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What is your favourite song from "Cats Don't Dance"?
1 Other (is there another?)
2 "Big and Loud Part 1"
3 "Animal Jam (the "I've Got Rhythm" thing)"
4 "Tell Me Lies"
5 "Danny's Arrival Song"
6 "Big and Loud Part 2"
7 "Little Boat on the Sea"
8 "Our Time Has Come"
9 "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now"
View Poll Result. Please vote for up to 2 choices.

Hi there! I was kind of bored and just decided I would make another forum, so here it is!

To me, "Cats Don't Dance" was not the greatest movie I have ever seen, but I really enjoy listening to the music on a regular basis. xD My favourite songs would probably be "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" and "Tell Me Lies"

For starters, I've embedded a poll for you people to answer. Assuming you somewhat liked the songs, what is your most favourite? And if you chose "Other", please specify!

Oh, and BTW, I think this category deserves more stories. I do have one small idea I could write for it in the far, far future, when I do get the time and motivation to write it.

4/11/2010 #1
Zesvotzashni Sinkunndai'Jari
Definitely "Our Time Has Come". Used to love hearing it when I was little, not easy to find it either, but I managed somehow. Also, can you edit the vote result, I actually intended to pick "Our Time Has Come" but I mistook that song for "Danny's Arrival" at first.
6/13/2010 . Edited 6/13/2010 #2
Zesvotzashni Sinkunndai'Jari
6/13/2010 . Edited 6/13/2010 #3

I like it!!!!!!!!!!

8/6/2010 #4

There's actually a lot of stories for Cats Don't Dance but they're under misc. catagories. So sad that there's only three so far!

8/22/2010 #5

Lol. Loved this as a child. Did not think I would, because of how girly Darla looked from the trailer, but... Darn, that girl has issues! Was she mauled by a dog or something when she was even younger?

12/6/2010 #6

I am mixed for songs. "Our time has come", "Nothings gonna stop us now", and "Tell me lies" were great singing numbers, but the dancing in them was plain, if not nonexistant. "Animal Jam" had some great dancing from both Sawyer, once she got out of her shell (no offense T.W.) and Danny, and I wish there were more scenes of them dancing that well together.

12/14/2010 #7

Chao- Yep, Cats Don't Dance is such a great film! But to answer your poll question about if there is another song, there is. If you listen to the credits there is a song that isn't played anywhere else in the film. It's called I Do Believe. It's played towards the end of the credits and it wasn't really advertised so most people don't know about it. But you all should pop in the movie and listen to it for yourselves; not sure if it's found on YouTube though.

3/4/2012 #8

I Do Believe is on YouTube, along with the rest of the soundtrack (or at least the songs).

Did all the Cats Don't Dance fans dissappear over the years? Because I'm noticing only a few fans so far on the site?

3/16/2012 #9
retro mania

Hmm...Tough choice.

3/31/2012 #10

Chao- People should hear the songs; they're very awesome. And it's possible people don't know there even is a CDD section. CDD used to be in the Misc Movies section until recently. And it is tough to get ideas when there's only one source: the movie.

6/16/2012 #11
A Sentient Dustbin

I like the background instrumental which plays through several scenes. I'm just cool and edgy that way.

7/15/2012 #12
I just became a fan of that movie this time last year after renting it on Netflix after 15 years
8/6/2013 #13

I know this movie is not one of those where a lot of emotional depth was needed but I'm pretty sure we'll never know a good reason why she hated animals. She reminded me a bit of Mother Gothel from Tangled

8/7/2013 #14
I agree on the need of more dancing
3/16/2014 #15
We've waited 3 and a half years to hear the idea
3/16/2014 #16
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