is from the Meet The Robinsons movie

Saturday 8th May:this one's long but good.


"Not now bob."

"But Harry!!!"

I Said not now!!"






Sunday May 9th:I've walked the depths of hell for her. Fought legions of enemies, and barely came out alive. She is the sun, the moon, and the stars themselves and I..? I'm just a speck of dust on a rock 2 billion light years away. In what world would she ever be mine...?"

Monday May 10th:I don't like Mondays.

Tuesday May 11th:Families and celebrations

Wednesday May 12th:Mind Games.

Thursday May 13th:Cherry Blossom

Friday May 14th:Fear.

Saturday May 15th:Happiness

Sunday May 16th:Thinking

Monday May 17th:Kite

Tuesday May 18th:Strange Dreams

Wednesday May 19th:Shattered Pieces

Thursday May 20th:Trash, trampoline, and the party girl

Friday May 21st:Smile

Saturday May 22nd:Alarm

Sunday May 23rd:Perfect Day

Monday May 24th:Temper

Tuesday May 25th:Argument

Wednesday May 26th:When Pigs Fly

Thursday May 27th:Leaving

Friday May 28th:Deadline

Saturday May 29th:"Oh Sweet Merlin! What have I done?"

Sunday May 30th:Two Peas in a pod.

Monday May 31st:Sugar Quill

Tuesday June 1st:Parchment

Wednesday June 2nd:Late and Detention

Thursday June 3rd:Evil

Friday June 4th:Balloons

Saturday June 5th:Howling.

Sunday June 6th:strawberries

Monday June 7th:Enlightenment

Tuesday June 8th:pumpkin juice

Wednesday June 9th:Boats

Thursday June 10th:"In My dreams I've kissed your lips a thousand times,"

Friday June 11th:"Tell her... Tell her I love her."

Saturday June 12th:Rivals

Sunday June 13th:Blunder

Monday June 14th:"You're going to lose that girl"

Tuesday June 15th:"Get Me out of here!"

Wednesday June 16th:Grudge

Thursday June 17th:Photograph

Friday June 18th:Regret

Saturday June 19th:Sixteen Candles

Sunday June 20th:Weigh me down. (With using the quote: "I don't know when it happened alright! I just know that now I'm his/hers.")

Monday June 21st:The Longest Day

Tuesday June 22nd:Summer

Wednesday June 23rd:Taste

Thursday June 24th:"Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me"

Friday June 25th:Lake

Saturday 26th June:Moon

Sunday 27th June:Angel and Devil

Monday 28th June:"A Friend in need"

Tuesday 29th June:"Take me with you"

Wednesday 30th June:looks.

Thursday 1st July:Circus

Friday 2nd July:"Take me or leave me"

Saturday 3rd July:Together

Sunday 4th July:Sacrifice

Monday 5th July:Healing

Tuesday 6th July:"she's right you know"

Wednesday 7th July:"all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well" (T.S.Eliot after Julian of Norwich if you want to know...)

Thursday 8th July:"Me? I'm a Jedi, Be-otch. What the hell are you?" (Crossovers accepted)

Friday 9th July:Water under the bridge-expression (definition- )

Saturday 10th July:bloody hell, and forgive me

Sunday 11th July:"Boy, there are two things you should fear: a woman scorned, and a woman scorned with claws. They are the most terrifying forces in the universe. ever."

Monday 12th July:"How did it go?"

Tuesday 13th July:"Love is not a victory march" (From "Hallelujah" of course. Full lyrics here:

Wednesday 14th July:"mistake," "remembered," and "too good to be true,"

Thursday 15th July:Person one:"I don't know which is worse: The fact that he's a natural Playboy, or that he's so innocent he doesn't even know he's doing it. Which means you can't be angry at him." Person two: "... Watch me."

Friday 16th July:Ignored, and used

Saturday 17th July:keep me warm

Sunday 18th July:Black Dress, and white top hats

Monday 19th July:heatwave and water

Tuesday 20th July:Temptation and jealous

Wednesday 21st July:Shower

Thursday 22nd July:Kindness

Friday 23rd July:"But why is the rum gone?"

