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Slytherin Head

*Faces the new batch of Slytherins with a stern look*

Welcome, to the noble house of Salazar Slytherin. I am your new Head of House, Professor Monse(Or Slytherin Head if you prefer).

I hope we can all work together to make this a fun place once again. If you need any help with your writing, need someone to beta or just to look over a story idea, please feel free to PM me or just comment here and I will be more than happy to help.


With everything else going on, I never really introduced myself. Here goes.

I am known here as Slytherin Head, I have been writing Fanfiction for a little over a year now and I have 8 stories so far.

As you can tell I love Slytherin and will go super fangirl on our dear and beloved Professor Snape. Most of my stories are Snape but with different characters and I also have some anime stories, because I love anime. I'm a college student trying to earn a degree in Secondary Education in History and Art History. But I've also been thinking about studying to become a book editor.

My music taste are rather normal for an anime fan, mostly Japanese and some music from India.

That's all I can think of to say. I want to get to know all of you better, the only one I know is Ken and that's because I'm writing a story for him (I swear I'm working on it! ^_^).

So tell us a little about yourself!


If you want homework to earn our house points let me know and I'll be more than happy to give you aPrompt/ character/ paring/ theme.

You can also earn points by reading the stories I assign and leaving ain dept review,I don't want to see "Great job I loved it" or "Please update". I want you to tell the author what you liked, what could have been improve, your favorite scene and overall feeling of the story.

Prompts-I will be giving these out once a week starting on the 3rd of January. These must be no less than 800 words but you can make them as long as you want after passing the 800 words. If you want to make a chapter story out of the prompts you are more than welcome to do so. I will read and review these.

There is also Level homework,each level is worth different points depending on which one you get.

Level one: Prompt

Level two: Prompt/ character or pairing

Level three: Prompt/character or pairing/ theme

Level four: Plot

Since level four is the most difficult to work with, that'll be worth the most points. All stories written cannot be less the 800 words, if a story has less than 800 then points will be taken off.


Daily Prompts:

Tuesday November 9th, 2010:Hot Chocolate

Wednesday November 10th 2010:Destiny

Thursday November 11th 2010:Late

Friday November 12th 2010:Out of this world

Saturday November 13th 2010:"Where's the rum?"

Sunday November 14th 2010:Across the Universe

Monday November 15th 2010:Hot head

Wednesday November 17th 2010:Tea party

Friday November 19th 2010:Reading

Saturday November 20th 2010:Field Trip

SundayNovember 22nd 2010:stargaze

Tuesday November 30th 2010:Picture Perfect

Saturday December 4th 2010:Fallen star

Tuesdays December 7th 2010:"the path of envy..."

Friday January 7th 2011:Dawn

Sunday January 9th 2011:Secrets

Monday January 10th 2011:Restless

Sunday January 16th 2011:Taking chances

Monday January 17th 2011:S'mores

Tuesday January 18th 2011:Start of term

Friday January 21st 2011:"In my dreams, I'm calling your name" (Lyrics from "You are my love" by Yuki Kajiura)

Saturday January 22nd 2011:Power Hungry

Thursday January 27th 2011:Out of touch

Monday January 31st 2011:Kingdom

Sunday February 6th 2011:Against all odds

Saturday February 12th 2011:"It was an accident"

Monday February 14th 2011:Day dreamer

Wednesday February 23rd 2011:From dawn to dusk

Friday February 25th 2011: Isolation

Saturday February 26th 2011: Anticipation (extra credit: "Nothing you say can fix this now.")

Monday February 28th 2011: Headache (Extra credit: "You will take the potion and you will like it!")

Tuesday March 1st 2011: Supernatural

Friday March 4th 2011: Dangerous games

Monday 7th March 2011: Acceptance

Thursday 17th March 2011: Luck

Saturday 19th March 2011: Fearless

Friday 25th March 2011: Superficial

Monday 28th March 2011: Confessions

Tuesday 29th March 2011: Destruction

Wednesday 30th March 2011: Invisible

Thursday 31st March 2011: Simplicity

Friday 1st April 2011: Tranquility

Sunday 3rd April 2011: "I love you, mum" (In honour of U.K.'s Mother's Day which is today.)

Monday 4th April 2011: The Most Dangerous Game

Wednesday 6th April 2011: Thunderstorms

Tuesday 12th April 2011: Recovery

Wednesday 13th April 2011: Bad dreams

Friday 15th April 2011: What's in a name? that which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet. (Taken from Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespears)

Sunday 17th April 2011: "Because I said so, that's why!"

