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Love From A Muggle

Ahem Dest! my new avatar is up, that was fast! and stepping back out again.

4/14/2011 #2,971

... It looks the same to me? lol

4/14/2011 #2,972
oh nargles

I think she meant from her other one...

4/14/2011 #2,973

Well, it's still the flower... Actually I think it's from tangled, but either way she made a Dramione one.

4/14/2011 #2,974
oh nargles

Odd, I see Emma Watson and Tom Felton, writing that says: "Thief of the heart" Or something like that...

4/14/2011 #2,975

SAD!!!!! ):

4/14/2011 #2,976
oh nargles

Why are you sad?

4/14/2011 #2,977

Because I wanna see it! ):

4/14/2011 #2,978
oh nargles

You'll see it soon I bet!

4/14/2011 #2,979

I hope!

4/14/2011 #2,980
oh nargles

Yes so do I! It's really good!

4/14/2011 #2,981

OH OH OH!!!! I SEE IT NOW!!! (: KARA, If you read this! I love it! (:

4/14/2011 #2,982
oh nargles

Magnifique! It is!

4/14/2011 #2,983


4/14/2011 #2,984
Love From A Muggle

:) it worked too, I've got one alert since I've put it up. I really really wana put the second chapter up, but it's not ready yet, and i need to work on chapters 3-5 so I can avoid the loop holes.

: KARA, If you read this! I love it! (:


I had to find the right pictures. I wanted both of them in thinking positions.

4/14/2011 . Edited 4/14/2011 #2,985
oh nargles

Uh huh...

4/14/2011 #2,986

Haha well you got it! (: It's amazing! Really is! (:

4/15/2011 #2,987
Slytherin Head

*_* obsession with School Rumble and Hetalia rising........

teeeheee...what's up everyone?

4/15/2011 #2,988
oh nargles

Not much, Mum being grumpy and signing up for RP's...

4/15/2011 #2,989
Slytherin Head


I don't know what to say. Cool!? or Lame?

4/15/2011 #2,990
oh nargles

Cool for RP and lame for mum being grumpy...

4/15/2011 #2,991
Slytherin Head

lol. Okay then.

What RP is it? I tried them but I get so bored. So they're not really for me. XD

4/15/2011 #2,992
oh nargles

Hogwarts: A Future...I'm currently setting up my 2nd one on request from Listen...man it's tough!

4/15/2011 #2,993
Slytherin Head

wow, sounds like it.

4/15/2011 #2,994
oh nargles

Yes very, more than 2 hours later and I still haven't finished it! :(

4/15/2011 #2,995

Hi....I'm back?

4/16/2011 #2,996

"Hello-o-o-o-o." Her voice echos in the empty hall. "Is anyone here?"

4/23/2011 #2,997
Bad Mum

I am. Attempting to write, which is a major struggle lately.

How are you?

4/23/2011 #2,998

I'm pretty good. I'm doing homework, writing, the like :) I don't think we've officially met. I'm wise girl! It's nice to meet you. *smiles*

4/23/2011 #2,999
Bad Mum

Hi wise girl, I'm Katy. I updated my 30-words drabble story about Molly tonight, so I am happy :-)

4/23/2011 #3,000
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