Saturday 24th July:Cheater

Sunday 25th July:Wish

Monday 26th July:"Told you so"

Tuesday 27th July:Shopping and lunch

Wednesday 28th July:Respect

Thursday 29th July:Chocolate cake

Friday 30th July:Headache

Saturday 31st July:Thirty

Sunday 1st August:Anniversary

Monday 2nd August:"I wasn't kissing her, I was whispering in her mouth,"

Tuesday 3rd August:Baby

Wednesday 4th August:"She did this? But why?"

Thursday 5th August:"I don't want half hearted love affairs, I need someone who really cares., Life is too short to play silly games, I've promised myself I won't do that again."

Friday 6th August:Madness

Saturday 7th August:Welcome Home

Sunday 8th August:Blackberries

Monday 9th August:Brown Eyes

Tuesday 10th August:"I don't think he/she cares"

Wednesday 11th August:"I can't go back home,"

Thursday 12th August:No

Friday 13th August:Friday the 13th

Saturday 14th August:"On one cold, gray morning he/she..."

Sunday 15th August:Selfish

Monday 16th August:"Cucumber sandwiches, sponge cake and Earl Grey tea"

Tuesday 17th August:"I've always loved you more. Accept that."

Wednesday 18th August:Run Away

Thursday 19th August:Exam Results

Friday 20th August:"Forgive" and "forget"

Saturday 21st August:tattletale.

Sunday 22nd August:Sunflowers

Monday 23rd August:"Good Morning Beautiful"

Tuesday 24th August:"Oh how the mighty have fallen"

Wednesday 25th August:"Time is chasing after all of us"

Thursday 26th August:"it's my party and I'll cry if I want to,"

Friday 27th August:Full set

Saturday 28th August:Howler

Sunday 29th August:honesty

Monday 30th August:Butterbeer

Tuesday 31 August:Owl

Wednesday 1st September:You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home

Thursday 2nd September:How Strong Do You Think I Am

Friday 3rd September:Hollow

Saturday 4th September:New girl/boy Extra prompts for extra points - lost, crying, ladybird, cleverer than me

Sunday 5th September:Trust. extra points for using- person one: "do you trust me" and person two: "I trust you"

Monday 6th September:I'll Be Your Lover Too Extra points for using: Your Eyes, That girl, and Love to Burn

Tuesday 7th September:"Don't send a boy to do a man's job,"

Wednesday 8th September:2 different Tears (Insipred by the song 2 different tears by the Wonder Grils see link below) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0iVPPqF7Xv0 --- Music Video --- Lyrics to Music

Thursday 9th September:"You never tell a girl you like them. It makes you look like an idiot!" quote by Joey Richter from A Very Potter Sequel.

Friday 10th September:"Tell me something nice. Tell me how you love me," From the movie In The Name Of the King, a really great movie.

Saturday 11th September:Glory

Sunday 12th September:Rosemary for remembrance

Monday 13th September:You smile, I smile

Tuesday 14th September:NONE (No prompt today)

Wednesday 15th September:Kiss and Tell & A year with out rain (2 extra points to those who use both in the same story)

Thursday 16th September:Book(s)

Friday 17th September:Parchment and Quill

Saturday 18th September:Leaving Home

Sunday 19th September:Applause

Monday 20th September:End of summer holidays

Tuesday 21st September:Last Day of September: Bonus points for using: Sunset

Wednesday 22nd September:Just the way you are. Inspired by the song, Just the way you are by Bruno Mars, Extra points for using the lyrics to the song.

Thursday 23rd September:Dreaming at Hello

Friday 24th September:Everlasting

Saturday 25th September:When you believe

Sunday 26th September:Birthday Presents

Monday 27th September:If you want something done right you have to do it yourself

Tuesday 28th September:Wand. Extra points if you use "Even enemies show respect"

Wednesday 29th September:infected. extra points: demons, mirrors, lust

Thursday 30th September:I can't feel nothing at all. Extra points: skin, addicted, wrong

Friday 31st September:"but you never understood, did you? You never saw, never cared. I was always alone. Always...Howling... in the shadows."

Saturday 1st October:"How can you possibly even begin to understand how this feels?"

Sunday 2nd October: "No one ever told me that grief felt so like fear." (C.S. Lewis)

Monday 3rd October:Nothing worth fighting for is ever easy.

Tuesday 5th October:faithful.

