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Slytherin Head

Welcome! To the noble house of Slytherin!

I am Slytherin's head of house, Professor Monse. If you have any questions about the forum, need help writing or just need to talk, please do not hesitate to PM me. I'll be more than happy to help anyone with questions.


If you want homework to earn our house points let me know and I'll be more than happy to give you aPrompt/ character/ paring/ theme.

You can also earn points by reading the stories I assign and leaving ain dept review,I don't want to see "Great job I loved it" or "Please update". I want you to tell the author what you liked, what could have been improve, your favorite scene and overall feeling of the story.

Prompts-These must be no less than 800 words but you can make them as long as you want after passing the 800 words. If you want to make a chapter story out of the prompts you are more than welcome to do so. I will read and review these.

There is alsoLevel homework,each level is worth different points depending on which one you get.

Level one: Prompt -worth 10-15 points

Level two: Prompt/ character or pairing -worth 15-20 points

Level three: Prompt/character or pairing/ theme -worth 20-points 25

Level four: Plot, I'll give you a full story plot. If you wish to have certain pairings or character let me know. - worth 25- 35 points.

Since level four is the most difficult to work with, that'll be worth the most points.

All stories written cannot be less the 800 words, if a story has less than 800 then points will be taken off.


Daily Prompts:

Homework to read:

Cupboard- After the war Petunia comes across Harry. Hurt/Comfort-Family rated K+

Fridays With Severus- Hermione/Severus, Hurt/Comfort -Romance rated T

Unexpected Encounters- Harry and Dudley, set after the war. Drama rated K+. Contains 6 chapters

Kreacher's Epilogue - Kreacher and Harry. K - Drama

Unexpected- Severus/Harry (None slash), K+ Family/ Humor 5 chapters.

Freaks- Dudley/Luna K+ Romance

Lilo and Stitch - K - Family/Humor - Hugo W. & Lily Luna P.

A Shift In Time - K+ - Humor - Regulus B. & Harry P (Multi chapter, ongoing)

Picture Perfect - T - Romance/Humor - Hermione G. & Severus S.

Tell Me A Story - K+ - Humor/Family - Rose W.

The last stand - K+ - Spiritual/Tragedy - Albus D.

Accidentally In Love - K+ - Humor/Romance - Draco M. & Hermione G.

Don't Just Let it Be - K+ - Romance - Gregory G. & Luna L.

Joyful Tidings, Unwelcome News - T - Romance/Drama - Draco M. & Hermione G.

A Spot Of Quidditch - K+ - Humor/Romance - Cormac M. & Cho C.

Toilet Training - K - Harry P. & James P.

Lucius and the Shrink - K+ - Humor - Lucius M.

Solace - T - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Hermione G. & Severus S.

A Decade and a Half Ago - K+ - Friendship/Family - Harry P. & Dudley D

Letters - T- Family - Harry P. & Petunia D.

Arms of A Dark Angel - K+Hurt/Comfort - Harry P. & Severus S. (None slash) 47 chapters

Portrait Palaver - K+ Family - Severus S. & Albus S. P.(None slash)

Emerald Eyes - T - Angst - Harry P. & Severus S. (None Slash) 32 chapters

Tea with Hagrid - K+ - Drama/Angst - Severus S. & Rubeus H.

Albus' 150th Birthday - K - Humor - Albus D. & Severus S

Blind Date - K+ - Romance/Humor - Draco M. & Hermione G.

Frustration - K+ -Drama/Angst - Minerva M. & Severus S.

The Same as a Duck - K - Humor - Luna L. & Severus S.

A Wish Granted - K- Humor/Family - Severus S. & Harry P

A Moment in Time- T - Romance/Drama - Harry P. & Ginny W.

Harry Potter's Second Chance- K+ - Hurt/Comfort/Family - Severus S. & Harry P

Lioness and Viper - K+ - Humor - Minerva M. & Dolores U.

Away in a Manger -K+ - Family/Hurt/Comfort - Harry P. & Severus S. (25 chapters)

Cissarella - K+ - Family/Humor - Lucius M. & Narcissa M.

The Things We Do For Love - K+ - Romance/Humor - Lucius M. & Narcissa M.

Vae Victis - K - Family - Draco M. & Andromeda T.

A Birthday Surprise - K - Romance - Narcissa M. & Lucius M.

Daybreak - K+ - Romance - Andromeda T. & Ted T.

Living Legacy - T - Romance - Severus S. & Hermione G (Ten chapters)

Behind the Ticklish Pear - K+ - Humor/Romance - Hermione G. & Draco M.

