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Fang grumbled as he then slept.

4/11/2010 #181

(Got to go for now)

4/11/2010 #182


DJ sighs as he asks "Should some of us leave the couple?"

4/11/2010 . Edited 4/11/2010 #183

(I'm back)

4/12/2010 #184

(Sorry for not coming on yesterday)

4/13/2010 #185

(It's okay)

"Yeah we should leave the two." SG said leaving Marucho and Yuakri alone.

4/14/2010 #186

Yukari and Marucho then smiled at each other as the two sat down on the couch together.


Ronny was looking threw the database on the old Green Ranger armor, trying to find a weakness.

4/14/2010 #187

"So how's the search going?" SG asks Ronny.

4/14/2010 #188

Ronny says "I found this." He presses a button, and it shows something.

Two kids were running to get a ball, but a car was rolling near them, but the Green Ranger Clone came out of nowehre and rolled his fists, and when the car got near him, he punched the front of it, making it flip over the kids and skid across the ground before the ranger caught it and ripped the door off. "You might need to get better insurance." the clone said plainly as he shoved hte man who was inside away.

4/14/2010 #189

"Hmm, why would he save those kids if he's an evil clone?" SG asked confused.

4/14/2010 #190

"Seems some of Tommy's heroism is still in him, but he is way to violent." said Ronny as he showed other scenes of the clone's 'heroism'; It shows the clone smashing a train's front part to stop it from crashing, and then it showed him using his Dragon Zord to stop terrorist attack, but the jets crashed onto parts of the ground that would've hurt someone, and finally it showed him blastign two burglers, killing them in one shot.

4/14/2010 #191

"I can see that." SG said as she sweatdrops at what the clone is doing.

4/14/2010 #192

"I know he's trying to be good, but he is causing a lot of damage." DJ said plainly. "Think you can send out a shockwave that'll make him less out of control?"

Ronny nods and says "I think I can whip something up."

4/14/2010 #193

"Better make it quick Ronny." SG told the rat.

4/14/2010 #194

Ronny nods as he went to work.

4/14/2010 #195

"Hmm, I wonder, why would Insano create the clone even if it still fights for Justice?" SG asks.

4/14/2010 #196

"No idea." DJ said with a shrug. "a Malfuction? He tends to have those in his robots."

4/14/2010 #197

"I see." SG said plainly.

4/14/2010 #198

DJ sighs as he says "I need to rest for a bit." as he sat down on a chair, groaning

4/14/2010 #199

"Same here." SG going on a couch and took a little nap.

4/14/2010 #200

DJ sighs as he closed his eyes.

4/14/2010 #201

SG then begins to snooze, wondering when Ronny will be ready.

4/14/2010 #202

Ronny begins to work, putting together a few things together. It was hard for DJ and SG to relax as loud banging, buzzing, and even weirder sounds were coming from the lab table.

4/14/2010 #203

SG does her best to ignore the sounds.

4/14/2010 #204

DJ covered his ears as the noises got louder...this time it was a...jackhammer? DJ groans as he asks "What does he use to make things?"

4/14/2010 #205

SG couldn't take it anymore then yells "QUIET!!!"

4/14/2010 #206

"Sor-re!" Ronny yelled as he came out with a small remote-like device. "I'm done anyway."

"How come something that small took that long?" asked DJ, confused

4/14/2010 #207

"Yeah, how come?" SG ask confused as DJ.

4/14/2010 #208

"Don't know what you mean." said Ronny with a shrug.

"Cartoon logic for ya; makes no sense." DJ said, rolling his eyes.

Ronny nods as he flew into a ballon and suddenly comes up with a...Pumpkin?

4/14/2010 #209

"Uh, what's with the pumpkin?" SG asks.

4/14/2010 #210
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