Wednesday 6th October:I need you now. extra points for using: I didn't know I loved you so much

Thursday 7th October:"As boys we would go hunting in the woods To sleep the night shooting out the stars Now the wolves are every passing stranger Every face we cannot know If only a heart could be as white as snow If only a heart could be as white as snow" (from U2 "White as Snow")

Friday 8th October:Let me be your wings. Inspired by the movie Thumbelina

Saturday 9th October:Hatred destroyed my family. Extra points: I will fight back for my family's name.

Sunday 10th October:Unity Additonal prompts - lime green, music, one

Monday 11th October:Kiss me.

Tuesday 12th October:A bunch of red roses.

Wednesday 13th October:your guardian angel

Thursday 14th October:Rescue:Additional prompts: Hope, courage, 33

Friday 15th October:Don't judge me too shortly

Saturday 16th October:Not till you've tidied your room

Sunday 17th October:Just because I'm sorry didnt mean I enjoyed it at that time.

Monday 18th October:And still I can't let you be, Most nights I hardly sleep, Don't take what you don't need from me, Inspired by the Song A Drop in the Ocean by Ron Pope

Tuesday 19th October:Happy Birthday Son

Wednesday 20th October:Perfection

Thursday 21st October:Red Wine

Friday 22nd October:"The worst an honest man can do is make an honest mistake," Extra points- Tempted, control, habit

Saturday 23rd October:"I just want to be loved"

Sunday 24th October:Vanilla

Monday 25th October:rainy nights Extra Prompts Cant take it any more, it takes two to tango, love me for me

Tuesday 26th October:Is there a soul beyond the shards..?(taken from KatetheGreat19's rendition of Suteki da ne

Wednesday 27th October:Vanity Extra Prompts Jealousy, Greed

Thursday 28th October:"Give me what I want, and I'll go away," Andre Linoge- lead character in the mini series Stephen King called "Storm of the Century"

Friday 29th October‎: Scared

Saturday 30th October: Graveyard

Sunday 31st October: When shall we three meet again?

Monday 1st November: If you can dream it, you can do it. ~Walt Disney (Extra Prompt A dream is a wish your heart makes ~Cinderella)

Tuesday 2nd November:Our Marriage, their wedding

Wednesday 3rd November:This story of Us(Inspired by Taylor Swift's new song"This Story of Us") Extra Prompts:Back to December, and If This Was A Movie(Also inspired off of Taylor's new album)

Thursday 4th November:Love cant tell time

Friday 5th November:Love the way you lieUsing the Quote (for extra points): "Even angels have their wicked schemes and you take that to new extremes, but you'll always be my hero even though you've lost your mind." ~Rihanna in Love the way you lie [Part II]

Saturday 6th November:Bonfire Night

Sunday 7th november:"Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn," From Gone With the wind

Monday 8th November:Forgotton

Tuesday 9th November:"Now we've come so far from darkness and will never be apart" (Lyrics from Ring Your Song by Yuki Kajiura)

Wednesday 10th November:A New Begenning

Thursday 11th November:I'm A Survivor

Friday 12th November:celebration

Saturday 13th November:Moving On

Sunday 14th November:Poppies

Monday 15th November:"Your father was a great man, and you are your father's son," Quote from the new Robin Hood movie

Tuesday 16th November:Sand Castle

Wednesday 17th november:Mystery, bonus prompt: Secret Admirier

Thursday 18th November:Magic

Friday 19th November:Stairs

Saturday 20th November:Party

Sunday 21st November:Snuggle

Monday 22nd November:"I do"

Tuesday 23rd November:Thunder, Lightening, Rain

Wednesday 24th November:toys

Thursday 25th November:grateful

Friday 26th November:Sneeze

Saturday 27th November:Snow

Sunday 28th November:Are the memories I hold still valid? Or have the tears diluted them? (Lyrics from "Gravity" Wolf's Rain)

Monday 29th November:"Mistakes are a part of life"

Tuesday 30th November:Teddy bear

Wednesday 1st December:"I lied"

Thursday 2nd December:Snow ball fight

Friday 3rd December:Christmas Tree

Saturday 4th December:celebrity

Sunday 5th December:Temper

Monday 6th December:"I'm a man/woman of my word. My word is my bond,"

Tuesday 7th December:"I use to love you, but... "

Wednesday 8th December:candlelight

Thursday 9th December:Support

Friday 10th December:Sunrise

Saturday 11th December:preparing for Christmas

Sunday 12th December:Dragon

Monday 13th December:Quidditch Extra prompt: Quidditch Practice

Tuesday 14th December:"Why do you smell like alcohol?" "Because it's Tuesday.:

Wednesday 15th December:"Hogsmead looked like a Christmas card,"(Yes it was stolen from the third Harry Potter book, you might want to say that in a note)

Thursday 16th December:It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Friday 17th December:"How can one regret something they're trying to forget?