A Christmas Guardian I: Watcher in the Shadows - K - Angst/Friendship - Harry P. & Ron W.

A Christmas Guardian II - K+ - Hurt/Comfort - Harry P. & Severus S.

Healing - K+ - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Severus S. & Poppy P.

Broken - K+ - Drama/Hurt/Comfort - Severus S. & Poppy P.

Song for a Raggy Boy - K - Romance - Neville L. & Ginny W.

Fall of An Empire - K+ - Angst/Tragedy - Tom R. Jr. & Bellatrix L.

Angel -T - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Severus S. & Hermione G.

Adopted - K - Family/Humor - Harry P. & Severus S. (None slash)

Black Moves First - K+ - Humor - Bellatrix L. & Voldemort

Bed Crawler - K - Hugo W. & Molly W.

Brother, Sister, Let Me Serve You - T - Friendship/Hurt/Comfort - Harry P. & Hermione G.

How I Asked Your Mother - K+ - Romance/Humor - Severus S. & Hermione G.

Watch Your Character - K+ - Tom R. Jr.

The Sorting Hat and the Bird Flu - K - Humor/Adventure - Sorting Hat & Harry P.

Hedwig's Last Gift - K+ - Friendship - Harry P. & Hedwig

Other is Silver, Other is Gold - K+ - Friendship/Angst - Hedwig & Harry P.

Your Deepest Desire - T - Humor/Romance - Mirror of Erised & Sirius B.

Fulfilling Dreams - K+ - Angst/Family - Albus D. & Mirror of Erised

Blaising Colours - K - Family/Drama - Blaise Z. & Mrs. Zabini

Opportunities - K - Remus L. & Albus D.

Finally, His Mother - T- Family - Molly W. & Harry P.

Big News - K - Ginny W. & Harry P.

As Good As - K - Family/Hurt/Comfort - Harry P. & Molly W.

End of the Day -K+ - English - Drama - Narcissa M. & Bellatrix L.

Unforgettable - K+ - English - Angst/Romance - Hermione G. & Draco M.

Snow Angels - T - English - Romance - Harry P. & Pansy P.

Opposite Day - K+ - Romance/Humor - Hermione G. & Severus S.

Lovely Curses, Damned Lies - K+ - Romance/Drama - Regulus B. & Mrs. Zabini

A Matter of Merit - K - Romance/Humor - Godric G. & Helga H.

The Importance Of Dandelions - K - Romance - Helga H. & Salazar S.

A Black Christmas - K+ - Humor - Horace S. & Narcissa M.

Battles with Basilisks - T - Adventure/Humor - Gilderoy L. & Harry P.

Looking Glass Blues - K - Remus L.

A Letter - T - Romance - Hermione G. & Severus S

Vigil - K - Hurt/Comfort - Albus D. & Harry P.

Some Secrets Aren't Meant To Last Forever - T - Romance/Humor - Hermione G. & Draco M.

Love Lessons - K+ - Hurt/Comfort/Romance - Lily Evans P. & James P.

Friendship - K+ - Drama/Friendship - Helga H. & Salazar S.

Lost Memories - K+ - Hurt/Comfort/Family - Hermione G.

Learning What Happened: The Fate of a Black - K+ - Family - Narcissa M. & Andromeda T.

Dust to Dust - K+ - Friendship - Hermione G. & Abraxas M.

The Fat Lady - K+ - Romance/Tragedy - Godric G. & The Fat Lady

Sisters - K+ - Family - Narcissa M & Andromeda T.

Let Me Break The Ice - K+ - Friendship - Albus S.P. & Scorpius M.

A Different Kind of Dursley - T - Family/Hurt/Comfort - Petunia D. & Vernon D.

Better Than Squashing the Magic Out of Him - K - Family - Petunia D. & Vernon D.

In all but Blood - K+ - Humor/Friendship - Sirius B.

By the Tips of My Fingers - K+ - Angst - Molly W.

The Couch AKA The art of knocking out a Malfoy - K+ - Romance/Humor - Draco M. & Hermione G.

Never Let Go - T - Horror/Tragedy - Frank L. & Alice L.

Platform Worries - K - Family/Friendship - Scorpius M. & Draco M.

Nobody - K - Angst - Hermione G. & Pansy P. (None slash)

The Sorting - K - Friendship - Albus S. P.

Picture Perfect - T - Hurt/Comfort/Friendship - Draco M. & Luna L.

Myopia - K+ - Mystery - Harry P. & Dudley D.

7/22/2011 #1

Finally! *Stretches and plops onto a couch* Oooh, new cushions.