Monday 18th April 2011: Night Melody ( The title is based off the song by the artist Origa - http:// www. youtube.com / watch?v = TnZrWWUFl8I take out the spaces)

Wednesday 20th April 2011: Pranks

Friday 22nd 2011: Birthday Cake

Sunday 24th April 2011: Dreams

Friday 29th April 2011: Countdown

Saturday 30th April 2011: Broken dreams

Homework to read:

Cupboard- After the war Petunia comes across Harry. Hurt/Comfort-Family rated K+

Fridays With Severus- Hermione/Severus, Hurt/Comfort -Romance rated T

Unexpected Encounters- Harry and Dudley, set after the war. Drama rated K+. Contains 6 chapters

Kreacher's Epilogue - Kreacher and Harry. K - Drama

Unexpected- Severus/Harry (None slash), K+ Family/ Humor 5 chapters.

Freaks- Dudley/Luna K+ Romance

Lilo and Stitch - K - Family/Humor - Hugo W. & Lily Luna P.

A Shift In Time - K+ - Humor - Regulus B. & Harry P (Multi chapter, ongoing)

Picture Perfect - T - Romance/Humor - Hermione G. & Severus S.

Tell Me A Story - K+ - Humor/Family - Rose W.

The last stand - K+ - Spiritual/Tragedy - Albus D.

Accidentally In Love - K+ - Humor/Romance - Draco M. & Hermione G.

Don't Just Let it Be - K+ - Romance - Gregory G. & Luna L.

Joyful Tidings, Unwelcome News - T - Romance/Drama - Draco M. & Hermione G.

A Spot Of Quidditch - K+ - Humor/Romance - Cormac M. & Cho C.

Toilet Training - K - Harry P. & James P.

Lucius and the Shrink - K+ - Humor - Lucius M.

Solace - T - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Hermione G. & Severus S.

A Decade and a Half Ago - K+ - Friendship/Family - Harry P. & Dudley D

Letters - T- Family - Harry P. & Petunia D.

Arms of A Dark Angel - K+Hurt/Comfort - Harry P. & Severus S. (None slash) 47 chapters

Portrait Palaver - K+ Family - Severus S. & Albus S. P.(None slash)

Emerald Eyes - T - Angst - Harry P. & Severus S. (None Slash) 32 chapters

Tea with Hagrid - K+ - Drama/Angst - Severus S. & Rubeus H.

Albus' 150th Birthday - K - Humor - Albus D. & Severus S

Blind Date - K+ - Romance/Humor - Draco M. & Hermione G.

Frustration - K+ -Drama/Angst - Minerva M. & Severus S.

The Same as a Duck - K - Humor - Luna L. & Severus S.

A Wish Granted - K- Humor/Family - Severus S. & Harry P

A Moment in Time- T - Romance/Drama - Harry P. & Ginny W.

Harry Potter's Second Chance- K+ - Hurt/Comfort/Family - Severus S. & Harry P

Lioness and Viper - K+ - Humor - Minerva M. & Dolores U.

Away in a Manger -K+ - Family/Hurt/Comfort - Harry P. & Severus S. (25 chapters)

Cissarella - K+ - Family/Humor - Lucius M. & Narcissa M.

The Things We Do For Love - K+ - Romance/Humor - Lucius M. & Narcissa M.

Vae Victis - K - Family - Draco M. & Andromeda T.

A Birthday Surprise - K - Romance - Narcissa M. & Lucius M.

Daybreak - K+ - Romance - Andromeda T. & Ted T.

Living Legacy - T - Romance - Severus S. & Hermione G (Ten chapters)

Behind the Ticklish Pear - K+ - Humor/Romance - Hermione G. & Draco M.

A Christmas Guardian I: Watcher in the Shadows - K - Angst/Friendship - Harry P. & Ron W.

A Christmas Guardian II - K+ - Hurt/Comfort - Harry P. & Severus S.

Healing - K+ - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Severus S. & Poppy P.

Broken - K+ - Drama/Hurt/Comfort - Severus S. & Poppy P.

Song for a Raggy Boy - K - Romance - Neville L. & Ginny W.

Fall of An Empire - K+ - Angst/Tragedy - Tom R. Jr. & Bellatrix L.

Angel -T - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Severus S. & Hermione G.

Adopted - K - Family/Humor - Harry P. & Severus S. (None slash)

Black Moves First - K+ - Humor - Bellatrix L. & Voldemort

Bed Crawler - K - Hugo W. & Molly W.

Brother, Sister, Let Me Serve You - T - Friendship/Hurt/Comfort - Harry P. & Hermione G.

How I Asked Your Mother - K+ - Romance/Humor - Severus S. & Hermione G.

Watch Your Character - K+ - Tom R. Jr.

The Sorting Hat and the Bird Flu - K - Humor/Adventure - Sorting Hat & Harry P.

Hedwig's Last Gift - K+ - Friendship - Harry P. & Hedwig

Other is Silver, Other is Gold - K+ - Friendship/Angst - Hedwig & Harry P.

Your Deepest Desire - T - Humor/Romance - Mirror of Erised & Sirius B.