Saturday 18th December:Snowman

Sunday 19th December:Frost- Additonal prompts: scarf, a mug of tea, falling over, ugly

Monday 20th December:"I'll be home for Christmas, trust me"

Tuesday 21st December:Solstice

Wednesday 22nd December:"Bah Humbug"

Thursday 23rd December:Lonely this Christmas

Friday 24th December:Anticipation

Saturday 25th December:Mince pies and sherry

Sunday 26th December:Family Row

Monday 27th December:Sleepless

Tuesday 28th December:The Great Hall

Wednesday 29th December:waiting

Thursday 30th December:Guilty

Friday 31st December:Midnight

Saturday 1st January:"Could this be love?"

Sunday 2nd January:Ivy

Monday 3rd January:"The answers always remain hidden in the past"

Tuesday 4th January:whispers at midnight

Wednesday 5th January:stolen kiss

Thursday 6th January:"You betrayed me,"

Friday 7th January:wand

Saturday 8th January:Vicious circle

Sunday 9th January:"Why didn't you tell me that to start with?"

Monday 10th January:"Show me a little respect please, that's all I am asking,"

Tuesday 11th January:Toxic beauty

Wednesday 12th January:"Meet me by the lake,"

Thursday 13th January:Firewhiskey

Friday 14th January:Dream catcher

Saturday 15th January:"You're looking particularly lovely today."

Sunday 16th January: "Dark roman wine"

Monday 17th January:Underneath the innocent sky

Tuesday 18th January:Pride

Wednesday 19th January:A time to remember

Thursday 20th January:Stay with me

Friday 21st January:Endless memories

Saturday 22nd January:"Once upon a time..."

Sunday 23rd January:How could he(or she) ever have explained it to an outsider? (From "Bridge to Terabithia")

Monday 24th January:she was the one that got away (you can use this for she/he. It doesn't matter, and you can use "is" instead of "was")

Tuesday 25th January:Smile (or smiled)

Wednesday 26th January:Fairytale

Thursday 27th January:Dance with me

Friday 28th January:"If you could read my mind, Love, what a tale my thoughts would tell," (It doesn't have to be a direct quote, it can be used as thoughts.)

Saturday 29th January:Associate (Suggested by Claire)

Sunday 30th January:A pearl necklace (Extra points for using- a daisy, a birthday card, an old book and the phrase "But of course I love you. Didn't you know?")

Monday 31st January:Nightmares

Tuesday 1st February:Chasing dreams

Wednesday 2nd February:path

Thursday 3rd February: Stubborn old man

Friday 4th February:One More day

Saturday 5th February:Tangled

Sunday 6th February:elm with a dragon heartstring core

Monday 7th February:"Love is not a toy. Let go of me now!" (Lyrics from Broken Wings)

Tuesday 8th February:Do you trust me

Wednesday 9th February:Hand

Thursday 10th February:"Don't say good morning till I've had my morning cup of coffee"

Friday 11th February:As another year passes, I become just a tad more wiser

Saturday 12th February:A day in the life of Luna Lovegood

sunday 13th February:Stormy weather

Monday 14th February:Make a wish

Tuesday 15th February:Jealous

Wednesday 16th February:obsession

Thursday 17th February:Beautiful inside and out

Friday 18th February:Relaxation

Saturday 19th February:"I know this much to be true"

Sunday 20th February:Out of the blue

Monday 21st February:"sometimes you have to go back, to move forward,"

Tuesday 22nd February:"Ronald, touch that again and I swear I'll snap your arm off and feed you to a Rancor!"

