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A forum about my new fic, which is a cross between DC, Marvel and Deadliest Warrior. Come on in and discuss previous and upcoming matches, and even suggest match-ups for me to use.
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Do you disagree with one of my previous fight's outcome? Do you feel that one hero/villain was cheated with their abilities/weapons/selection of opponent? Look no further than this thread!

In the "Aftermath" thread, you can give your two cents about various fights that have already occurred. One thing, however: don't be all "XXX Hero Sucks!! XXX Hero Should Have Won!"

Got it? Good.

7/17/2011 #1

Since this appears to be quite the "popular" topic, I'll start a discussion myself:

What did you guys think of the latest chapter, "Spider-Man vs. Nightwing"? Do you think Nightwing should have won instead of Spidey? Should I have given Spider-Man the mutated fangs and stingers that he only had for a relatively short period of time? Should Nightwing's Wingdings, which are primarily a stunning weapon, have gotten as many kills as they did? Give me your thoughts about it here!

10/6/2011 #2
I personally am glad spidey won and enjoyed the fight. Though I'll admit the stinger thing threw me off. did that happen before or after quesada's lame retcon?
11/2/2011 #3

They came before. Spidey's stinger powers first showed up in "The Other", IIRC, which was in 2005. If you're referring to the "One More Day" arc, that happened two years later, and was drawn by Joe Quesada.

And yeah, I hated that retcon as well...

11/7/2011 #4

i honestly think nightwing shoulda won. for one he was batmans sidekick so he would have certain things for super powered people. seconed spiderman is almost like catwoman so nightwing would know how to handle that stuff. third i admit the stingers were a awesome weapon. fourth overall it was a good chapter

12/23/2011 #5

Yeah that's what I was refering too. I also wanted to say I feel Green Goblin should have beaten the Penquin since he has proven to be rational.

6/5/2012 #6
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