Fulfilling Dreams - K+ - Angst/Family - Albus D. & Mirror of Erised

Blaising Colours - K - Family/Drama - Blaise Z. & Mrs. Zabini

Opportunities - K - Remus L. & Albus D.

Finally, His Mother - T- Family - Molly W. & Harry P.

Big News - K - Ginny W. & Harry P.

As Good As - K - Family/Hurt/Comfort - Harry P. & Molly W.

End of the Day -K+ - English - Drama - Narcissa M. & Bellatrix L.

Unforgettable - K+ - English - Angst/Romance - Hermione G. & Draco M.

Snow Angels - T - English - Romance - Harry P. & Pansy P.

Opposite Day - K+ - Romance/Humor - Hermione G. & Severus S.

Lovely Curses, Damned Lies - K+ - Romance/Drama - Regulus B. & Mrs. Zabini

A Matter of Merit - K - Romance/Humor - Godric G. & Helga H.

The Importance Of Dandelions - K - Romance - Helga H. & Salazar S.

A Black Christmas - K+ - Humor - Horace S. & Narcissa M.

Battles with Basilisks - T - Adventure/Humor - Gilderoy L. & Harry P.

Looking Glass Blues - K - Remus L.

A Letter - T - Romance - Hermione G. & Severus S

Vigil - K - Hurt/Comfort - Albus D. & Harry P.

Some Secrets Aren't Meant To Last Forever - T - Romance/Humor - Hermione G. & Draco M.

Love Lessons - K+ - Hurt/Comfort/Romance - Lily Evans P. & James P.

Friendship - K+ - Drama/Friendship - Helga H. & Salazar S.

Lost Memories - K+ - Hurt/Comfort/Family - Hermione G.

Learning What Happened: The Fate of a Black - K+ - Family - Narcissa M. & Andromeda T.

Dust to Dust - K+ - Friendship - Hermione G. & Abraxas M.

The Fat Lady - K+ - Romance/Tragedy - Godric G. & The Fat Lady

Sisters - K+ - Family - Narcissa M & Andromeda T.

Let Me Break The Ice - K+ - Friendship - Albus S.P. & Scorpius M.

A Different Kind of Dursley - T - Family/Hurt/Comfort - Petunia D. & Vernon D.

Better Than Squashing the Magic Out of Him - K - Family - Petunia D. & Vernon D.

In all but Blood - K+ - Humor/Friendship - Sirius B.

By the Tips of My Fingers - K+ - Angst - Molly W.

The Couch AKA The art of knocking out a Malfoy - K+ - Romance/Humor - Draco M. & Hermione G.

Never Let Go - T - Horror/Tragedy - Frank L. & Alice L.

Platform Worries - K - Family/Friendship - Scorpius M. & Draco M.

Nobody - K - Angst - Hermione G. & Pansy P. (None slash)

The Sorting - K - Friendship - Albus S. P.

Picture Perfect - T - Hurt/Comfort/Friendship - Draco M. & Luna L.

Myopia - K+ - Mystery - Harry P. & Dudley D.

11/8/2010 . Edited 5/1/2011 #1

Yayayayayayay new common room :) Look, it's all SHINY and new :)

*trembles at stern look from Professsor Monse*

11/8/2010 #2
Noah is Potato

*Walks lazily in, glances at professor Monse 'stern glare', shrugs, and sits in a chair*

Hello my friends. Anyone here before I have to leave for school?

11/9/2010 #3
Slytherin Head

Good day everyone. If you are interested I just posted the prompt of the day in its respective thread. But just to keep us on our feet I'm going to post a prompt for us here.

Prompt for Tuesday 9th 2010: Hot chocolate

Also, Professor Kara did mention this in another thread but I'll do the same here. The monthly challenge is still running so please don't forget that the deadline is near. If you need any help,motivation I'm here to help.

11/9/2010 #4

Woo! I can finally go to sleep in a bed. Those tables in the Great Hall aren't very comfortable. And it was so very cold.

11/9/2010 #5
Slytherin Head

Yes, we asked the house-elves to put in extra comfy beds. I imagine sleeping in the Great Hall wasn't so comfy, especially when the ghost drop by.

11/9/2010 #6
Hot chocolate? Hmm interesting :) Will it count as homework? *hopeful look* :) ooooh seeing as I know nobody who's posted here i guess I should introduce myself to y'all :) I'm Sophie but everybody calls me Soph.... I ship Lily Luna Potter and Teddy Lupin... I also like to think that Lily is Slytherin :)
11/9/2010 #7

Same with me. I'm Kenesu you can call me Ken if you wish (no barbie jokes please). I ship Harry/any female except Ginny unless it's really well written. Oh and I prefer Dark Harry fics.