Wednesday 23rd February:Evidence and advice

Thursday 24th February:"The only thing I hate more than being lied to is being cheated,"

Friday 25th February:"Only love, only love can leave such a mark But only love, only love can heal such a scar"

Saturday 26th February:"I don't kiss and tell"

Sunday 27th February:A walk in the park

Monday 28th February:"Don't forget me my love, please"

Tuesday 1st March:"Should we really be doing this?"

Wednesday 2nd March:Revelations

Thursday 3rd March:Birthday present

Friday 4th March:Memories lost

Saturday 5th March:"Love of my life don't leave me, You've stolen my love, you now desert me, Love of my life can't you see, Bring it back, bring it back, Don't take it away from me because you don't know what it means to me."

Sunday 6th March:First kiss

Monday 7th March:"I've just seen a face,I can't forget the time or place where we just met.She's just the girl for me and I want all the world to see we've met." (Lyrics to "I've just seen a face" by The Beatles)

Tuesday 8th March:Passion

Wednesday 9th March:"Let me wipe away your tears"

Thursday 10th March:Uncertainty

Friday 11th March:"To be kissed is like a shooting star sailing across the night sky- that beautiful"

Saturday 12th March:"I'm not frightened of this world, believe me,"

Sunday 13th March:The road through the woods

Monday 14th March:"I'm a stupid woman, I shouldn't have come,"

Tuesday 15th March:Water Lillies

Wednesday 16th March:"So it's not going to be easy. it's going to be really hard; we're gonna have to work at this every day, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, forever, every day. You and me.. Every day,"

Thursday 17th March-"Kiss me I'm Irish,"

Friday 18th March-A Silver Chain

Saturday 19th March-Deadly silence

Sunday 20th March-"Everything is better when he/she is there" Bonus points if you use:"She's like sunshine,"

Monday 21st March-Fake wings

Tuesday 22nd March-Summer Romance

Wednesday 23rd March- "Nobody hates history. They hate their own histories." (From the movie The DaVinci Code)

Thursday 24th March-"Women. They should come with instruction manuals."

"Nah, they'd just find a way to break the system."

"...Amen to that."

Friday 25th March- He made two predictions. One: They would fall in love. Two: It wouldn't work out.

Saturday 26th March- daffodils

Sunday 27th March- "Although my eyes were open, they might just as well be closed. "

Monday 28th March- Baby steps

Tuesday 29th March-Please?

Wednesday 30th March- "I remembered black skies, the lightning all around me.I remembered each flash as time began to blur." (Lyrics from New Divide by Linkin Park)

Thursday 31st March - (A challenge from the Written Word Academy)

As [character A] begins their summer break, they find themselves once again trapped at home. But this time, things take a turn no one saw coming. As a meteor shower rains down over head, [Character A] finds themselves freed from their restrictive home. As they enjoy their freedom, they quickly find themselves surrounded by enemy forces. Just when all hope seems lost, [Character B] steps in, and helps [character A] escape. [Character b] see's some kind of potential in [character A] and after some convincing, begins to train [character A].

Friday 1st April - Love Letters

Saturday 2nd April - "Oh, on nights like these, feel like fallin' to me knees, feel like callin' heaven please, find my love."

Sunday 3rd April- "Happy Mother's day Mum"

Monday 4th April-"Wana bet"

Tuesday 5th April- "I walk alone,"

Wednesday 6th April- sunshine and flowers

Thursday- 7th April- "I did it"

Friday 8th April- Borrowed time

Saturday 9th April- "All at once, everything is different,"

Sunday 10th April- Frustrating, or Frustration

Monday 11th April- Person one- "Over my dead body," Person two- "Well that can be arranged,"

Tuesday 12th April- Puppy love

Wednesday 13th April-"Your aura is pulsing! Are you in the beyond? I think you are!" - Taken from the third movie.

Thursday 14th April- "The question is, will you be there for me,"

Friday 15th April- "Why..? Why do you keep fighting?! Even after you've gotten like this..?! Even with your--"

"I fight because I have to. I fight because I swore I'd defend her. So come at me! Tear my limbs off, cut me to sheds; I'll keep fighting, as long as she needs me! BECAUSE SHE IS PRECIOUS TO ME!!