7/22/2011 #2
Slytherin Head

*Walks in bringing Milo and Gil*

Sweet! The elves did what I asked. Higher ceiling beams! Now Gil has more room to play in!!

7/22/2011 #3

Oh how lovely for the snake.....

*Enters room with wand drawn pointing at the Albino*

7/22/2011 #4


*flops on couch*

I need to sleep! That and a soda!

7/22/2011 #5
Slytherin Head

Will you please quit that? I told you they wont hurt you.

*Jumps on the couch grabbing Gil's tail and using it as a swing*

You know, why did you put Slytherin in your answer if you can't stand snakes? I mean I'm afraid of them too, but I know that as long as I respect them and don't threaten them they wont hurt me.

7/22/2011 #6

Oh know, your getting the wrong impresion Professor, I love Snakes, I just hate being near them. They bring up....urges....

*Moves further away from the Snake*

7/22/2011 #7

*Curls up next to Tiff* You should sleep honey.

7/22/2011 #8
Slytherin Head

-_- I'm taking Gil back to my office. I'll leave Milo to take care of the Common Room.

Come on Gil. I think we should visit Hagrid and Fang. Chasing Fang might be good for you.....

*Leaves Common Room*

7/22/2011 #9

I would love to Ken but sadly my roommate woke up in a 'lets-blame-tiff-for-everything' mood and I have to do the dishes.

7/22/2011 #10

I'm sorry hon. I would help but I'm not anywhere nearby.

7/22/2011 #11

And I can't help. Normally I would, but two reasons: First, no where near you. Second, you don't like me.

7/22/2011 #12

About that...*sigh*

You're right, I don't like you. Mostly for the way you came into the Common Room and were rather rude. I also don't like you for other reasons.

This is what I'm willing to offer.

You stay away from me and my friends, and we stay away from you. No one hexes anyone, no one yells at anyone.

I really hate when I get yelled at/upset Prof. Monse. I feel as though this solution will help keep that from happening again.

So, deal?

7/22/2011 #13

Are you willing to negotiate on that one? You see, having no friends and being in Slytherin makes you a bit of a target. Hows this?

A New start? I won't be rude or flirt with any of you, and I guess I'll even be nice to the Snake. I also didn't mean to be rude when we first met, but I supose thats the reason I got put in Sytherin. I'm willing to do this and I hope you will consider it too.

What do you say?

7/22/2011 #14
Slytherin Head

*Pokes head in*

Just because you're rude, that doesn't automatically make you a Slytherin. Just look at James Potter and Sirius Black.

7/22/2011 #15


I don't care if you flirt with people, I just don't want you flirting with certain people. That would be the one time I would risk Prof. Monse's temper if you do so.

Being rude is a big misconception about us Slytherins. We just know what to say and when to say it.

If you promise to leave Gil alone, I guess we can start over.

7/22/2011 #16

I guess I can.

Hi, I'm Daphne.T.Greengrass. I got put in Slytherin today, I'm a Bi Teenage Girl (But don't worry, I don't fancy any of you :/) and I like Snakes but not being near them.

EDIT: I'm mostly straight though, I've only had a Girlfriend once....

7/22/2011 . Edited 7/22/2011 #17

Hi, I'm Tiff.

I'm glad we could come to a compromise.

7/22/2011 #18

*Snuggles up to Tiff and pulls out some chocolate pretzels* Want some honey?

7/22/2011 #19

Yeah...Me too

*Nervous glance back over at the Snake*

7/22/2011 #20

Yum! Yes, I do want some!

*looks at Daphne*

Gil isn't here, you don't have to worry about him.

7/22/2011 #21

Ummm....hate to burst your bubble Daphne, but Gil is with Proffie in her office.

*Gives some to Tiff*

7/22/2011 . Edited 7/22/2011 #22

Oh Good

*Puts wand back into bra and collapses back onto the sofa*

7/22/2011 #23

Mmm...these are good Ken.

7/22/2011 #24

You shouldn't put your wand there Daphne, you might vanish a breast. As my hero once said "CONSTANT VIGILANCE!"

7/22/2011 #25

Good point.

*Pulls it out and hides it up her sleeve*

7/22/2011 #26

And Tiff of course they are good. I made them myself.

7/22/2011 #27

Well, fantastic job Ken.

7/22/2011 #28

Thank you honey. And now I have to check on the garden and make sure my older brother and sister-in-laws pumpkins aren't taking it over.

7/22/2011 #29

So, Tiff, what's the deal with you and Ken anyway? You two togther or what?

7/22/2011 #30
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