11/9/2010 #8

I had sooo many barbie dolls when I was younger!! Only one ken though - and his head fell off :p

Now I just have those creepy china doll things instead xD

11/9/2010 #9

I just had a mean idea. One of my friends is afraid of the ventriloquist dummys, and her significant other is afraid of clowns. I want to put a clown dummy in their room on their bed just staring at the door.

11/9/2010 #10
Slytherin Head

I hate walking in on odd conversations. ^_^;

I had a question about the prompt? Yes, it will be considered homework but we are not doing points at this time.

11/9/2010 #11

Coolies, thanks. I'll finish off writing it then :) post link here yes? and in McGonagalls office?

Eurgh ventr-whatsits dummies - they creeeep me out! Almost as much as gothic bride dolls! I have one of those actually :) She's called Narcissa :p

We made double digits on the posts count :)

11/9/2010 #12

Bah, don't worry. I'll walk into a conversation and say something weird then just walk away. All with a straight face on.

Hope you don't mind me not doing homework. Never did like it.

11/9/2010 #13
Slytherin Head

Kenesus- Well, there is no way I can send you a Howler or Owl your mum so as long as no trouble reaches my ears, I'm all good.

Homework at this time can be posted in the Gringotts thread till we get points sorted out.

11/9/2010 #14

Gringotts thread? Okay :)

Is there anywhere on the forum I can advertise for a beta? I reeeaaaally need one!

11/9/2010 #15
Slytherin Head

We don't have a place here at HO, but I just talked to the other MODS and we are working on maybe getting one. Till then if you would like I could look at it for you.

11/9/2010 #16

Ooooh yes please? :) Shall I docx it to you?

It kind of started out as the Hot Chocolate prompt response, but it deviated from the subject so completely I think I'll have to write another one for the prompt :p

11/9/2010 #17
Slytherin Head

Hahaha that's okay. I just opened up a connection so send it to me via DocX please.

11/9/2010 #18

Ok, I sent it :)

The pairing is Lily Luna/Teddy Lupin - I don't think that that's quite clear from the story :p


11/9/2010 #19
Slytherin Head

I got your story I should have it back to you by the end of the day.

11/9/2010 #20
Slytherin Head

HeartofPaperBloodofInk- I'm done beta-ing and I'm sending it back. Great story!

11/9/2010 #21
Slytherin Head

Another day, another prompt. Destiny

Hello children, just to let you know that we have five days left till the due date for the Monthly Challenge if you're taking part in it.

We also now have a new thread called the "Hospital Wing" where you may go and ask for a beta to help you with your stories. Please feel free to use it when ever you need help.

Are any of you doing NaNo this year?

11/10/2010 #22

Hello everyone!

Slytherin Head - I'm doing NaNo for the first time this year, but I'm horrible at it D: I'm only 12,000-ish words in. I need to get to 20,000 by the end of the week or I'm toast.

11/10/2010 #23

I ship Lily Luna Potter and Teddy Lupin... I also like to think that Lily is Slytherin :)

You, my friend, are amazing. Just so you know. TeddyLily is win. And Lily's obviously a Slytherin. She's too awesome to be in any other house :D

11/10/2010 #24
Slytherin Head

tardisandafirebolt- Welcome to the Snake Pit.

I'm doing NaNo for the first time this year too and it's kicking my butt. The original idea I has in the beginning died on the first day.lol It couldn't take the pressure. I'm only at 1,054 words right now but I'm hoping to get caught up by the end of the weekend.

It's weird, I don't actually know a lot about the Next Generation. I know who the kids are but I don't really ship any of them. XD

11/10/2010 #25

NaNo's a lot harder than I though it would be. But I'm trying to keep it going, because I'd be too angry at myself if I didn't get to 50,000 words :P

I love the Next Gen! :) It's much more fun because there's not a lot known about them. It's like having your own OCs that are techincally canon. And there aren't any canon ships in the Next Gen (except for maybe TeddyVictoire, but that's just so boring ;D) so in the fandom everybody sort of creates their own version of the same characters and their own ships. It's really interesting to see what everyone comes up with :)

11/10/2010 #26

She's too awesome to be in any other house :D

Agreed! I love the TeddyLily ship so much, but recenltly all my T/L fics have been getting a bit angsty :/

Slytherin Head - Thanks :) I edited it and posted.

11/10/2010 #27

I love angsty TeddyLily. That's the best kind :) I also love unrequieted TeddyLily, especially when it's Teddy pining after her. Or when they're with other people but in love with each other...I just love the drama that's possible for them :D

I've only posted one TeddyLily right now, but I'm working on another ~

11/10/2010 #28
Slytherin Head

Hahaha I think you guys are starting to get me hooked on the Next Gen. because I have a huge urge to go read some stories right now!

11/10/2010 #29

I have a huge urge to go read some stories right now!

Joiiiiin us, Slytherin Head! :D The Next Gen is extremely addicting.

11/10/2010 #30
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