Saturday 16th April- "Caviar and cigarettes Well versed in etiquette Extraordinarily nice"

Sunday 17th April- "If I could grab a star every time you've made me smile, I'd be able to hold the evening sky in the palm of my hand,"

Monday 18th April- Just the two of us

Tuesday 19th April- Pumpkin juice and cauldron cakes

Wednesday 20th April- "Sometimes you have to get hurt by love to go through love in life. You get over it and move on. There are other fish in the sea."

Thursday 21st April-Forgotten

Friday 22nd April- Breath of Fresh Air

Saturday 23rd April-George and the dragon

Sunday 24th April- Easter Bunny

Monday 25th April- fashion disaster

Tuesday 26th April- guilty pleasure

Wednesday 27th April-"It's a beautiful day, don't let it get away"

Thursday 28th April- Sweet surrender

Friday 29th April-Breaking Point

Saturday 30th April-White lilac

Sunday 1st May-Losing time

Monday 2nd May-"Why do you always give me a bad time when I give you a bad time?"

Tuesday 3rd May- "If you really love her, you have to let her go"

Wednesday 4th May-sun flower

Thursday 5th May- What is your deepest desire

Friday 6th May-Theme: No Rest for the wicked.

Today's promptis slightly different, in that, It's not a "prompt" per say, but more, the theme or idea of a story/chapter. To correctly write this prompt, the story will need to describe at least one character whos down on their luck -- whether this be Romantically or even adventurously (as in Hp's hunt for the Horcrux's) -- and yet the hits just keep coming. It seems like no matter how hard they try, things just don't let up. They simply have no time for themselves.

Alternatively, you Can use it as a simple prompt, but for slightly reduced points.

Saturday 7th May-sleepover

Sunday 8th May- A mother's love

Monday 9th May- Look into my eyes

Tuesday 10th May-Flowers for Mum

Wednesday 11th May-picking up the broken pieces of this thing called life.

Thursday 12th May-love is flawless

Friday 13th May-The madness within.

Saturday 14th May-I'm going to make someone love me.

Sunday 15th May-something worth living for

Monday 16th May-One man betrayed with a kiss

Tuesday 17th May-"Meeting you wasn't coincidence, I call it fate." (Lyrics from "Take Off" by 2PM)

Wednesday 18th May- "Looks can be deceiving"

Thursday 19t May- "If you do this for me, I won't ask you for anything else ever again."

Friday 20th May- "Liar, Liar, pants on fire."

Saturday 21st May- "I need a Hero."

Sunday 22nd May-"And you are not alone in this As bothers we will stand and we'll hold your hand."

Monday 23rd May- Cherry bowl

Tuesday 24th May-Teenage love is so melodramatic (From the movie "Rio")

Wednesday 25th May- Breakfast for the kids (can also be family, instead of kids.)

Thursday 26th May-Graduation

Friday 27th May-Person one: What were you feeling in that moment?

Person two: That I loved you, and would have given anything to kiss you one more time.

Saturday 28th May:A difference of opinions

Sunday 29th May:Chemistry Like Apple and Cinnamon

Monday30th May :remember me

Tuesday 31st May:Exhausted but happy

Wednesday 1st June:"I give you my mind, body and soul"

Thursday 2nd June:she taught me how to live

Friday 3rd June:"It doesn't matter what he/she looks like!"

Saturday 4th June:"Let yourself love. I have a feeling you will be good at it."

Sunday 5th June:I want to believe that memories, even sad and painful ones, should not be forgotten forever. (Momiji from Fruits Basket)

Monday 6th June:Tell me the truth

Tuesday 7th June:"It's too early in the morning for you to be this happy. So if you value your life, you'll let me go back to sleep."

Wednesday 8th June:"Is love suppose to hurt this bad?"

Thursday 9th June:"I wish, I wish, I hadn't..."

Friday 10th June:full moon

Saturday 11th June:"Feels like flying on the clouds"

Sunday 12th June : "It's time to stop running. It's time to turn and face your fears."

Monday 13th June : Before the night falls

Tuesday 14th June: "I will remember you, I promise you will never be forgotten."

(In loving memory of Alex)

Wednesday 15th June : "Tea and sympathy"

Thursday 16th June : Heart of stone

Friday 17th June : a wedding

Saturday 18th June : "And all the things that I wished I had not said Are played in loops 'till it's madness in my head"

Sunday 19th June: Dad, your guiding hand on my shoulder will remain with me forever.

Monday 20th June: "Don't you start arguing with me now, I'm not in the mood to argue. There's something I have to tell you."

Tuesday 21st June : Late night encounters

Wednesday 22nd June: "I'm saying I'm in love with you. I've been in love with you this whole bleeding year."

Thursday 23rd June : Important announcement

Friday 24th June : "step away from her now or I'll put a hex on you," (can be him/her)

Saturday 25th June : Full moon and a broken promise

Sunday 26th June : Moment of surrender

Monday 27th June : The price paid

Tuesday 28th June : "I'm pregnant"

Wednesday 29th June : It's a brand new day

Thursday 30th June : Secret

Friday 1st July : Last days on Earth

Saturday 2nd July : Summer romance

Sunday 3rd July: Just like you

Monday 4th July: Independence (In honour of the U.S. Independence day)

Tuesday 5th July : Penguin

Wednesday 6th July: person one: "You remind me of my older brother,"

Person two: "How so?"

Person One: "He doesn't smile either,"

(said exactly like that, or you can take out person two's comment and just say 'you remind me of my older brother, he doesn't smile either.)

either way will work just as long as it's written EXACTLY how I have it

Thursday 7th July: "I miss Hogwarts"

Friday 8th July: Guys/Girls night out

Saturday 9th July: Who's to know when the time has come around

Don't want to see you cry

I know that this is not goodbye (U2 - Kite)

Sunday 10th July : We have to go to a wedding and a funeral on the same day.

Monday 11th July : I just saw someone fall in love in front of my eyes...(Honey and Clover)

Tuesday 12th July: "I've messed things up. I just know I did. What's done is done, no turning back. It is my biggest regret."

Wednesday 13th July: I'm frightened by what I see, but somehow I know that there's much more to come.

Thursday 14th July: Idea

Friday 15th July: There are two sides to every story

Saturday 16th July: Fragile heart

Sunday 17th July: "Meeting you was just not a coincidence. This was just destiny calling us."

Monday 18th July : Age is just a number when it comes to love

Tuesday 19th July: Don't come any close, because if you do I'll have to kiss you.

Wednesday 20th July: Person one: "Do you think I'm pretty?"

Person two: "No"

"I think you're beautiful."

Thursday 21st July: I'll protect you, always.

4/16/2010 . Edited by Slytherin Head, 7/21/2011 #1
Bad Mum

And the first prompt, for Friday 16th April is



Hope it inspires you! Post in this thread if it does...

4/16/2010 #2
Half-Blood Metamorphmagus


Professors, can I write a fanfic for another fandom? *looks hopeful*

4/16/2010 #3

Mmm.......I want to say yes but I do not know how the others would feel about it.

4/16/2010 #4
Half-Blood Metamorphmagus

Aww! I'm writing a fic for the first time in ages thanks to this, but it's for a book I recently read. It's bloody awesome so far. D:

4/16/2010 #5
Bad Mum

I want to say yes but I do not know how the others would feel about it.

I'd agree too, so go for it Morphy. Post the link when it's done...

4/16/2010 #6
Half-Blood Metamorphmagus

Sooo, I've got a green card for it? 8)

4/16/2010 #7
Bad Mum

Sooo, I've got a green card for it? 8)

There's no way we can stop you writing it even if we wanted to... we don't have a monopoly on the word "ashes"!

But I should say that we would prefer stories written for prompts/requests to be for the HP fandom on the whole, and that non-HP stories won;t get as many Points.

4/16/2010 #8
Love From A Muggle

I agree with Katy. And so does Mist. If we inspired you, you should be given a chance to have it up on the multi-fandom c2 we're having.

4/16/2010 #9
Half-Blood Metamorphmagus

*grins in joy* Do you have a name for the Multi Fandom C2?! Can it be called 2010 Space Odyssey?! =D

It's just that it'd be epic as hell if it were, because it'd be like an Odyssey to the reader on the vast Space of Fanfiction, making a note to one of the best films ever (it changed the world, no joke, Kubrik IS God).

And I'm going to write for the other fandom and post it here anyway, it's just that it's flowing out so well it's a real waste to drop it and change it to Harry Potter. You know I love it anyway, I was intending the fic to be for HP, but it came out with the other fandom, it just got control. :)

Besides, it's actually a somewhat good read. :D

4/16/2010 #10
Bad Mum

Do you have a name for the Multi Fandom C2?! Can it be called 2010 Space Odyssey?!

Nope, it has a name already. Mist is going to open it soon.

4/16/2010 #11
Love From A Muggle

it is a good name too. *smiles*

4/16/2010 #12
Bad Mum

*Ahem* this thread is way off topic...

Today's prompt is "Ashes" and anyone else can take it if they want to...

4/16/2010 #13
Half-Blood Metamorphmagus

Here you go Professors! Greatly enjoyed writing this ficlet, even more so since it's my first time venturing into a different fandom. I hope you enjoy it. =D

The Ashes of Oblivion

4/16/2010 #14
Bad Mum

Yay Morphy. I'll read it and give you Points later...

Okay, that Prompt of the Day is now over.

Prompt of the Day for Saturday April 17th is "Oranges and lemons".

(You can take that as you like - either literally as the fruit or as the nursery rhyme/game.)

Points for any fics inspired by the prompt. (And if you tell us you're doing it, it doesn't have to be posted today; but if it takes longer than a week, there will be no Points!)

4/17/2010 #15
Love From A Muggle

Aww Katy beat me to the prompt of the day. I had a good one too. LOL ITs ok. Good luck! Morphy, I'll read yours later today.

4/17/2010 #16
Love From A Muggle

I also have a story with Ashes. I haven't posted it yet, but this prompt inspired me to want to post it (well the Ashes prompt)

4/17/2010 #17
Bad Mum

Sorry Kara. You can post yours tomorrow!

Everyone - for Points you need to claim within 24 hours of the prompt being posted and post the finished story within a week...

4/17/2010 #18
Love From A Muggle

I wont be on in the morning with church and all. You can post tomorrow's and I'll do Monday's.

I'm going to try to get my Ashes one up this week. it is really good.

4/17/2010 #19
Bad Mum

Okay, sounds good to me...

4/17/2010 #20

Everyone - for Points you need to claim within 24 hours of the prompt being posted and post the finished story within a week...

How did I miss that? I have a story ready for the final edit and planned on posting it tonight (If i can get it beta'ed) but it is on the prompt "ashes".

Must be that old school thing...you know...read the directions at the top of the page....anyway, will still post it do better next time.

Edit: Oh, wait...24 hours...so did i make it?

4/17/2010 . Edited 4/17/2010 #21
Bad Mum

It's okay Sher, you missed it because I didn't say so and edited it in. So I'll let you have it ;-)

I may deduct a Point for your Occlumency failure though...

4/17/2010 #22

I may deduct a Point for your Occlumency failure though...

I see nothing much has changed since I last went to school. Teachers always holding the upper hand and changing the rules half way through an assignment...yeah, yeah...I get it.

4/17/2010 #23
Bad Mum

I see nothing much has changed since I last went to school. Teachers always holding the upper hand and changing the rules half way through an assignment...yeah, yeah...I get it.

Yep. Some things never change ;-)

4/17/2010 #24

Prompt of the Day for Saturday April 17th is "Oranges and lemons".

Gah. All I can think about with that combination is ceviche. I could write a food-based story, but would the rest of you like it? Otherwise, that might be a little bit shellfish of me...

4/17/2010 #25
Bad Mum

What the heck is ceviche?

I am ignoring your pun for your own good.

4/17/2010 . Edited 4/17/2010 #26

but would the rest of you like it?

Depends who is doing the cooking, and who is doing the eating. I seem to remember a red-heeled cook in one of Katy's stories that went over well.

4/17/2010 #27
Bad Mum

I seem to remember a red-heeled cook in one of Katy's stories that went over well.

You are never going to let me forget that, are you?

4/17/2010 #28

Depends who is doing the cooking, and who is doing the eating. I seem to remember a red-heeled cook in one of Katy's stories that went over well.

Oh goodness, yes. Harry/Scorpius FTW.

4/17/2010 #29

What the heck is ceviche?

A dish in which various seafood is marinated raw in citrus juice. The citric acid "cooks" the fish. There are usually various herbs and other aromatics, such as cilantro, onion, sometimes some mango or papaya.

One of the yummiest things to come out of Central and South America, actually.

4/17/2010 #30
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